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August 22, 2007


mama kelly

ROFL .... the funniest entry I have read so far in this weeks Th 13.

Have a great week and thanks for the tips

Happy Th13

Mama Kelly


Evil - I love it!


Wow, you could really stick it to someone you didn't like with these "tips".


Great TT -- and don't forget this important one, which was at least applicable when I was there years ago: Don't forget to scream out "you forgot the damn ice cubes!" every time you get a drink. British bartenders love that American moxy!!
Happy TT!


Ha! Troublemaker!

Have a great Thursday!

The Gal Herself

Loved this. You don't need any tips for visiting the US. Just read your post, take your own advice, and enjoy the Yankee reception you receive!


Hilarious! Love the list :)

Happy TT!


Great list ! Hilarious ! I love the #2 !!! Very interesting ! :-D
Thanks for stopping by !
Happy T13 !


as someone who's spent a fair amount of time travelling and working in the UK, this had me cackling. I was laughing out loud by the second one.

Another great list!


How sure to mention how disgusted you are that Disney World is not within a few hours of New York City and the Grand Canyon. We love it when you minimize our country to the size of, say, Belgium!


Wow - what a list!!


This is brillant.

Hmm. How about, Everytime someone makes a good suggestion or delivers good news, shout, "Yee HAW!" -- they will be impressed by your enthusiasm and knowledge of US customs.

OK, that was lame, but I tried! XD


Hehehe here is one should you visit Canada. Year round it is very cold, and the majority live in ice huts called igloos, be sure when you visit in July you bring a heavy parka, and be prepared to take part in our national pastime skiing down our snow laden slopes!

Great list! Happy TT :)

Gabriella Hewitt

Is #12 true? If so, I'm showing cleavage to distrat the barman. Although, knowing my luck I'll get a woman bartender.

Thank you for visiting my TT last week. This week I'm thanking my fellow TTer's. Come by and get your thanks!

J. Lynne

I wish you'd told me this last year before I went! *chuckle*

Happy TT!

Comedy Plus

Oh my, I don't think I'll try any of these. Nope! Very funny though. Have a great TT. :)


Great list. You know, I wonder how many tourists actually think those are acceptable.

No, don't tell me, I'd rather not know. Ignorance is bliss.


Another funny TT. :)


LMAO LOVED this! Thanks for the giggles!

Happy TT!


Hahaha! Absolutely hilarious! I love this T13!

Perhaps a Texan **looks for any Texan other than myself** ought to write one for visitors to Texas. There's plenty of tourist no-no's to be found there!

Wylie Kinson

Having worked in the tourism industry, I can attest to the idiocy of the average tourist.
I swear, people are bloody brainless when they're on vacation.

And I love the comment about the ice-cubes. What's with the stingy ice-cube rations in the UK,anyway?


Those tips will get ya killed! Oh and the beach picture on my TT is Bora Bora =)

mom not mum

LOL Great list. I saw this referred to in someone elses comments but with no link - glad you stopped by my TT so I could follow you back.

Have you ever noticed when you get a soda at let's say, McDonald's, they put 3 icecubes in it then press the appropriate cup size button and let it fill up. Since there are only 3 icecubes that immediately melt you are then handed a cup of coke that doesn't even fill the cup - there are about 2 inches left over to make room for the non existent ice. LOL Okay I'll stop.

Denise Patrick

Very funny. I'll remember those when I get to England - hopefully soon.

Thanks for visiting my TT! Oh, and I have two separate entries for the abolition of slavery in Britain. One is in 1807 and one in 1833. Thanks for playing - you are now entered in my monthly drawing. Good luck!


This was great. Americans, I know are especially obnoxious.

I have a good one for visiting the U.S.

When visiting Las Vegas it is well known that the locals live in the casinos. Just ask them!

My husband worked for a major casino on the strip in Las Vegas and so many people asked this dumb ass question. I could not believe people think this way. Geesh!

I totally understand how Europeans must feel. I think we(Americans) are a horrid lot myself. I try my best not to piss off the locals. :o)


and I am bringing an American with me to Europe -- his first time ever! first stop for him: London, just to ease the transition. kinda like giving birth in a bathtub.
if I printed out your list and gave it to him, we could all get some good laugh!


You've got some nice suggestions there for the US version I see.

I think we've got a pretty low opinion of Americans anyway over here - not sure it's a good idea to give us more ammo! (sorry to all Americans - nothing personal.. think it mainly derives from the election of Bush)

Happy TT.

The Nononsense

Great TT, I think we should do one for canada!!!


Great List! :D #5 especially *laugh snort!*

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