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September 10, 2007


Mary     Emken

Our families lived next to each other for years. Mom and Dad were high school sweet hearts. Ater they graduated they got married. They must of enjoyed each other very much because they had six children.
Mary Emken

Linda R, Moore

Oh, I have a doozy of a story for you, then. My mom's cousin from former Yugoslavia came over to the UK after the war (political escapee). He became a coal miner, married, and if I recall correctly his wife ran a corner shop. Anyway, my Mam was looking for a penpal so she could improve her English, and my Grandma was in the store and volunteered my aunt. They exchanged one letter and then my aunt met my uncle. ;) Dad took over the penfriendship and two years later traveled to Slovenia--absolutely unheard of in those days--and proposed.

They have their 50th wedding anniversary in October.

Btw, my husband and I met similarly, only instead of letters it was the internet, and no, it wasn't a dating service, we weren't looking, and we're going on for ten years now.

Miss Wisabus

Mine isn't too much of a story, but my mother walked into her new church after being adopted at age 17, saw my dad and said, "I'm going to marry that man. Or his brother."


Now myself and the man I'm going to marry, we were randomly seated next to each other at the surprise party of a mutual friend. He has NO recollection of that night, and didn't notice me until another night months later that involved snocones, limbo, and karaoke, but I would have never dated him had it not been for that first conversation. About Westerns (films).


My dad was a DJ, and my mum met him at a party where he was playing his tunes. He still enjoys blasting the neighbours from time to time.

Wylie Kinson

This isn't a romantic destined-by-fate story, but something cool did happen to my sister while she was visiting me (from our hometown, some 1500 kilometers away) a couple of weeks ago:
Me, my Sis and my 3 year old were driving to the grocery store when my 3 yr old yells - "I don't like red!" Turns out he had a gusher of a bleeding nose, so we went back home. After the drama & mess, Sis and I headed back to the store and we ran into an old high school chum of my sisters. They used to be best friends, but lost track of each other over the years! Isn't that cool? If 3yr old hadn't had the nose bleed, we wouldn't have seen Old Friend.
And Old Friend said she NEVER comes to this particular grocery store because it's off her beaten track and doesn't know why she found herself driving there.
Coincidence? Or not?

The Nononsense

I'll think of a great story to tell ya! :)


i envy for being able to read so much. I used to be a voracious reader too but due to time constraints, I can't anymore. If you're into suspense and thriller you may want to read The Quickie by James Patterson, it's the newest book that I've read. Happy TT!


I guess I wouldn't have been here if my father's parents had not met. My grandmother loved to tell the story about being at a friend's house (this must have been in about 1936) getting an egg white facial. There she was, her little 90 pound self with egg white all over her face and her friend's boyfriend came by with someone he had met, a handsome older (by 13 years) guy who was in town working construction.

After my grandfather's funeral (he, like all 6 of his siblings, lived into his 90's) my grandmother said that her friend told her that she was crazy to marry a man 13 years her senior...that he would die and leave her a widow. I said, "Whatever happened to her?" My grandmother replied, "She died about 20 years ago." Irony.

Somehow my grandfather saw something through the egg whites...they married and my Dad came along in 1938.

Hey...hope you don't mind, but I'm going to post this on my blog too!

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