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July 18, 2007



I attended a Catholic girls' high school between 1991-6, and they had very strict rules about their uniform. We were not allowed to wear any jewellery apart from a pair of plain stud earrings and a "plain flat signet ring". One day I started wearing a signet ring which featured a tiny diamond, during lunch in the canteen the headmistress (who was a nun) noticed it and confiscated it. I had to pay 20p to get it back. If back then I had told her that my ring was a chastity symbol she still would have confiscated it as it broke the rules on attire. There are good reasons why schools have a uniform.

I think that it has become too easy for people to sue schools on issues like these. It's such a waste of taxpayer's money.

And this chastity zealotry is a worrying trend. Of course chastity itself is fine as a personal choice, but is it right to use it to feel superior to others who have not made the same choice? Is it necessary to advertise this personal choice at school?

If I were a 16 year old schoolboy, I'd probably target these girls for fun, betting with my mates that I'll shag Ms Chaste before half-term.

My message to Ms Playfoot: just close your legs, Love, that's all you need to do.

Wylie Kinson

OMG Nicholas - you had me laughing so hard that my three year old thought I was crying.
I would have totally worn the "I’m-gonna-fuck-anything-in-pants ring" just to be a rebel. BTW, you'd make a bloody fortune if you marketed that to boys hahahahaha

Do they really have ceremonies where Daddy-the-closet-perv puts the ring on his little gal? My God, just like the chastity belts of yore. Some parents are such freaking knobs!!


and just when you think the world can't get any stupider! This is just wrong on soooo many levels. And I'm with Wylie and i think we need to start a new fad called WWWF - yeah - you know it - "what would wylie fuck." i think i see the answer to world peace in that strategy.
ps - wylie sent me over so i can say that and not run like hell. heh.

Wylie Kinson

Rhian just made me fall off my chair laughing. Is there some kind of penalty for that??

Now, I'm off to call Hanes so they can get started on WWWF T-shirt production. ;D

Sterculian Rhetoric

Age of consent is 14 in Ontario, Canada.
STD statistics amongst the 'ringed' wonders from the Revolted Colonies have shown that bodily fluid swapping is still taking place.
One can still remain 'chaste' while engaging in anal intercourse and fellatio/cunnilingus. The mind cannot beat the hormone.


HA HA HA HA. Oh, I laughed reading this. So much for Christianity of this sort - - more like a fierce guerilla marketing campaign and raging uber capitalist.

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