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September 29, 2006


It's Me... Maven

I feel rather strongly against pitbulls, not so much against rotweillers. Pitbulls actually are bred to be vicious. I'm not so convinced rotweillers are the same. I live in a condo. One of my neighbors has a pitbull. The neighbor does not control the dog, even when it's on leash. And when it's left at home alone, the dog spends all day barking its nuts off.

Here's hoping and praising the animal's true nature, should it ever reach out and remind her with a bite on the ass.


Rottweilers are not a banned breed.

Taken from DEFRA:

Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 prohibits four types of dog:

* the Pit Bull Terrier
* the Japanese tosa
* the Dogo Argentino
* the Fila Brasileiro

No mention of Rottweilers there (incidentally originally bred as herding dogs, much like colles and GSDs).

I'm not a Rottweiler owner, but I am a responsible dog owner. There's only one thing I hate more than the ineffective and ridiculous DDA, and that's the people who shout the loudest about dangerous dogs, while knowing nothing about them.


by "japanese bandog" im asuming you ment ther tosa, as there are many breeds known as bandogs.

as for rotties being unpredictable and dangerous, they were breed to protect and drive livestock, do you honestly think a farmer would create a dog thats unpredicable, and trust it round their livestock.

" the sort of people who choose to own Pitbulls when they have so many other breeds to choose from, to say nothing of mongrels, are for the most part ill-educated misfits"
right so... theodore rosevelt, helen keller, "little rascals", thomas eddison, linda blair, the leader of the scotish society for the protection of animals, are all ill-educated misfits

" Pitbulls were bred, after all, as fighting dogs, not lapdogs."
there a many breeds (infaact probably the majority of breeds) that were bred for blood sports, and have a dark past that would make the average perwson feel a little uncomfertable. eg retreivers were breed to retreive game when hunting, terriers (terrier meaning earth) were breed to go down burrows and kill animals (such as rats and foxes), or flush them out for hunting. hounds were breed to hunt and kill or keep at bay animals (such as lions wolves foxes hares, deer elks, boar ect). when the romans first came to britain they encountered early mastiffs who were were dogs and fought alongside the natives, theyb were brought back to rome and used in the gladdiators, in the middle ages the mastifs were used to track and find poachers and very often killed the poachers.
nearly all of those breed are veiwed as "family pets".

as for pitbulls being breed to be vicious, its a sort of yes and no situation.

yes they were bred to be agressive towards dogs, and like most other terriers have a slight genetic predispostion to being agressvie towards dogs and having a high prey drive. this can be greatly reduced with early socialisation and training.

however they were not breed to be agressive towards humans, fighting breeds were actualy breed to minimize agression towards humans. when the where not fighting they perfromed as family pets, and before/after and even during the pain and agony and stress during a dog fight the owner and the judge needed to extensivly handle the dog, and if it showed any agression toawrds humans it was deemed unsafe for fighting and destroyed on the spot. in westminister in the 1800's dog fighters were so confident about not getting biten that they rolled there sleves up exposing their arm before handling the dogs who were fighting.
In fact they are probably the worst guarding breeds becuase they lets practicly anyone in for a cuddle, dog fighters actualy employ guarding breeds such as gsd's and rotties to guard there pit, as pits are so easy to steal, they walk away with anyone

in fact the shar pei is a fighting breed thats still legal in this country, and most people will call it exotic before the call it vicious. the staffordshire bull terrier also a fighting dog (and in america comonly lumped under pitbull type) is still legal in this country, and used to be called the "nanny dog" becuase of its reputation of affecion towards children, infact they and the chesaspeak bay retrevier, are the only two breed out out the 190+ reconised by the gb kennel club, that actualy states it is good with children on its breed standered. infact breed standered highly recomends human agressive dogs being destroyed, and any undue nervousnous and agression results in automatic disqualification.

"It may even be true…. until the red mist comes down. That is the problem. The red mist does come down, and when that happens a Pitbull becomes little more than a pair of jaws on legs."

ah the old "it turned on me" bulshit, while it may apear to an untrained eye the dog has turned, many dogs give signals that are totaly ignored by the humans. one example i found, was at a dog show and there was a lab, who had its tail wagging clamped between its legs with its ears back, licking its lips, all clear signs of nervousness and stress, when this guy came up to it and started leaning over the dog and petting the top of its head, and staring into its eyes (which in "doggy talk" is agressive and confrontational), and so naturaly the dog bite him, and do you know what they guy sayed "it was happy andf wagging its tail, it just turned on me"

"a Pitbull suddenly turned on its owner when his wife switched on the vacuum cleaner one day "

do you know for certain that the dog.

*was a family dog (and by family dog i ment live with the family, not a dog that was locked in a basement or left outside on its own.

*was actualy a pitbull (ive seen many dog attacks where people just assumed it was a pit as they think only pits are capable of such damege, also there are 25+ breeds that can be mistaken for pitbulls)
* was not chained.

*was not neutered

* was apropriatly trained

* was socialised thouraly

*was not abused

*came from a reputable breeder

*was not sufferening any illness or dieasease.

*was not starveing or de-hydrated

*was not drugged

*was exercised

* had no history of agression.

"Sad to report, about a week ago a five-month-old baby was savaged and killed by two Rottweilers in England. This incident took place indoors where the dogs did not need to be muzzled. Apparently they found the baby sleeping, grabbed it from its cot and killed it. Further testament to the savagery of these monsters."

if you did any reaserch on the attack, instead of just reading stuff in the newspapers you wouldve learned that the dogs spend all there life on the roof, with nothing to do except growl, they were encouraged to show agression, they child was not supervised, they dofgs were not scailised, or exercised, and theyre were reports of kids throwning rocks and even fireworks at the dogs.

well ill tell youi a true story once opon a time a mum and a dad left there small girl and the family dog, in the capable hands of a reletive, and left. a short time later, the babysitter decided that the little girl could have some warm milk, and she thought as it was safe to leave the child alone with the dog as it was well trained and belonged to the family, and she was only going to be a second.
when she came back found her head
buried in the dog's mouth.

and this new "savage dog breed that needs baning" pitbull? rottie? doberman? german shepard?


it was a pomerainian

"who seem completely taken by surprise that their cute doggie has suddenly tried to rip somebody’s throat out."

What i foind more annoying and dangerous, is the number of owners who think the breed they have is "safe and not capable of bitting" and therefore do not bother to train it or socialise it, and leve it alone with young children. or the some of the onwers of little dogs who tolerate and even encourage there dogs to show agression becuase they think its cute. and the mothers who when they see a big fluffy dog think its acpetable to allow their children to run up to the dog and stroke it and climnb on it, without asking the owner

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