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September 26, 2007


The Gal Herself

Your first and last books look like great, campy fun. FDR's ghost? Lady lawyer dismisses her legal briefs for a blue-collar guy? I may have to pick those two up!

Mark Caldwell

I was starting to wonder if I'd read any of your choices but I've read “When Eight Bells Toll”. Interesting list :-)


Okay number 13 made me smile :)


That first one must make a great plane read LOL.

Happy TT.

Nicole Austin

Yay! I'm glad to see an erotic book made the list. :D

Happy TT!


You must have quite a book collection! When I looked at the cover of "The Two of Us", I knew it was something familiar about the man on the cover. Although I haven't watched any of the "Inspector Morse" episodes, I have seen the commercials. "10 Rillington Place" sounds really interesting. If I don't read the book, I will at least keep a look out for when the film version airs again.

Chelle Y.

You and your books! :) You make me want to read more!

Happy TT!

Thomma Lyn

What a neat idea for a T13! Alas, I haven't read any of those books except for Three Men in a Boat and Ten Rillington Place. But The Six Wives of Henry VIII sounds fascinating!

Happy T13 to you!


Perhaps you should buy this one: (No, I dont have it!) ;-)
My TT shows my Tinkerbell collection.


There are two books on your TT that I enjoyed last year: Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) and The Twelve Caesars.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. I was surprised that I didn't enjoy The Jackal. Normally I enjoys books in that genre but for whatever reason this one didn't grab me.

Special K Toni

Wow! What a great TT! Thanks for stopping by mine!

nononsense girl

You've got lots of books eh? :)

Mine's up it's 13 things about my job interview tomorrow!!!


Thanks for your comment at my site. :-)

Sorry to say I haven't read any of the books on your list, although some of them look....interesting. LOL


Love it when one can admit they have read Air Force One and erotic romances. Thanks for dropping by my TT.



Wow...that last one looks steamy!! Great list. Happy TT.


Very clever list. I haven't a one of them - which made it all the more interesting!


I haven't read any of these, but what an interesting list! Happy TT!

Open Grove Claudia

What a great idea! You are so creative. I love how your books are serious and crazy too! Your book collection must be huge!

Happy TT


Very cool way to do this!!

Happy TT :)


I might have to read 13:)


That was fun! I love book-related T13's! :)


Another great TT list! Haven't read any of these but I'm adding several to my "to-read" list :)
I think (if this is the same person I'm thinking it is) Dorothy Sayers was pretty outspoken, particularly about the education of (or lack thereof) children.


Number eleven was a bit of a cheat but it was creative enough to be easily forgiven. :)

And an erotic romance made the title, can't beat that. LOL.

Catch you later, Nicolas.



Oh, great list...but might I suggest Janet Evanovich's "Eleven On Top" as a substitution? Or at least as an alternate selection for number eleven?

I've read about half of these. Sayers, of course, is a favorite. Gotta love Lord Peter Wimsey.


Your book collection looks as eclectic as my own, Nicolas! Great idea for a list, btw. Oh, and thank you for popping by my own TT post!

.: mar

Your theme is very creative!! I haven't read these books but "Catch 22" and "100 years of solitude". It's all I can think of right now...
Happy TT!

mom not mum

I think I need to read more - I'll pass on #13 though. LOL


I haven't read any of them.


You knew you would get me with a bookish TT, right? LOL
Amazingly, even though we seem to have absolutely contrary tastes in books, you have listed one of my all-time favorites: Three men in a boat. It may be, though, that I just love it so much, because I heard it first read to me by Hugh Laurie as an audiobook.
I missed Catch-22 in your list. I would have thought you would like that one? After all, everybody except me seems to love it. Maybe I should give it another try... ;o)
For #11 I could have recommended "Eleven seconds" by Paulo Coelho to you. I quite liked that when I read it a few years ago.

Mishelle/Secret Agent Mama

I so need to read more. This is just another TT that reinforces that need. But, when will I find the time? LOL Great post. I look forward to your lists on Thursday!!


Nope. Haven't read a one!

Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Very clever, sticking 22 in for 11. And not a single Stephanie Plum in the lot, either! You could do an entire 13 on her now, but that'd totally be cheating.

I recognize a lot of these, but haven't read any of them. I'm looking around at the stacks I've got here, waiting for me... I probably shouldn't make them grow any.


Great idea for a TT...I'll put it on my list of TT themes to plagiarize in the future!

Head Gaggler

Interesting list. I cannot say that I have read any of those!

Michael Schurmann

Creative list! That would have taken me days!!! I see a few on there I need to check out!


One of the most clever and interesting TTs I've read! Thanks. Also, thanks for commenting at my TT on Ireland. I did a long trip log on it also.

Aline de Chevigny

LOL Interesting list. Great TT



Terrific concept for a TT :) I've enjoyed the list. Cheers! :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

I haven't read any of those but some of them look pretty interesting! :)


Boy, I need to read more!

Happy TT!


I haven't read any of these, but I do have some other books by some of these authors.

My 13 this week is about Banned Books Week.


