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May 17, 2007


Wylie Kinson

Hey - you're good with this name thing! All very 'charactery' names -- like I can see their personalities. (sorry, it's late and I'm not very good at communicating thoughts after midnight!)

Miss Understood

They are far more imaginative than any of mine!


Great list of names! Somehow, Michael Wintergrass appeals to me. Don't ask me why! ;-)
My TT lists 13 favourite detectives (books).


My fave is Michael Wintergrass too just sounds so commanding like you'd see it on a CEO's nameplate .. :) Thanks for stopping by, and it's good to know that Nessie real or imagined is protected!


Great list of names, very imaginative. I'm very good with first names for my characters, but haven't gotten the last names figured out yet. My favourite: Lennie Mule.


I like Ada Pasgel...but they are all very imaginative names!!
happy TT :)

Lady G~

Wonderful list of names. They all have a nice ring to them. My favorite is Ada Pasgel and Finbar Drift.

The Gal Herself

I like Finbar Drift. He sounds like a shyster lawyer, or maybe an old shyster judge.

And, since you are an interesting, literate guy, it's time we learn more about you. So I am tagging you for the latest meme. You're it!

Thomma Lyn

Wow, what nifty character names! I, too, like unusual names. And what a superduper idea for a TT -- I'll have to do something similar one of these weeks.

Happy Thursday to you! :)


GREAT NAMES! I imagine thinking up names for novel characters is tough! These are very natural sounding. Great work!

Sophisticated Writer

I like Michael Wintergrass and Ada Pasgel. You're very good with names :-)


I love Lennie and Finbar. Great Names! I have a Mark Danbury, Margaret Pennington, and Douglas O'Reilly. It's already been noted that both H and h have M names. Doug is a D name as is Danbury and I had to include a tiny little old lady named Dot. Hmmm, I should work on this! LOL Oh, I do have a Cameron Hawthorne, though. But I got help with that one. Take it easy.

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