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April 26, 2007



Sadly, the only one I've actually read is Bonfire of the Vanities. I did see the show about Shakespeare many years ago, and I love Rumpole, so I'll have to see if I can get my hands on that one.

Happy TT.

Naeva - Mom of 2

Wow, you have such a great collection of books.


These all look really interesting, but I've not read any of them. In fact, the only one I've heard of is Bonfire of the Vanities. Happy TT.


I'm constantly reading and have had to suffer the pain of culling my bookshelves over the years as well. I find bookcrossing helps dull the pain. That said, the only book on your list that's currently in my library is Solzhenitsyn's August 1914.

Wylie Kinson

Great sample of your collection.
I read Pillars of the Earth and it remains on my TOP 20 list of great reads.
Also enjoyed Wolf's Bonfire. I read the book in lieu of seeing the movie and am very glad I did!


Great List. I love to read, but to be honest I don't think I have read any of those. They look interesting. Will have to check them out.

Amy Ruttan

Some great books that I'll have to check out. I haven't read any of those, though I have heard of Bonfire of the Vanities and a Year in Merde.

Great list, Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

Thomma Lyn

What a neat list -- fun to see the book covers and read the descriptions. And A Kiss Before Dying has been on my to-read list for a while but after reading your description of it, I'm going to bump it up higher!

Happy TT, and thank you for visiting my blog! :)


How cool, I did a similar Thursday Thirteen, and I recently wrote a review of A Year in the Merde in my blog!


I am looking forward to your list of non-fiction books. that's my kind of literature. I do read fiction occasionally, even sci-fi, like once a year...


I think I've read Pillars of the Earth - I like Follett. A Prayer for Owen McMeany by John Irving made me laugh out loud -- on a plane... the scene of the Christmas Nativity 'disaster' -- I didn't finish the book because I hate too much intimation of the sad ending, which it did a lot. But yeah, I love it when books give me the opportunity to laugh out loud.

Anymore the only time I really read is when I'm flying... need to change that. I miss it.


I remember reading two of them, for a certainty: Bonfire of the Vanities and Pillars of the Earth

The former was great sentence structure and descriptive phrases that led to nothing noteworthy at all. It wasn't a story, it was a sensationalistic diatribic character study of several with no other goal than to titillate while alledgedly denegrating the faults of persons that it actually applauded. The writing of the book is in and of itself at least as nasty as anything the characters got up to as far as it's impact on society.

Pillars of the Earth, however, was wonderful. There were bits I didn't like, for much the same reason as the formerly mentioned book, but in the end a great story emerged from the muck and slime of the pointed out faults of mankind. Which, if you think of it, is appropos for something so entitled.

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