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September 05, 2007



I would love to see who built Stonehenge. I was there over 25 years ago before they stopped allowing people to touch the stones -- it was a shame how people were defacing those magnificent pieces of architecture! It was an incredible experience -- one I'll never forget!
Great TT!


I'd definitely join you in watching Cleopatra, I'm sure it would have been an amazing sight.


Interesting list, really made me think: where would I want to go..? Perhaps I'll do a TT about it one day!
Thanks for visiting my TT about Robbie's lyrics. Don't take my word for it, check him out! ;-)


Oooh, I'd love to see these myself. What a fun time!


Wow! If someone had asked me where I'd like to travel into the past I'd probably have a big duh...response before I could think of anything. But reading all these-I'd totally want to see them all. Another excellent list-how do you think of these? Have a fantastic weekend!

The Gal Herself

Love your #3. What would you do with the information about Stonehenge when you got back to our millennium? I'd like to stay right here in the Chicagoland area, but go back to the 1860s. Because we're called The Land of Lincoln, that time period has always seemed especially romantic to me. I wouldn't want to stay long, though. No air conditioning, no central heat ...

Chelle Y.

I would love to travel back to the time Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner. :)

Or, the lottery ticket one would be great too! LOL!


This is a really interesting list and concept (and wow - what research)!

Nicole Austin

Great list and what a cool idea. I'd love to travel back in time and experience history firsthand.

Happy TT!

Thomma Lyn

What a fabulous idea for a T13! And I thoroughly enjoyed your list -- LOLOL @ your characterization of Napoleon as a "jumped up little runt" (I agree). And I, too, would love to hear the speech given by Queen Elizabeth I!

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried

That Wylie's one smart cookie, huh??

Brilliant idea about Stonehenge. But to be honest, if I could pick only one, I'd go for the bison. All that great meat!!!

At any rate, take great pictures on the trip (optimistic, aren't I?). I'll bring some wine or something when you're ready to share the films.

The Nononsense

I would love to see those. May I join you for # 3 please?


A fascinating list as always. I'm with you on travelling on a luxury liner (#6). Kudos to both you and Wylie.

Mine's up too - after a two-week absence from the TT world.

Judy Callarman

Very interesting and thought-provoking! I'd like to be there for Stonehenge, also, and the Canterbury pilgrimage. I'd like to have been there when Guy Fawkes was caught on a barrel of gunpowder.

Wylie Kinson

Wonderful post, N! Interesting, thought-provoking and imaginative. I'd like to be in that stable when Jesus was born. Just to see if it really happened that way.
And offer the poor girl and epidural.


What a wonderful list! I'd join you for #'s 2,4,and 8. Aside from a little backdated Microsoft stock, I'd like to have a time lapse view of a cathedral going up!

(And Boggle IS awesome, just not on emailed spreadsheets...)


Another great TT. I'd like to see the pyramids being built first hand. :)

Robin from Israel

The late Middle Ages and Renaissance Europe. The Middle Ages for the pageantry and the Renaissance for the wonder of the arts. Oh, and I'd like to be very rich while I'm there. Preferably royalty. No sense in going back as a serf...


It would be very interesting to see the past as it truly was, but there isn't any place I'd personally want to visit where I wouldn't stand out as some strange and exotic skinned creature from afar. That rather goes against the scientific stance of observing without directly interferring.

I could do Egypt, just before, during, and after the Nubian rule. Pehaps Spain after the Moors swept through. Everyplace else would have to be observed through a telescopic lens. *grin*

Great list, glad I stopped by before heading to bed.

Happy TT



Seriously, that's the best TT I've ever read. Shows how stupid I must seem, I only did 13 LOLcat pictures.

Great writing Nicko! (But I'll bet it's because you are British.(Or is it English?
) the British always seem smarter to me. must be that accent!)


Victorian London is some place i'd love to go! Being here in NY you don't get much history. Some places but no where near as much as England.


Very interesting list. I think I'd like to go back to the 18th century and see what things were like during the revolution.


I'd join you in Elizabethan England. I'd also like to see the buffalo. As for charges, do you just want a cavalry charge or would Pickett's Charge do?

My aunt, a history teacher, also is fascinated with WWI. She gets angry that now it is pretty much glossed over as a "act 1" of WW2.

Good list.


WOW...what a creative TT idea! I'm with you on 1-4,and 6! I'm going to have to do a back-in-time post...great fun!


I'd love to go back in the past and see all those things too! I recently started finding history more interesting than I did when I was so much younger. Great list!

J. Lynne

What a neat list. Definitely something to think about. I'd like to hear Abraham Lincoln speak and I think I'd rather see Nefertiti and her husband than Cleopatra. I wouldn't mind going back to see Moses part the Red Sea too.

Happy TT!

