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July 05, 2007



Well, I'm definitely guilty when it comes to #10, #12, and #13.

My two writing pet peeves are kewl and anyhoo.

Happy TT!


I'm guilty of saying #5 when I get frustrated! LOL! I think I'm also guilty with #s 10, 12 and 13. *giggles*

Happy Thursday!


Lol, now I feel like sending you a piece of prose with all of your examples and more. Not kewl - well I say, "Whatever"!


I use Whatever and Kewl. But mainly when blogging. Whatever when people are arguing/debating/flaming each other but I just don't care. And kewl when something is so much better than cool.

But I agree about some of the others.

happy T13


"whatever" is my personal favorite, especially when I talk with men -- nothing pisses them off more than when I roll my big blue eyes and whisper "whatever" with this pretentious accent of mine....


I will have to add "six of one, half a dozen of another" even though I am guilty of saying it myself.

It's Me... Maven

I'm wondering how many of those I am guilty of using:)

Great list!

Time for me to revitalize the vocab!


Great list Nicolas. I too find the over use of those words annoying :)


Great list Nicolas. I too find the over use of those words annoying :)


I love when someone writes "without further adieu!" thinking they are being all international. I am a curmudgeon about grammar...but I probably use the occasional trite phrase.

I am constantly annoyed by the shorthand my kids use in text messaging...which is one of our most effective means of communication. Is it really THAT much easier to type "cya" instead of "see ya"?

I was always annoyed when a friend of mine used "reticent" when she meant "hesitant"...we're not friends any more...but not ONLY because of this.

I am constantly correcting the "me" and "I" confusion. I figure if a kid is in my car or at my house, it is my responsibility to correct him/her. See...I can't even bring myself to use the vernacular "them" in that situation. And I would really prefer to use "him" and let us all just accept that it is less wordy, we are not being sexist in using it and most importantly...the pronoun actually agrees with its antecedent!!!!

A fun book to read if all of this is making you raise you hand and scream "Me too!!!" is Woe is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English by Patricia T. O'Connor.

Thomma Lyn

Reading your list, nodding my head, and saying, "Yup, yup, yup." Here's another one for you: "irregardless." Irregardless is NOT a word! Oh, and while I'm at it:

"utilize" -- arrrgh, just say "use!"

"new and improved" -- something can't be both new and improved.

Happy TT -- I enjoyed your list!


The one out of your list that really pisses me off is someone responding with "whatever". Grrrr.

I also hate someone saying over and over again in a conversation, "you know".

Great list! MY T13 this week was my fave actresses. I of course included Nicole Kidman. :o)


Great list! I particularly hate "think outside the box" as well. Thanks for stopping by my TT.


Great list. Can we add "No problem" in place of Thank you. That drives me crazy. Also, it's not an expression, but putting a question mark tone at the end of every sentence you speak is annoying to listeners.


Guilty as charged for #5. It's a southern California thing. It's in my blood. I hang my head in shame. Happy belated TT.

Wylie Kinson

Boy -- someone took his grumpy pills before TTing this week. And apparently, it paid off with 15 comments!!

I'm guilty of using 'whatever' -- but what I'm really saying is this:
"You are a total f&cking moron who completely missed the point!!"
I'm just too polite for my own good.


At the end of the day, I think this list is kewl. It's like, totally very unique because it lets me think outside the box. Last but not least, between you and I, I'm sure I have committed similar offences somewhere in my own writings. But then again, whatever. =D


#4 -- working in Scotland a lot of misuse of 'yourself' -as in, "how can I help yourself?' Holy Crap.

and youse -- as in, 'youses need to sell sell sell!" or something similar.

some of my personal pet peeves:
towards - you don't go towards anything, you do go toward it.

Anxious/Eager. To be anxious is to dread, to be eager is to look forward to. Anxious is WAY too often used incorrectly.

Great list, though -- If I could think of more I'd make it a TT too! (But then, I seem to like your topics and steal them a lot...)



This was great! Thanks for the link; its nice to see I'm not the only one who's annoyed by these sorts of things!

(I *am* just up the road from you, BTW, in Atlantic Beach. The mister has family in Alachua...brothers that work for the University. So...Howdy, neighbor!)

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