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September 16, 2007


Mary     Emken

It infureates me to no end that the McCanns left three small children alone while they went out. That's what I would call negligence on their part. They are doctors.I'm quite sure they could have afforded to hire a sitter for the children while they went out and partied. Lets hope the child is found unharmed.


I was actually waiting for the police to announce this suspicion all along. As you said, the parents are always the first suspects and the fact alone that the McCanns did make such a spectacle of their daughter's disappearance has made them suspicious to me from the start. Well, actually from the day of the visit to the pope, which was way over the top in my eyes. But, whatever.
What makes me sad is that there are a lot of other children disappearing every day and apparently nobody gives a damn about them. If they are "lucky" then they get a mention in the evening news for about 5 seconds. But those people, just because they are wealthy doctors, can afford to raise hell to keep up the search for their child. What's so special about this kid anyway?


Without seeing all the evidence, I can't say whether or not the McCanns are guilty of having anything to do with their daughter's disappearance, but something doesn't feel right about the whole thing.

Responsible parents wouldn't leave such young children alone, which definitely makes me wonder about them as parents.

To answer Samulli's question: the disappearance of a cute blonde blue-eyed toddler is always newsworthy, and the actions of her parents since her disappearance has only added to that fact.

Today I heard that Richard Branson has donated a great sum of money (£100,000 I believe) towards helping the McCanns to pay their legal fees and asked for further donations, let's hope that his good intentions are not in vain...


I can't even stand to read about this anymore.

Shauna Quirk

I can’t say I like children all that much. I’m not sure I agree with the late Kenny Everett that they are noisy, wet, smelly things, but I am happiest when I am not in their vicinity and I do not seek out their society. I have little interest in what they do or in anything they may have to say.

Really? Good to know.


I'm in the "The Parents Did It" camp. Something about them just bugs the shit outta me. Kind of like the Ramseys, you know?

We shall see.

No Nonsense girl

That's a tragedy,these cases blow me every time. A young girl went missing in Trois-Rivieres in quebec on july 31st. Cedrika Provencher was a 9 years old little girl, nothing but doubts on the father and a big black hole. :(


Not sure if this is the one you were wondering about my opinion on...but I was unaware of the case. I sort of took the summer off of TV and didn't start the newspaper up again until the kids went back to school.

I would question the parenting choice of leaving a 4 year old and two younger siblings in a hotel room alone...even if they were just a few hundred yards away. But then again, there are lots of people, including my own husband, who question my parenting choices about various things.

These kinds of cases are so emotionally loaded and the public so jaded by cases like the woman who drove her children into a lake and then claimed their car was hijacked and the children kidnapped. I am torn (have you noticed I'm torn a lot lately?) between abhorrence that a mother could do such a thing and an understanding that mental illness such as that suffered by Andrea Yates, could have prompted a mother's actions.

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