YOU are certainly well-read. Excellent idea for a TT. The funny thing is about all those erotic romances is all you have to do is change the names & settings and you got basically the same stinkin' story!

Have a great weekend!

Morgan St. John

LMAO, number 13...really, who would have thought, anyway? LOL Jeez, what a rap, eh? It's mostly true anyway, but don't say I said.

Number 10 sounds SO interesting. MmmHmm. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on that one.


Even with cheating, I can't believe you own all those books with the numbers in the titles. How fun. Can't say I've read any of them though. Happy 13!

Sandra Schwab

What a great idea for a TT13! The only book I know is Sayers' The Nine Taylors. I read it just a few months ago.


You keep giving me a lot of books to add to my reading list. If only I had more time like I used to! :o)


#1 - funny idea.
#6 - read it, loved it.
#12 - loved I, Claudius. Need to check this one out.

Fun list!

Sophisticated Writer

Can I ever get enough of saying "Nic, you truly amaze me every time with your knowledge"?

Probably not.

I know a few books of these (bad, bad me). Which is your favorite one of these?

Blue Momma

What an interesting idea for a TT. I must admit I haven't read any of them, but several sound like musts.

Happy TT!


great list! i have a suggestion for eleven: Paulo Coehlo has a book called Eleven Minutes...

thanks for visiting me and come back soon:-)


As always I am quite impressed by your diverse taste in literature. I have not read any of these. The theme you chose was brilliant. Of your thirteen I have placed these three on my list to read:
*Airforce One is Haunted
*Three Men In A Boat
*Ten Rillington Place

Thank you for leading me to some great books to add to my library.


How creative this TT was. I really enjoyed seeing what books were for what numbers. It is a great example of what you like to read.
I have to admit-When I got to Thirteen I was like Whoa-I guess I wasn't expecting that one-it certainly made me laugh.



Thanks for visiting my TT. You managed to pick books I haven't read.

I am currently reading Sandworms of Dune. No numbers in that title. ;>)


My library now consists of Clifford, Rugrats, and lots of primary school books. I need to start making time for reading again...I haven't read a complete novel since my kids were born!


I don't know any of these books or autors. the only one who rings a bell is Dorothy L. Sayers. Probably they haven't been translated into french or german and english books are very hard to find.


What an interesting find. Makes me wonder about the books in my possession.
Very good TT

Mary Emken

As usual my long time friend, great list of books. I have managed to read three of them: Air Force One Is Haunted,The Six Wifes of Henry Vlll and Ten Rillington Place. Had quite a surprise yesterday I was asked for my hand in marriage. Do you have a book on how to reply?!


I've read The Nine Tailors. Yet another fun list.


I loved John Thaw as Inspector Morse. The last episode where he dies was...heart wrenching. No pun intended. I thought you were going to say that 13 clocks was an Agatha Christie title. It might be...? Happy TT a bit late.


I read Thurber's The 13 Clocks in high school. Happy TT!

Mathew James Didier

Aha! One that was NOT perfect! (You're "eleven"...) None-the-less, a goodly list!

J. Lynne

I've added "The Fourth Arm" to my wishlist; I love stuff like that.

I've already started "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" but for some reason can't bring myself to read about the second wife. I just think Catherine was the only one he ever really loved.

And I wanted to add, I think Dorothy Sayers is horribly boring compared to other mystery writers of her supposed caliber.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Judy Callarman

This is a very neat idea for a TT list. I've read lots of books, but not a single one of these!


What creative TTs you have - haven't read any of the books on your list but a few look interesting. Thanks for you comment on my TT and No, I didn't make them up LOL - they were actually said - sad, isn't it?


I like how you got creative for number 11, but I also wanted to suggest an 11 book: Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. It is a children's book, but it is all written in prose and it has (tough!)fun mysteries to solve every page and the illustrations are both rich and hilarious. This was a great idea for a TT. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find a comfy chair and get reading!

Wylie Kinson

Um, Nicholas? I wanted to buy the 13th book but your link doesn't seem to work :)
I just LOVE Dree Valette's work *sigh*

I have another suggestion for #13 -
13 Years of Hell: My Life as a Sock Puppet by NTS

...and I must address this earlier comment: "The funny thing is about all those erotic romances is all you have to do is change the names & settings and you got basically the same stinkin' story!"

Try substituting 'erotic romances' with 'thrillers' or 'mysteries' or any other genre niche!! LOL... d'oh!

Brenda ND

Books with numbers in the title is a great TT list! I just read, "Lean Mean Thirteen," by Janet Evanovich.


I haven't read any of the list unfortunately, but I like the idea of this TT.

Oh, and your comment on mine regarding Bettie Page, she was a very interesting lady!


I would really enjoy numbers 3, 6 and 10. My son 14 would enjoy most of them but wouldn't be getting number 13 any time soon. He loves history, especially at the time of World Wars. I home school, and we have read a lot of the history of England. Our kids are quite familiar with the wives of Henry the Eighth. Great list, and one I will be referencing this week to make some book purchases.


A good idea for a TT. I have to admit that I haven't read any of them. I think I'll have to look for some Sayers books.


you read as much as i do! i love it!


Super creative TT! I like it!

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