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May 15, 2007



I rather have another adult feel that we live in an irrational & paranoid world, than risk that one of these adults near my children may hurt them. (nothing personal)

Wylie Kinson

ACK! I think blogger just ate my LOOOONG comment (forgive me if this posts twice) I said the FIRST time, it's a damn shame, this world we live in. I worked in a school (kids age 3 - 16) and if one of them hurt themselves on the playground, or whatever, we couldn't even HUG them for comfort! Isn't that horrible?
How are children supposed to know/understand what a normal/healthy/comfortable relationship with an adult is??
Sad that we let a few perverts ruin our relationships with our children.

Miss Understood

Do you know, as soon as you asked whether she would like to see one, I held my breath. They are the words that every parent dreads their child saying 'yes' to. I know....I know, it is so awfully sad that the world has become that way. But I agrre with the comment above. You just never know. And it just goes to show how easly a child will say 'Yes.'


I hate it too. I live in a gated community and yesterday my son and 2 friends were playing basketball in my driveway. I happened to see through the window a car pull into the driveway. I called out the door and one of the friends said, "It's just someone turning around." Then the friend came in the house and said, "Where are Rory and Ross?" They had happened to choose that moment to hide. But I didn't know that and I went into a panic. I had visions of my blue-eyed son being lured away with promises of escaping the slavery of having to feed the dog EVERY day. I tried to figure out how I was going to tell the other mom that her son was, um, missing and um, seemed to have been kidnapped ON MY WATCH!

Did we really not have to worry about that stuff when we were young? Or did we just not have access to the sensationalistic national media taking every isolated incident and making it a trend?


Yes, Wylie and Di, you are so right. We knew never to get into a car with strangers, never to accept sweets from strangers or to tell people information about ourselves or where we lived. A few very sensible elementary precautions. But these days we are indoctrinating into our children, through our own paranoia, the belief that every adult, known or unknown, who takes note of their existence, means them harm. We risk raising a hostile, isolated generation, unable to form any sort of relationship without the suspicion that it is a subterfuge, covering up very dark intentions. Is there any evidence at all that our attitudes have made any reduction in assaults on children? Why don’t we just keep our kids in hermetically sealed containers until they are eighteen?


It is an interesting post because you are right the world is different. Like you said it used to be about getting into cars with strangers or accepting sweets but now it is a totally different era. I was walking past a children's outdoor jungle gym the other day, and I saw a man sitting there watching the kids play. In my head I immediately thought this was wrong but it was highly likely he was a father watching his child play. But in my head I had labelled him. I feel so sorry for you guys these days, it must be like a minefield for you.


What's so scary and strange about the world we live in is that we don't take the time to know our neighbours. Growing up, my family knew everyone that lived on our street and we collectively formed what is now called a neighbourhood watch. My father left his large toolbox outside, overnight, and the next morning they were still there. I doubt that would happen now.

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