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May 03, 2007



Yeees, it would have been nice if you had appended to your description of Cleopatra a mention of how much she and I would have in common, n'est-ce pas? But at least I got a look in this week.

You are mentioned in my blog, as usual.


I want the seat between Lenin and Elijah Hakesley. I always wanted to ask Lenin a few questions... and since I don't know Elijah at all, I could make a new friend. is he cute? :-)


Impressive list! Queen Elizabeth I is fascinating to me. She's probably one of my favorite historical figures. Love Winston Churchill - wish he was here now.


Except for maybe your nr. 13 I would love to meet these interesting historical figures myself! Would Tintin's dog be allowed to take part too??
Nice to meet you and happy TT!


Hard to choose! Let me start between Jack the Ripper and Lord Byron, but all the guests are interesting!

Congratulations on being the featured blog!

My TT lists the 13 goals of a witch, with my thoughts and comments.


Snowy, Tintin's dog, is my dream dog and someday I have to have a westie like him :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wylie Kinson

Don't sit me be Henry (he'd steal my chicken leg) or Jack the Ripper (he's spoil my appetite)!
Put me between Churchill (love his wit) and Cleo (for eye makeup tips).


I dunno about Henry but Elizabeth I I am with you 100% and Austen too. Great list.

Nancy Bond

Keep me in mind when Lord Byron and Jane Austen make an appearance. :) Great idea for a TT!

Lady G~

Interesting list of guest. I would like to sit as far away from Jack the Ripper as possible. Put me next to Jane Austen and Mata Hari. I find them both very intriguing.

Now I noticed that Jesus didn't make your guest list. I think the guest that you mentioned would of had many questions for him too.

Thomma Lyn

What an awesome guest list! I'm a fan of Winston Churchill, too, and Elizabeth I intrigues the heck outta me. :)

And hmmm, I would add Hypatia of Alexandria and Emily Bronte.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine. :)


Cleopatra and Jack The Ripper would definitely spice up the dinner conversation.

What a great idea for a list! I might have to steal your idea :) Congratulations on being a featured TT list and welcome to the TT group.

Have a lovely weekend.


You'd make a killing on eBay if you had definitive proof of who the Ripper really was. Actually, you'd probably make a mint selling your story to Hollywood too!


Great list. I'd definitely come to this dinner party. The question of who to sit with is rather more complicated. It reminds me of work dos, and the importance of getting to the table on time to ensure that you have a seat with those people whose company you most enjoy. So, my choice would be to sit near to Cleopatra, Mata Hari, Jack the Ripper, Ben Franklin, Lord Byron, Elijah and/or Henry VIII.


Can I just echo everyone else's comments about how impressive this list is? I'd gladly sit at the kids table if it meant meeting them! If any of them couldn't make it, I'd be most interested in meeting Mdm de Stael and Lady Hester Stanhope...

My TT is up too!


Impressive list. Wouldn't want to have dinner with Jack the Ripper though . . . and your descriptions of both Elizabeth I and Henry VIII made me chuckle.

I'm all about grammar and writing this week on my 11th TT.

Captain Lifecruiser

You would invite Jack The Ripper, but not me?


Vic Grace

Fabulous list and what a great idea. I would invite 1, 2, 3 & 9 for starts. Not sure I would want to invite Jack the Ripper.


Hi Nicolas, I chose you for a Thinking Blog Award. Stop by my site to claim your badge!!


I would like to sit next to Jack the Ripper just to see whether he was charming. I picture him as much like Ted Bundy. The kind of guy you'd take home to your mother. Until you're dead, that is.

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