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May 12, 2007


Miss Understood

Door to door selling has to be one of the worst jobs in the world. Although I've never gone that far, I've harassed people on the streets and on the phone, cold calling them with tacky sales scripts. I hated it.

Some friends of mine went to Tenerife on holday a couple of years ago. When they returned, they sold their house, uprooted the kids, and moved over there. They're pouncing on people at the beach, clubbing them on the head, and dragging them back to a swanky hotel with free booze and food to sell them timeshare apartments. They apparently know if they're onto a winner when the couple accept their 5th free vodka and orange.
I know they feel guilty about what they're doing, but have told me the villa and pool more than make up for it!


ugh, door-to-door is so not my thing. i did it for one single day back when i was 19, and i hated it so much that i quit right away. awful.

This Eclectic Life

I enjoyed this post! I'm so glad you didn't come calling as a door-to-door salesman in my neighborhood. I usually try to send them away politely, but I've been known to slam the door in the face of a persistent salesman.
Your description of the tactics of the recruiter sounds oh so familiar!
Good job.

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