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September 09, 2007


Mary     Emken

To all you young ladys out there let me say this. You can get by on charm for about 15 minutes then after that you better know something. Mary Emken


hey, i thought standardized testing and the NCLB act were supposed to cure all this idiocy.


Hey, my little "Sarcasm" ender didn't show up. I hope it's obvious that my above comment was meant as such.

The Nononsense

We are totally entitled to comment on her stupid answer. She is going to a public event, on national television, she is putting herself at risk for critics. She is answering like the dumb blonde she is and we, are entitled to share our opinions on her stupidity.

I blogged about it

Honestly, the girl is as stupid as her answer was. These contest aren't for bright people. The girl is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Open Grove Claudia

With 45% of students dropping out of high school and most males dropping out of college, I'm not sure we can blame it on the educational system. Where was the person who prepared this woman for the questions? Where was her father or mother or sibling?


I'm embarrassed... (SC girl, here)

Moondancer Drake

You know, I had something intelligent to say but after listening to her my brain went numb. Wonder if it's catching.

Geez. as a Dianic this is my idea of a nightmare. I can't imagine the contestant even saw this, since you have to at least have a teaspoon full of brain matter to turn on a TV in the first place nowadays. You know, one of my favorite singers, Pink has a song called "Stupid Girls" and this young lady certain fit that bill.

I don't think this is a random thing, this country creating girls like her, who make a nice ornaments but have very little to over beside a pretty face. They way our government runs things, last thing they want the youth of this country to develop is a free thinking brain. IMO this is a wake up call folks to why out country is as messed up as it is. Heck, when I went to school nothing was more unattractive then a girl who could think.

There’s more to education then rote memorization and saying the pledge everyday. We need to teach our children to question things, and to challenge outdated ideas. Ethics and philosophy would certainly be a plus in helping kids to think more about what option are there and how to treat their fellow man. The world need to learn our girls can be smart, and strong, and beautiful goddesses, and deserve the chance to reach their ultimate potentials without torment or rejection for it.

I’ll tell ya one thing, the beautiful and smart little Amazon I am raising won’t go out that way!


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