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April 12, 2007



You should replace the make up one with this: your hands typing the computer keyboard on your desk right now. :P

K T Cat

I most certainly do not believe this is an accurate list.

Who still uses tape recorders?


My TT is up.


Too funny. I think #5 must be made up - who needs actual notebooks in this computer age ;-). Give my best to Gwyneth next time you speak to her.


The classic "things on my desk" TT. Very revealing. You have a pencil sharpener and a notebook listed, but no pens or pencils...

Shiloh Walker

;o) Lemme guess... you're lying about the Cd or your glasses, right?


lmao at #13....
Is it green tea in you cup?
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š


I thought there might have been some kind of connection to Pittsburgh, PA, but then I realized "your british" (you have to say that with a Cary Grant accent) and Big Ben is that clock & NOT Roethlisberger w/ the Steelers! What a goof I am!
Welcome to the TT! Yeah, we did the same list, but I lack creativity. My #13 should have been a letter from Hugh Jackman making the same offer! :)
Thanks for stopping by my site!

Wylie Kinson

You expect me to believe there's such a devise specifically for removing staples? Pah! Liar.

Great TT. I couldn't do this topic unless it was changed to the Thursday 313. My office-keeping skills are atrocious!


Great list. I will have mine up shortly. Have a great Thursday!!!

Christine d'Abo

This is great. I have a letter from Daniel Craig on my desk...


Flashlights on desks? And here I was certain that your flashlight has a magnet and is on the door of your office fridge!

Aline de Chevigny

LOL well hummmm let me guess...the last one.

Nice list Nicolas.



And Clive Owen left a comment on MY blog begging me to meet him in Cancun over the weekend.

Damozel (your WIFE).

Donna W.

I wish everybody would do away with reality TV. I hate it.

Brian F.

Interesting list to be sure. I have to ask, though: is that iced tea or hot tea? The answer will clearly show whether you are more British or Floridian now.

Cindy Swanson

Let's staple-remover thingy? :)

Daria Black

It has to be the thumb drive. I mean, really, a hard drive for your thumb? What do you take me for? ;)

Thanks for stopping by. Happy belated TT :)

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