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September 19, 2007


Chelle Y.

#1? Ouch! That would be horrible!

Great TT! It was a very interesting read!

Happy TT!

Comedy Plus

You do this so well. I always enjoy coming here. Have a great TT. :)


Wow, there's a lot to blog about socks! I must admit it is even interesting! ;-)
My TT shares 13 things about Mabon.


Who would've thought that there's so much to know about socks? :o)

Mary Emken

Nick, you know when you go to an art gallery and you see a great painting and you think, now that's a piece of work. That would be you and I mean it as a complement. Lets see what you can come up with. How life was in the 1500's. This shoud be interesting. Great sence of humor.

The Gal Herself

You do realize your twisted, don't you? And I must be, too, because I so enjoyed #10 that I was trying to visualize it.


Ha ha. More socks. Happy TT.


#6 reminds of that story that Hitler used injectable cocaine to relieve his flatulence problem, which caused his thinking processes to be impaired, which ultimately led to the death of millions of people. So the fact that Attila's feet weren't properly maintained made him just cranky all the time and look what happened there!
Great TT as always!!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Oh, Nicholas, that's priceless stuff. Ug, Erg, and Jeremy. Why don't you do this sort of thing for a living? Your inventiveness is amazing!


LOL...great list as always:) Happy TT.

Ellen b

I had no idea the information I'd encounter with TT. I'm kind of in a daze right now...


Wow, what a thorough interesting list! We are not worthy!

nononsense girl

Great list Nicholas!!! Mine is up but pretty depressing!!! LOL!!!!

Happy TT!

Wylie Kinson

You had me giggling from King Harold's "EH?" to "Rock Around the Sock"!!
Thanks for another HILARIOUS TT. This one should definitely get the TT trophy this week.


Great list on the one piece of clothing that always seems to be underfoot. To get to the sole of the matter great TT.

Thanks for the laughs

Nicole Austin

Great TT! I believe in the sock monster--the creature that gobbles socks while spinning in the dryer. *g*


What a great TT!!! I love it. I had NO IDEA that socks caused the demise of King Harold! All these years and men still can't find their socks! ;)

Thomma Lyn

Okay, I'm supposed to be laying out of TT this week, but I am so glad I came here, because this might just be the funniest TT I have ever read. I'm laughing so hard that my cats think I'm taking a fit.

Great job, Nicholas!

bradley egel

I just learned more about socks in the past 5 minutes than I previously learned in the entirety on my life :)


My Thursday Thirteen is posted!

The Egel Nest


Great post, as always!


I needed the laugh without doubt with the week I'm having. Glad I came by (as usual). :)




Very funny. And a bit mad!

Robin from Israel

Fabulous! Simply fabulous! All hail Sir Nicholas, Champion of Socks!

My favorite bit? Definitely the cavemen names - Ug, Erg, and *Jeremy*. Brilliant.


LOL - fabulous list. Thanks for the laugh - I enjoyed reading!

mom not mum

What a great list!! When I was pregnant I think I could have been Bloody Socks - I was always kicking MYSELF in the ankles and ended up bleeding more than once - pregnancy is a weird thing. LOL


Cool list!!! Some of the items left me socked..err Shocked but I socked... I mean soaked it all :D
Happy TTing


Nice list! I'm kind of curious to hear "I Left My Socks in San Francisco" now ;)

Happy TT!


Are you pulling my leg? Is this stuff true? If so, god dog! If not, great mind.

Heather Rae Scott

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog this morning, because I really needed the giggle. Frat boys taking off their socks slayed me. Awesome list. I'll be back.

Ann Aguirre

Too funny! Number 9 cracked me up.

Moondancer Drake

*shakes head* Socks....historical socks even. You are soo weird sometimes. Good to see some things never change *smirk*

Open Grove Claudia

Socks?? Who knew? Well done!

Denise Patrick

So funny! What a great TT! I'll have to try it.

Happy TT!

Amy Ruttan

Great read about socks. ROFL. I love that first "Eh?" Great list.

Carrie Lofty

If I remember correctly, they actually did use a sock in the Apollo 13 mission to convert an air purifier.

