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October 24, 2007


Chelle Y.

Gosh! Do you read a book a day!?! :) One of these days, I am going to give YOU a topic, and see if you can come up with thirteen books that you have read on the topic I chose! :)

Comedy Plus

Love "To Kill A Mockingbird". I'd like to read "Pigs At The Trough" too. I so love coming here. You do this so very well. Have a great TT. :)


"Not a girlie book": I must read it immediately. I also have to admit to being one of a handful of people who has not read To Kill a Mockingbird (nor seen the film).

Susan Helene Gottfried

LOVE the Aviary idea, Nicholas!!

Happy TT, as always!

SJ Reidhead

Very good. Quite creative. "To Kill a Mockingbird" - incredible stuff.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

Mary Emken

I have read and have nine of John Grisham books, A Time To Kill,The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Chamber, The Street Lawyer, The Testament, The Brethren, The King of Torts. I like to get, A Painted House and Skipping Christmas. Do you have those two? If you do did you enjoy them? I've also read To Kill A Mocking Bird and saw the movie. I wasn't to crazy about The King Of Torts.

I have a lot of Mary Higgins Clark books. Couldn't put down,You Belong To Me, until I completly finished it.

There's a couple on your list I would like to read.

As usual your list is fantastic.


Veddddddddddddddddddddy interesting!!

Happy TT :)


"An Unkindness Of Ravens"; that title intrigues me! Going to check it out. Thanks for visiting :-)

Nicole Austin

Another great book list! Have you ever counted how many books you have? I used to have tons of books but had to thin out my collection when moving.


Great idea...have you read all of those books?? Which one was the best?? Happy TT and thanks, as always, for stopping by. Dont forget to read your book!! I cant wait to hear your review.

Wylie Kinson

Wow - I've read THREE of these. This is a new record for me when it comes to your lists!

The Gal Herself

Thanks for visiting my TT. And thanks for showing that Monty Python cover, cuz it made me smile. (Pssst! Hornet's Nest is by Cornwell, but it's not a Scarpetta mystery.)


Okay, tell the truth. You work in a library or bookstore, right? *smile* Another cool list. I think I'll start coming here just to take notes.

No Nonsense girl

You oughta be the owner of a bookstore!!!! As always my friend, interesting and informative TT!!! :)


Everytime I visit here I am amazed at all your books. Seeing your bookcase just made my mouth drop! :)


Very nice books..

its just sad most of them is not available in my country :(


Hi Nick,

I confess, I am weak with the books you posted this week. However, Pigs At the Trough, sounds really interesting. Very appropriate title for all politicians. You can tell I am not fond of them. Is it okay to say I border on being an anarchist?

Was there a BBC program about Richard Sharpe? I think called Sharpes Landing?

I sent you a reply in regards to last weeks T13. Hope that you received it. :o)

Take care.

Leslie Dicken

Thanks for the comment on my blog! What a great list for your THIRTEEN! I'm ashamed to say that I've only read one of them....


Interesting list! I read and loved Follett's Jackdaws. I'd never heard of the Flashman series, but it looks like something I'll definitely have to check out.

Happy TT!

marcia v

again one of my favorite books To Kill A Mockingbird


I've read the book- To Kill a Mockingbird! It's a great book. Happy TT! :)

Friday's Child

You really came up with a good list.
Thanks for the visit.

Jedi4sweet (Leslie)


Believe me, sugar free jello is a lot of fun when ya put some cool whip on top! ; ) Dessert for 30 calories or less always brings a smile to my face!

Happy T13 to you!

Blue Momma

I've read the Pelican Brief and To Kill a Mockingbird. Finally, I've read a book on one of your lists. I was beginning to wonder about myself....

Robin from Israel

I reread the Hitchhiker series every few years just to keep my perspective on things. At this very moment So Long And Thanks For All The Fish is sitting under my son's bed, so that whoever is sitting with him as he falls asleep can read a few pages. I enjoy PD James as well, but I haven't read many.


I've only read Pelican Brief on this line-up.

I must have my nose burried too deep in romantic fiction for a long, long time.

