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April 05, 2007


Mark Caldwell

I can support you on many of those but banning pickles? I might be persuaded so long as there is an exclusion of chutneys from the ban ;-)


i would add - people who use the word 'impact', instead of saying that something 'had an impact on' something; salami and calling the thing on the tip of a shoelace an 'aglet', instead of 'the thing on the tip of a shoelace'.

happy tt


Basically, this is an awesome list. In a world...ruled by you. Now I have to go adjust my dog's pink sweatshirt and eat a pickle.

Susan Helene Gottfried

I'm with you on the doggie clothes and the apostrophes, but school buses? Nah. We need those. Much better than driving the kids each morning.


I am so with you on the ponytail thing. I despise seeing old men with long hair. Especially when they're bald in front. Pickles? I love them so I'm keeping them in my long as they're dill pickles..hate those sweet ones. Great TT list. Happy Easter.


Oh now don't ban the dog clothes. My dog would freeze to death in the winter. Pickles well ok, but my potato salad won't be the same. Great list!!


When I was a kid, we lived 13 miles or more from the nearest school where we were required to attend by law: those 13 miles were usually covered in ice and frost, under the grip of temperatures of 35-45 below zero and sometimes worse . OH excuse me; that would by 67 - 77 below freezing to you: and there were bears, drunkard, meece (the incorrect plural of moose), and even a few wiley Englishmen to get past and that's if the wolves and the wildcats and the pissed off Natives let you get that far. All in all, I'd say bussing was a good idea for us, especially as the family had no car a good lot of the time and Americans from California and Texas were by law given priority in the Alaskan job market so that the jobs were not even advertised as being in existence to Alaskans so it's unlikely they could have afforded the gas or the funeral expenses.

However, for the wimmpy little gits that can't walk 4 blocks or 2 miles through the city: yes: make them walk! And if their parents don't want to drive them and don't want them to walk alone, I presume you, oh Emperor, will give their employers a stern talking to as to allowing for their tardiness?

You are wonderful!



man, i am TOTALLY looking forward to when you rule the world, because i want pretty much all those things to go away too. good list. :)

feel free to come visit mine if you'd like!


Funny Funny -- will be blog-lifting for a future Thursday 13 :D.

I'd have to modify pickles to say sweet pickles, dill pickles can live quietly in their own little corner of the world... but sweet pickles definitely should be banned!

It's Me... Maven

1. Agreed! Don't forget subparagrah 1(a): No comb-overs, either!

2. People still watch t.v.? I'm addicted to YouTube.

3. I actually have a regular reader who does voice-overs, though not "that guy."

4. Agreed! Don't forget subparagraphs 4(a): "Like" (interspersed every other word in a sentence); and 4(b) "You know"/"You know what I mean?"

5. Does this include Cliff Notes?

6. You don't have Picklephobia, do you?

7. Don't forget subparagraph 7(a): police officers who aren't around for the "weavers" but are on hand when you're doing 5 mph above the speed limit because you're about to wet your pants, and now thanks to being pulled over for a minor driving infraction, YOU DID JUST THAT.

8. Don't forget subparagraph 8(a): Outlawing Mapquest, as it's rare anyone ever gets a direct, if not correct, route from that online service.

9. Don't forget subparagraph 9(a): People who think their dogs actually TALK.

10. Agreed!!

11. I think we should have the right to punch them in the throat, but that's just how I roll...

12. Please allow me to introduce you to the Apostrophe Protection Society.

13. Amen!!


p.s. ~ I'm married to a Scotsman... lived there for 5 1/2 years, now himself's the expatriate here in sunny AZ. I wouldn't think you're talking about Branson Pickle, now are you??!!


no... of course you're not ;-)

It's Me... Maven

I've got to add this regarding pickles...


13 comments! And I'M the one who turned him on to Thursday 13! ::Sniff:: Mine are here, if anyone cares....

I'll just be over in my corner, sulking.


Great list! I would ban most of those myself.


Interesting list...although I'd fight you on pickles...can't have a tuna sandwich with out some really good crunchy dills! hehe

Other than that...I'll follow you Oh Mighty Leader of the World (enter crazy laugh here)

Oh thanks for stopping by my TT and no I don't have a publisher yet


I'd ban the comb over too


You're making a strong bid for world-domination, but I think you should only rule a small country. We could all take holidays there for pickle-free living, the dogs there would roam without clothing and the rest of the world would envy the peace of your utopia.

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