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May 24, 2007



Hello N:

I was born and raised in Vancouver. It's truly a beautiful city. Great list of cities - a good way to dream. . . I love being a virtual traveller.

My TT's also up - photos from our trip to Greece last May.


I love Amsterdam and luckily I'm there very often. The other cities I don't know, but I hope that'll change!
My TT is a co-production with Google. :-)

Naeva - Mom of 2

Totally agree with you on Paris...

Wylie Kinson

I agree with Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva,... and a few others, but my priority re-visit would have to be Italy - Siena, Venice, Florence.


I am not very well travelled, just Paris and New York City.

Paris didn't live up to my expectations and I am in no hurry to return, but NYC, that's a whole different ball game. I would go back tomorrow if someone would pay the airfare!! I LOVE IT


I'm sad that I've only been to two of the cities on your list! It surely makes me want to visit many more. At the top of my list would be Jerusalem, Vancouver, Salzburg, and Vienna.

Happy TT! Thanks for the visit!


Besides all the European cities I haven't visited the others but seen quite a lot of cities in the States.
BTW my list about man, I will do one for women too,lol, they are not better !

Dane Bramage

I've been to New York but I don't get around much, certainly not like you have. I would like to visit some of these cities, especially Prague. My Thursday 13 #42 A 13 Point Comparison of Colorado and Ohio is up. Stop by if you get a chance.

Donica Covey

Each of those places sound WONDERFUL! I'd love to travel around the world and visit them. Canberra Australia would be on my list, as well as anywhere in Ireland, Scottland and Egypt.

Great List!
Donica Covey


it's interesting you included Honolulu on this list. to me the city itself is not as special as the areas surrounding it. and it's too touristy. I LOVE Hawaii, especially the areas with fewer lazy tourists.

Amsterdam is my favorite European city. I like stopping by there on my way home. once I even missed my flight because I lost my sense of time...


YAY Toronto!!!!!!!!!! :) LOVE! And, I would LOVE to go to Rome....


I so wish I have been to all of those places, but I haven't been outside North America... I feel very jealous!!!


I can see how you wouldn't be able to apply any of the 13 to me, being a stranger and all, but maybe you could make an effort to get to know your own friends that well.

Of course, I love making new friends, too. :)


Wow, that's quite an impressive list and you've been quite the traveler!

I would love to see all those places in your list. I've only done Toronto and very small bit of NY (if the Liberty Island counts). I would love to visit Europe someday and most countries in Asia.

Thanks for the visit by the way. And no, we didn't do the Jurassic Park ride in Universal. I'm not sure if it was already there back in 2003, or it was located in the other part of universal that we didn't explore.

See ya next T13!


That was a great list. A few weeks back I did a T13 of the magical places that I want to visit.

I like to visit places of the beaten path too.

Thank you for stopping by my T13.:o)


I am envious that you have visited all of these cities! I agree with you on the ones I have been to (Paris, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto, Honolulu and Amsterdam)...and long to visit the other ones. I'm shocked that my hometown of Utica, NY is not on your list!!! Oh yeah...anyone who has been there does NOT want to go back!!!

I'm not sure I want to go anywhere in India (but A Fine Balance is one of my favorite books of all time). I spent about 4 hours on the phone this week with people in India who work for Orbitz and Citibank...and they were not enjoyable hours!

I would add Dublin.

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