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June 06, 2007



Information to get to know you better is never useless! I'm lost (and curious) about the brothel; do I want to know? Coffee with Elton John sounds interesting; was it really him or just someone sharing his name?
My TT is about Google & me! ;-)


I love random lists. Done one myself this week, but I found it really hard to come up with this stream-of-consciousness stuff. Looks like your doing much better at it than me. ;o)

Wylie Kinson

I don't even know where to begin...
#13 - It's not that it's cracked up to be ;)
#11 - yes, but did he look at you with love in his eyes?
#9 - There's a story I want to hear!
#6 - Even Nunavit?
#5 - Too bad. You have to see them when your a kid or they don't mean as much.
#4 - Bleh!
#2 - I can hold my own in TP. As long as it's not the British version. And I don't get too many sports questions.
#1 - You're supposed to be the harbinger of good luck, aren't you? Did your mum keep it? Apparently, that sort of thing is done. Don't ask me why...

And just because you've had a far more fascinating life (thus far) than I, I feel the need to one-up your #11 with - I've had dinner with HRH Prince Philip. :p


pork liver or beef liver?

It's Me... Maven

Great list... perhaps there's a post waiting to be written about your coffee with Elton John??


Great List!
I know absolutely nothing about chess but I am good at Trivial Pursuit. I know a lot of usless bits.

What is a commadore? I am ashamed to say I never heard of it.

Wow, you are well travelled. I have a goal to see Europe someday soon.

Congrats, on stopping smoking. Kudos to you!

Coffee with Sir Elton John! Oh, my God. All I can say is that I saw him in concert with Billy Joel when I lived in Las Vegas. He is one of the best.

As always your T13 is of high quality and has substance.

My T13 is up if you want to take a look at my thirteen jobs.

Take care,

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