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June 24, 2007



I'm disappointed but not really surprised. I even know a woman who lives like that and seems to enjoy it. I guess it's easier than actually bothering to think for herself.


This is so not me. I couldn't have made it back then. I do not and have not and never will cater to my husband like he's a prince. We entered our marriage 50/50 and he knows it.

BTW, Do you mind if I use this on my other site?


Thanks Nicolas..I used it and gave you a link back to your site.. you can see it at

Miss Understood

There is absolutely no way in this world I'd have put up with that. Not a chance. I'd have rather spent my life living under a bush!

Wylie Kinson

And it was VERY OBVIOUSLY written by a man!! But I wonder how many women read this back in the day and thought "Bullshit!" -- I'll bet a lot. Especially since so many women had to become self-reliant during and after the war. My mother worked in aircraft plant during WWII whilst her hubby was off doing war office things and I'm sure that gave her a taste of independence she would not willingly give up again.

It's no wonder the divorce rate skyrocketed after the dawn of women's lib.


Feminists Beware! Yikes. Brutal. But not totally surprising....


I've seen this before...wonder if it is truly from the time period or something created later...I'm a bit of a cynic.

When I married my husband I was making twice as much as he was...but I also happen to like some of the traditional housewife stuff like baking, cooking, sewing, installing tile, putting in new light fixtures, etc. So my husband used to brag, "I married a 50's style wife with a 90's style income." Well, here it is almost 16 years later and I'm not working...I time is pretty much my own. So who is laughing now??? He often says this PROVES who the smarter one is!

But I can still get to his heart with a cake from Betty Crocker!!!


I have seen this a few times and each time I think "man, I could use a WIFE" and "no wonder married men live longer and are happier."
Except my poor husband.


Excuse me, while I go pray to the porcelain god , aka toilet.

It's enough to make a girl want to stay single forever. There are still "men" out there who expect this.

I'm surprised there wasn't a bullet point for "lie back, spread 'em, and coo reassuringly"

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