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October 28, 2007



Those were too good! But, what's sad is that people really do act that way. That was a good post and a great read!



Ha ha - the last one's my favourite. I can imagine doing the bird one though without thinking... scary.


I enjoyed that - they *are* among up - I work with one!

Mary Emken

That dosn't surprise me in the least. Then there are some that try and charge you double for a purchase and think you won't notice.

No Nonsense girl

that is soo funny!!!! I'm sure most of these are true!!!! :P


Isn't it Jeff Foxworthy who says..."heres your sign" I live in the woods in Brown County Indiana...I have a neighbor who swears she saw a monkey in one of the trees. We gave her a sign.LOL. Then a few weeks ago while driving on a back road my hubby and I saw an ostrich walking down the road. I am waiting for my sign.

Wylie Kinson

I'm sure I met some of these people when I worked in tourism. They not only walk among us, they travel.

Capturing Today

Funny to read but so scary to think about!


These are so great. I'm pretty sure that there are more than a few days in the week that I am one of those who "walks amoung us". Sorry. Blame it on the kids. :)

Amazing Gracie

What a great blog you have! Thanks for dropping by.
I can attest these people do live amongst us, having been in customer service and retail the majority of my life!

Harris Channing

Thanks for the chuckle! AND sadly, THEY DO walk among us!


These are GREAT!! Many of them made me laugh out loud. My favorite is the one about the dead bird.


Someone said, and I'm too lazy to look up who it is, that thinking is the hardest job of all. Which is why many do not engage in it. I know you know who said that. Haha. These were so funny!

About the sandwich...a lot of people in major food industries doesn't really care anyway. I have a friend who works in McDs, he'll just give away little things to customers. He valiantly call it "stealing from the filthy rich and giving back to those who made them rich anyway." I thought that was really noble. No, it doesn't have anything to do with me getting free tomato ketchup packs everytime I order my fishburger on his shift. Honest. :D

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