Miss Sniz

These are all hilarious and well-written, not to mention informative as well (I didn't know half this stuff). Number 4 is my personal favorite. Getting kicked really hard in the ankles would really hurt.


Hahaha! Great list! I always learn something new whilst visiting here .. Happy TT :)

Dane Bramage

Great list. Lots of chuckles. Now I'll have to go back and read the first sock post.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #48 edition

Elle Fredrix

My absolute fave is that Attila the Hun was such as despot because his socks were in ill repair!

LOL. Brilliant as always!

Secret Agent Mama

Nicholas, I loved this 13!! Very intriguing and witty!!


Another masterpiece although I thought for sure you'd mention the much publicized story of former US President Clinton & Monica Lewinsky. Everyone made a big deal out of the blue dress and cigar, but neglect to mention the heinous acts performed with his mismatched argyle socks. Happy 13!


I may never think of socks in the same way! You put a lot of effort into this for sure.


Those were brilliant. By the way are you a fan of Monty Python or Black Adder? :o)


You've left me laughing. Thanks for the great list!


My own personal favorite socks reference was from a couple months ago when I was playing Couples Golf with my friend's husband. We joke that if you win Couples Golf, you win about enough to buy a pair of socks.

Di: We've got to win this...I need socks.
Tim: Hey, I promised to play golf. If you want socks, you may have to buy me a few drinks.


such a great list! :-) mine are up now too! :-) better late than never! :-)


Oh, brilliant. Reading this was so much fun.


As an English history geek I must say that #1 just killed me. I am still giggling!


what a great post! thanks for doing all that work...because it was sure fun to read.

thanks for vising my 13 and come again soon!


I love this!


So interesting and very impressive that you spent so much time researching. Thanks,


Wow, I was surprised to realize I actually knew about the "birth of a Nation" socks. What a fun list, and thanks for stopping by my blog.


Too funny! Loved this...another "outside the box" TT!! :)


I don't believe it! (seriously)

Made me laugh though. Happy TT!


Too funny! :D Thanks for the laughs. :)


Your list was great! I laughed at all of it and wounder if it was true. Ellen Degenerate (SP) wore about 6 pairs of socks to the awards the other night-she stated you never know if one gets a hole in it, so you must be prepared, or something like that. Today I go and enjoy #1 on my list. Have a great day!


Thanks for visiting my TT.

What a cute TT. We have a cat named Socks.


You have 57 comments, you comment glutton. Socks was just what my evil little soul needed! (the pimpage was awesome too)

Great TT in every way!

Sophisticated Writer

I'm always astonished by your knowledge and intellect, Nic. Seriously, you always amaze me by both.

I agree. Socks are underrated in this world.

# 11 is just amazing, don't you think? :)


thanks for visiting my blog
interesting post
I will never look at socks in quite the same way again

Wylie Kinson

You'll never top this one, N!!
And you're turning into COMMENT WHORE :)


Who would think there would be so many random facts about stinky socks!

I give you an A+ for originality and creativity.

Sandra Schwab

What a brilliant list! I sure will explore the sock angle when I teach British history (aka From the Ice Age to Maggie Thatcher in Weeks) this winter! *g*

Thanks for visiting my TT13.

Best wishes from Germany,
Sandra (currently still sockless)




Wow! So much to know about socks, who knew? Great post! I enjoyed reading :)


Terrific list! I'm so glad to see that someone recognizes the historical significance of the sock. It has traditionally been so underrated.

Alan & Ruth

How do you come up with this stuff? :)


I loved this post. Such a wealth of information you have!!! Thanks for visiting my blog.


Wow! I never knew that sock were so interesting. :)


...and I'm still laughing.


Nicolas, you have a very intersting way of seeing the big historical event and the influence of socks!!

Linda R. Moore

:: round of applause ::


I just bought a new pair of socks at the ballpark this weekend. They have the Cubs logo. Nice and fuzzy. My feet feel lucky.

goofy girl

I never knew there were so many interesting things about socks!


What an amazing and funny post. I am so glad you stopped by and that I visited !

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