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August 27, 2007



I HATE the omnipresence of TV everywhere one goes!!! I'm not a TV snob...I DVR ( would be well worth it to get out of the VCR dark ages and part with the few bucks a month for TiVo or have trust me on this) my favorite shows which I will not disclose here because Nicholas would think that I am much less of an intellectual than he might think I am. However, when I am waiting in a doctor's office, a hospital or an airport, I would like to read quietly and I am inevitably pelted with the background NOISE of TV.

I think the TV watchers should have a way to opt-in...rather than making me find ways to opt-out. I bring my iPod and my laptop with me to the orthodontist's office because I just can't abide the noise of the TV, the constantly ringing phones, the video games (because God forbid we teach our children that sometimes you just have to wait and entertain yourself rather than being provided an endless array of entertainment choices) AND then the noise of the parent trying to pry the kid from the video game to go into the office for the appointment that necessitated the visit to the office in the first place!!!

If I am one of a few people in a place with a mindlessly blathering TV and I look around and no one is watching, I brazenly walk up to the TV, find the volume button (yes kids, it is possible to make adjustments to a TV WITHOUT a remote!) and turn the volume off. I have never been criticized or even gotten a dirty look for doing this.

Now that I am disclosing my noise snobbery...I will admit that I have even asked a young man seated near me on a plane to turn down the volume on his iPod because I could hear the drone and boom of the bass of his music.

This is a can of noisy worms we've opened here...I may see a TT in my future!!!

Mary     Emken



I think I'm in love with your blog. I'm definitely adding it to my blogroll (as opposed to my rss reader, which is where blogs I only kind of like go) - I hope you don't mind.

I've caught one or two episodes of Midsomer Murders when TiVo decided I might like them, but never remembered to set up a season pass.

I grew up in a PBS household, so Britcoms and British mysteries are more familiar to me, at times, than whatever my friends were watching.

And while I do like movies playing while I write, I never have the television on before noon, even for movies, and I feel guilty about it until five pm.

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