Babyamore (Trish)

your knowledge on all things books is amazing - I only knew two of these or have read one ... To Kill a Mocking bird. I saw the Pelican Brief.


whooaa so much books to read.. thanks for sharing. It's my first time here hope you got time to visit my site. happy TT!


WOW! That's quite a list. My husband is a fan of some of the authors you mentioned. It is interesting how many phrases there are in the English language that use an animal in them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You mentioned telling my impressions of Venezuela. If you will scroll down below my T13 I shared about our recent trip. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people being led by a despot!

Carrie Lofty

In a way you could argue that Animal Farm fits the bill. Sure it features animals, but to allegory animals count?


I have to go dig out my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series now and reread it. It'll be a good excuse to clean the livingroom and throw some things in the closest where I think the books are.

To Kill A Mocking Bird was a great book and movie adaptation for so many reasons. And no, you didn't need to go into any of them. It's one of my fondest memories of school based reading assignments which is saying something in and of itself.

Happy Thursday, Nicolas. :)


Secret Agent Mama

Another great book list, Nicholas!!


You are just amazing. Incredible list. And I'm a HUGE Monty Python fan. Figures, huh. LOL

Happy TT!

Sandra Schwab

Ha! At least I've read "To Kill a Mockingbird"! :) It was a present from my British penfriend when we were 14 or 15.

The David Niven memoirs sound fascinating. I'll need to check that one out.

Happy T13!

Red Garnier

I feel so bad because, yep, I've only read 3 of these too . . . But wow, excellent list!


With each week I am more impressed-I don't know if I will ever read as many books as you have. At least not until my children are grown.:)It takes me over a week or so to finish one



I have read to Kill A MockingBird & Monty Python's Flying Circus two good books great list as always happy TT


You are pretty creative with all these book lists! I'm glad to see a Grisham book FINALLY made one of your lists (my personal fave is "The Partner," heehee, loved the ending!); the main character of "Hornet's Nest" is not Kay Scarpetta. Sorry :(
I think that was Cornwell's first novel w/out Scarpetta. If I remember correctly, the reviews were not all that great for that book.
Next week how about trying a list of titles that include state names or cities? whaddyathink?!!
Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great weekend!


Wow, another great list. I am definitely going to have to start reading more. Perhaps if I weren't blogging so much, I could fit it in better.


What a clever idea for a list! I've read the Grisham, Follett, & Adams, and thanks for reminding me that I wanted to find more Higgins books.

Brenda ND

I've only read one of your listed books. I'll have to add to my must reads.


What do you know... I've actually read two of the thirteen you've listed. Great topic choice!

Ann Aguirre

You know, when I was around nine or so, I had sneaked out of bed to watch tele but being a cunning nine year old I didn't want to turn the TV on until I checked the Guide.

I found a listing for Monty Python's Flying Circus. Well, that sounded wonderful! Trapeeze artists? Jugglers? Lion-tamers? Bring it on!

Imagine my surprise when it was odd men dressed up in ladies clothing. But I liked it so well I would sneak out of bed each Sunday night at 11pm so I could watch it again.


I can actually say I have read a couple of these!

happy Thursday, thanks for visiting my TT


I am, as always, impressed by your book lists. Your collection must be so expansive and eclectic! My TT is up late today, but I did finally manage. It's on my trip to Madrid.

Open Grove Claudia

I love your lists Nicolas! :) I was all - "Hey, a hornet is NOT an animal" but of course you have extras for complainers like me.

Happy TT!


You forgot the bloody "Steppenwolf" by Herman Hesse. LOL
As usual I have never heard of most of those books. Loved "To kill a mockingbird", though.
And, uhm, Claudia: a hornet is absolutely an animal. What else should it be? *scratchesHead*
I have to admit I had to stop and think about what animal could be contained within the title "Monty Python's Flying Circus", since I always considered Monty Python just as a name. Well, duh. ;)


Awesome list! This is my first visit to your blog but it will definitely NOT be the last.


you read a lot! haha


I have read none of these-- I should get on that!

Cindy Swanson

What a clever list...I never would have thought of that! By the way, the only one I've read is "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Dane Bramage

You never fail to amaze me with your knowledge of all things books. Have you put together you list of favorites yet? I'll dig through your archives to find it if you have.