Comedy Plus

Oh I just love coming here every week. You have the most interesting posts. I really like this one and there are quite a few I'd like to see for myself. Excellent TT. Have a great day. :)


I would really like to see how stonehenge was built.

Denise Patrick

Oooh. I want to see The Charge of the Light Brigade. Yes, I know it ended miserably, but I still want to see it.
And, I want to be in Vienna when the future Empress Elizabeth arrived - and also to see if her MIL was as bad as the press she got said she was.
I'd also want to tour the Crystal Palace Exhibition.

Some great stuff here.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

mom not mum

Great TT - I think Victorian London would be neat as well - as long as I didn't get sick or need any medical attention whatsoever. lol

Matthew James Didier

Good answers... I did a "meme" once like this and was too much the realist and ended up saying that I'd only like to be a distant observer of the past... and realised, in some ways, I already am.


Awesome list ! Great T13. Really.
Thanks for stoping by ! :-) Happy T13 too !!!

Joy T.

What a great idea for a TT. Love #3 and would be interested in finding that one out myself. Happy TT!


Fantastic TT ... I'm with you on Stonehenge and Chaucer.

Thanks for stopping by my comments educators wish they could use.

Cindy Swanson

Excellent list, of the best yet! I'm fascinated with history and have always been intrigued with time travel. Of course, I'd want a guarantee that I would be perfectly safe and that I could come back to the present any time I wanted! :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TT.

Linda R, Moore

Wonderful, wonderful TT! I just got done reading a book about time travel, too. :)

To Lara: you have been able to go in amongst the stones for a while now.

I have two TTs: one as above, and one here:


What a fantastic list! Victorian London, Stonehenge.. there are quite a few there that I'd like to join you on.


great list! i'd love to see victorian england too..thanks for visiting my blog :)

Open Grove Claudia

I love this list!! I particularly love that you have a real sense of these times - how very, very cool of you! :)

I know it's very, hrm, "American" of me, but I don't think I could tolerate the SMELL of most of the places you picked. Fairly pathetic, I know - but true. When you go, send me a post, eh?


those were all so clever and gave me much food for thought. :o)

I would love to be there both to see the builders of Stonhenge and the Pyramids.
The "roaring twenties" would be another place to visit for a moment. I would love to be one of those flapper girls. Boop boop di boop.

I was quite surprised to see that you would have like to see the inside of a trench during WW1. What an adrenaline rush that would be!

I don't think I shared this, but when I lived with my ex-husand way out in the countryside of Pennsylvania, we lived near a field where the Historical Society would do WW2 re-enactments!(Sp?) I would walk over a lot of times to watch. They had a German and American side. When they were not there I would go down into the trenches and look around.

The German barracks were very realisitic. Some of the reenactors had left some German beer cans behind. Too cool. I noticed there as some graffiti written in German. Barbwire was strung between the two sides. It was just awesome. These guys would even do this in the rain or snow. They sometimes had bombers going over. It truly made you feel like you were back in time. I thought you would enjoy this memory of mine.

Take care. Again you have one of the best T13's out there.

Mary     Emken

I would like to go out into the void and watch the evolution of our planet from the very begining of time. Of course I'd have to stay longer to see what secrets each century holds. That would be exciting.

Mary Emken


What a list! Great historical events to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Thanks for stopping by. I have a love of historical moments as well. Ones I thought about as I read your post include a visit to ancient Crete, one to Mycenae, observing Boudicca resist the Romans and understanding from close observation what really went wrong between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. Half siblings can be so difficult. :)

Wylie Kinson

46 FREAKING COMMENTS?! With no cat pictures?
Well bloody done, my friend... :)

Wylie (who's taking complete credit *g*)


I would definitely like to see Victorian London and the buffalo. Neat list.
Thanks for stopping by my list.

Mary     Emken

Thanks for replying to my comment. Besides the lunch,cards,and scrabble, I would have to keep a camrera rolling. You know what thay say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Mary Emken


I'm only about three days behind on my TT's...and maybe four days behind on my life...but it's fun!

Michael Crichton wrote Timeline...not one of his best...about time travel. If I recall right (which I probably don't), they guy could travel back to medieval times, but the problem would be that he could just appear in the middle of a jousting match or something and get killed. Something to think about if you do end up attaining this ability.

The Time Traveler's Wife is a more personal depiction of time travel...the time and place aspect is confusing, the the story is well-done.

If you are suddenly a gazillionaire, I guess we will all know that you were successful in convincing one of your grandfathers to invest in IBM or whatever!


Thanks for vising my TT. I enjoyed your TT. I would love to visit some of the places on your list especially Victorian England and Stonehenge.

Sophisticated Writer

This is one of the most interesting T13 lists I've ever read Nicholas and it's just fabulous! I should do my own version soon.

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