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July 15, 2007



What a spoiled bitch! I think she needs to be shipped to a remote forest with just a backpack and let her spend a week trying to find her humanity. I was nver given a new vehicle either. As a matter of fact I worked after school. Hard work. My first car I saved for and I bought. It wasn't fnmcy but damn it was mine and I had pride. This little spoiled brat is going to grow up to be a spoiled rotten adult that will never ever grow up. This is an epidemic all over the world. Ever wonder what would happen if these spoiled people were sent back in time during the world wars? They would not survive one damn week.

Sorry about getting on my podium. :o)~

Robin from Israel

Oh. My. God. Spoiled bitch doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. It doesn't match her camera phone?!?

And yes, I would have returned it immediately and stuck her ass on the bus until she got a job and earned enough money to buy her own damn car.

And you know what, it's just as much the parents fault. Attitudes like that aren't made overnight.

Chelle Y.

And you thought that "brainwashing" my son into having faith in God is bad? I would much rather have a child like that, who I hope one day will decide for himself, than to have a spoiled brat like that girl! Haha! (Actually, it's not that funny).

Wylie Kinson

Shocking. And sad. One part of me hopes her life gets shaken up if only so she can get some well-needed sense. The other part of me doesn't wish bad on anyone.
Okay, I give. Side one wins. That girl needs to get big fat inoperable blue mole on her nose!

(and we wonder why other countries hate American's??)

Wylie Kinson

Could someone please remove my apostrophe from Americans?


No, Wylie, sorry. Your apostrophe is here forever, for the whole world to enjoy!


"I don't have anything red in my room. Like, at all."

Behind her, on the shelves, lowest a red color something.

I can't even decide whether this is a real or a gag/satire video. Cos can there be anyone alive, that is not on TV already, talking so dumb like that? It seems so unreal! Besides, it doesn't seem like the rest of her siblings are spoilt brats, only her. And supposedly the brat license should go to the youngest. We know she is not since she mention "my little brother."

God. What a nightmare to have that kind if daughter!

I see bluuuee and reeeedddd...Trippy man.

P.S: BTW, you've been schmoozed. Feel free to take up the award and schmooze other people. As if I need more blogs to read, haha.


it's sad, but I meet people like that occasionally. (hey, I live in California, after all!) sometimes girls like the one in the video make it to college, and I had several of them in my classes.
it was easier with me to deal with narrow-minded evangelical Christian kids who tried to convince me that god wants them to convert me, than to talk with those spoiled brats. you can't relate to them in any way. it's almost like they are socially retarded. (bad word, but so damn accurate...)


I'm wondering if this is satire too. An old roommate was a spoiled brat, whose mom paid for EVERYTHING, but even she wasn't this bad.

Those parents need to CUT HER OFF, big time!

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