Thanks for visiting my T13 #53 13 Tidbits of Wisdom Edition

Morgan St. John

Ooo, I wanna read, Flashman and the Tiger! I love picking books by their cover. I do it all the time. And that one looks intriguing.

I recieved my copy of How to be Topp. An unusual read that I'm enjoying. I like the room and board parents. "Yes, Eustace. He's fine..." [which one's Eustace?] LOL, thanks again for another great list of books.


Sharpes! Sharpe and Flashman in the same post is dangerous. :) I don't think Sharp would care for Flashie much.

I lvoe the Bernard Cornwell books!


u have great collections of books....very neat . thanks for the comemnt.

Matthew Didier

This is the second TT to mention the venerable Douglas Adams I've come across! (Makes my heart sing!)

Notice you mentioned Sharpe's Eagle... but how about Sharpe's Tiger? (Cornwell's Sharpe book when he was a sergeant in India...)

J. Lynne

I've actually read two of the books this week. :) So Long and Thanks For The Fish and To Kill A Mockingbird. I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Andi & Stien

Hehehe, I just love Monty Python, altough I haven't read this book... yet.
Happy TT!

Mark Caldwell

I've not read So Long and Thanks for all the Fish in ages. Must put it on my pile of books to read again soon.

Great list :-)


You have very creative Thursday Thirteen posts. I've not read many of these books, but my dad is a big fan of Douglas Adams. Maybe I need to borrow his copies of Adams' books.


Good list. Did Wilbur Smith write about ancient Egypt?

Amy R

Monty Python rocks, so did David Niven. I liked him as the Bond in the original comedic Casino Royale, and So Long and Thanks for all the Fish was absolutely hilarious.


Lie Down with Lions by Ken Follett...excellent book!
Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell...brilliant book, unforgettable
Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood
On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks
The Buffalo Soldier by Chris Bohjalian
Wolf Whistle by Lewis Nordan

I probably could have done my own...but I got carried away.


TKaM is the best book of all time, and I am not just saying that because I am an educator.

I saw a t-shirt the other day that had a dead mockingbird on it with the word "sin" underneath.

Thanks for stopping by my 13 things you might see on an English teacher's bumper sticker.


Pelican Brief was very good. I like Grisham.

The Patricia Cromwell book sounds good...and the diamond theft one sounds like one me and my husband would enjoy!


Are all these on your bookshelf? Your desk is so much neater than mine. My mind is blank on titles right now, but my dad used to call me colly wolf and I am not a wolf.


All the books you listed, I never read them before. I however, have heard of "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "The Pelican Brief" and saw both movies.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of books you read and view on them if you do that :)

Happy Thursday Thirteen!


I've read at least one of those... Happy TT13! :P

Harris Channing

Interesting list, I've read some of them.
Thanks and happy TT.



Looks like the last thing you need is another comment *smile*.
You won't be surprised that you've given me more "to read" titles either!
Like someone else earlier said, I'm ready for a TT on you and your books...where you get them, how much you read in a day, whether or not you're a librarian, when you fell in love with books/reading...etc.


Wow. I actually own 2 and have read 4 of this week's list. Cool idea, by the way.


fun tt! i love your copy of to kill a mockingbird- neat cover. i love that lee never published another novel- she was smart & knew she couldn't outdo, or even live up to, mockingbird.


Thanks for visiting my TT 13 Things Egyptian your grandchildren will never see

Tiffany Aller

What a fun Thursday Thirteen list - I thought I was well read UNTIL I read your list - shamefully, I've only read TWO on your list - I've got to get cracking! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm so glad I got to visit yours in return!


Great idea for a TT and I am always looking for new titles to add to my TBR even though it's too long now! Thanks for visiting my'd asked what an active adult community is--my take is it's a 55+ community where the residents are independent and don't need any assistance. You don't have to make any type of deposit, just your house and homeowners association fee. The next level is independent adult community which means there are medical personnel somewhere are the grounds, transportation provided, at least one meal provided and so on. You DO have to make a substantial payment and then a monthly fee after that. Then you've got assisted living and it goes from there to nursing home.

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