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August 15, 2007



Now that's a great list! I love Michael Palin and just may have to check that one out---
happy TT!


Great List!
Happy TT!


Great list of title. I have read and enjoyed most of them. Anoyther guy in the world of TT. What a gas.


Susan Helene Gottfried

Amazing. Of the hundreds of books I've read and the hundreds in my office waiting to be read, we only overlap on one -- Day of the Triffids. Yes, it's a great read!!

Happy TT! (I miss the socks, but books are every bit as good.)

Thomma Lyn

What, you ran out of socks? ;-D

But I have a feeling you're a lot like me -- you can't run out of books to post about because you've got so darned many of them, and if you're like me, you're always buying MORE of them to boot! Ha!

The Michael Palin and the Alexander Solzhenytsyn books are both on my To-Read list, and I've read several books over the years by Fredrick Forsythe and Jack Higgins.

Great idea for a TT! :)


Love your assumption that the world is divided into non-girlie and girlie! Not that I've read any of those books.

Wylie Kinson

I second Damozel. Girlie-meme? Rubbish. I have it under good authority that Thomma Lyn and Wylie Kinson are pseudonyms for TOM Lind and WYNSTON King.

As for: "“The Day Of The Jackal” by Fredrick Forsythe. One of the few out of this bunch that I expect some of you will have read."??? :P
If I didn't know you, dear Nicholas, I'd be offended :)

I've read Forsyth, Mayday and The Day After Tomorrow. And I think I've read the Jack Higgins. I've read one of his but I'm terrible with titles -- much better with authors.

Comedy Plus

Very well done. Last week it was socks and this week books. You are very clever. So, TT is a girlie thing? Why am I here. I'm a girl, but never considered myself girlie. Have a great TT. :)


"I’m sure I enjoyed it when I read it a few years ago but unfortunately I now remember nothing about it." You know, that's how I feel about a lot of Jack Higgins' books...

I loved Michael Palin's series, I'll have to keep an eye out for the books.


I actually loved The Day After Tomorrow...couldn't put it down. But then again, I think it was the first book I read after giving birth to my daughter, so I was ready to really get consumed by a book and this one came highly recommended by a friend.


I don't know any of those books, I'm afraid. Love the Pete Murray cover!

Gabriella Hewitt

The Day of The Jackal is a good thriller.

Is The Day After Tomorrow the same as the movie?

Good on you for crossing the divide. Although purple is considered a manly color. In ancient history purple was only worn by males and royalty. Hence, the Pope declared Purple the color of Easter.

Michael Schurmann

Jack Higgins is an excellent author. I don't believe I've read that particular title though, thanks for the recommendations!

Nicole Austin

Interesting list of titles.

Happy TT!


I'm drawn to Day of the Triffids; I think I'll hunt that one down. Day of the Jackal: like the book and the original movie.


I loved Day of the Jackal. I just looked at all my shelves here, and not a single book with "day" in the title!

Happy TT!


I've now added, "The Day of the Jackal," to my list of books I want to read.

Great list.

Happy TT!


Great list! I love Palin's show and the book is wonderful.


Hi Nicholas, thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you. I like your blog and your TT.

Have a great weekend!
Kristee :)


why is war a non-girlie topic?


and btw, you've become really lazy when it comes to your blog. no rants, no outrage... what's up, Nicholas?

J. Lynne

I've been meaning to read "Day of the Jackal" and "The Last 100 Days". Thanks for reminding me to add them to my to read list. ;)

And thanks for stopping by my TT. :)


Haven't read a single one of those books, but I'll just go ahead and admit to reading mostly "girlie" books anyway.
Look out for my email, I fianlly got around to writing back(am sorry, am lazy!)

More SOCK posts!


You know that I would enjoy the WWII books. I am not Brit but the Pete Murray book sounds like something I would enjoy. My humor is a bit colored far as being a female. I am not offended very easily. :o)

The Longest Day is also one of my favorite flicks but of course you would have guessed that. Cornelius Ryan is a great writer. A lot of movie stars were in that. A very,very young Sean Connery.

Very good Thursday Thirteen. I was lazy and posted Thirteen Visuals. :o)


Haha! I've read more than half of your list. You and I have very similar reading tastes. Happy Belated TT.

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