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May 19, 2007


Wylie Kinson

I feel sorry for TB -- he got suckered into a war he thought was right and didn't have the balls to get out of it when the lies unravelled. Sadly, that'll be his legacy.
Why do the 'right' equate patriotism with supporting the troops? I just don't get that. I support the troops, but not the mission. I support the troops, but support the opportunity for them to come home alive and in one piece. I support the troops, but not the killing of thousands or innocent Iraqis.
Oh thanks, Nicholas... you've gone and got my dander up! Again!! You and your socially relevant commentaries. Sheesh...
Tomorrow, please give us your views on drivel -- like Paris Hilton's impending imprisonment. Or ice cream. But not gas prices :) :)


come on, you have to give the guy a little credit for standing up against the public opinion at home and pushing for what he believe was a right thing to do (Britain's military involvement in this unfortunate war). it was obviously wrong, but you know that it's harder to convince Europeans to support any war than it is with Americans.

Your Missus.

You know I love Blair and I know how you don't. I've linked to my note (I'm sure you don't mind...)


Wow, very thoughtful commentary! It's great to hear people speak up about these things, instead of falling back on tired liberal claptrap about supporting troops or whatnot. It all sounds too much like "go with the flow" to me. I'm with you. I DO support the troops, of all nationalities, but I respect and value them too much to support a war which is packing too many of them off to an unnecessarily early grave.

And I agree - I, too, would like a definition of victory to be clearly defined. To start a journey without the end in mind... everybody knows that leads to nowhere.

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