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October 31, 2007


Mother of Hana

I'm most impressed by Stephen Kings's...only two alphabets...I and T



No Nonsense girl

That's a great TT Nicholas!!! I have only read IT!!!

My TT is up! :)


Wow! Great list. I have book shelves of books that we've read or not read. Its kind of an addiction of ours. We both read, A. Lot! But the books get bought and sometimes put on the shelf and not read.

I've read IT (of course, I love Stephen King!). Web and Windfall look good. We have Churchill and Rasputin and I've not read either, but they look good.

Suvivors looks good - sounds like Stephen King's The Stand which I really enjoyed.

You make me want to get off the computer and start reading more again!


Of I too have read IT. Churchill looks interesting to me. Nice List! BTW, Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Halloween and happy T13.

The Gal Herself

Your comments about IT were interesting. I was so terrified by the beginning that I completely forgot how lame the end was!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Hey, Nicholas! No, you can NOT ever have too many Smarties. Ever. Good stuff, those are.

As for the books, yep, once again, I recognize many of these. I love coming to these lists of yours; they make me feel literate.

Happy TT!


Ikon and Snobs both sound interesting. Also, I didn't realize that Jonathan Ryder was Robert Ludlum's pseudonym.

Breeni Books

Great list! I'm getting some ideas for future reads. Happy TT!

Nicole Austin

Another great list, even if I've only read one of them.

Happy TT!


I havent read IT but I watched IT:) Great list of books I havent read;) Happy TT.

Moondancer Drake

IT also make me think of anouther one word title for the King man Cujo

Wylie Kinson

IT. That's it!


Another excellent list, and Survivors (though I love Stephen King) is far superior and amazing. The ending. Ah I love endings with a twist.

My TT is up


Interesting once again Nicholas! I thought for sure you were to select 13 spooky novels. :)


I didn't realize how many one word books I read....LOL
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š


That is some list Nicholas! I've only read Puzo and King, but the other titles sound really interesting!
thanks for stopping and Happy TT!

Mary Emken

You have quite a bit of nice treats on your list today. I've read a few of Kings books but not "It". I'll have to do some book shopping this weekend. Hope you were able to enjoy your Halloween. Night night.


Oooh, I love Struwwelpeter! If you're interested, I found a copy of it on Project Gutenberg:


Do you live in a library? You seem to have a book for every occasion and eventuality. We must put that to the test sometime.


That's what I was thinking PJ..he must have his very own library for sure!


Great list!
Mine's up!

Just kidding. I might borrow "Snobs," but only a sicko would give "Struwelpeter" to a kid. It's worse than the Grimm's Fairy tales (1898 edition) that I found in my grandfather's things when I was a kid and that probably warped me forever! As you know.

Chelle Y.

I tried reading "It" but did not get past the first chapter! I am already afraid of clowns, and that just did me in! :)

Oh, I did not know that Star Trek had words. Weird! I knew Andy Griffith did!


Of one word King titles, IT doesn't rank among my favorites. As you said, he deviated off course there at the end.

FIRESTARTER and MISERY on the otherhand...


Happy Thursday, Nicolas. :)



I have read all books of Mario Puzzo I like him very much (my husband is Italian, lol ) and the Struwwelpeter was part of my childhood !


The only one I've read is Trevayne, and that was ages ago.

That Struwwelpeter sounds way too scary for me!


Struwwelpeter, in many ways, is far scarier than It. Although It still remains one of my favourite King novels, and I've read a few! The book on your list that I'm really intrigued by is John Wyndham's Web. I thought I had read all of Wyndham's work as a teenager, but this one seems to have escaped me. Also, as you know, I have a thing about webs at the moment! Definitely marking that one up as a post-thesis treat.


Yeah, It ruined clowns for me forever ;-0

Shiloh Walker

Oh, I loved Stephen King's IT.


Plot holes aside, IT still has me a little cautious about storm sewers, especially in my neighborhood where we have the kind you could easily slide into given the right conditions. . . and the body of a ten-year-old.

mom not mum

IT - that was by far the scariest story of his I read. It never fails - you always have at least one book in your list I've read - well not always but most often. LOL


I would like to read Snobs- I find I am most drawn to mysteries or dramatic suspense novels. I have a hard time reading period pieces-I guess because I can't put myself in that place as easily.
Thanks, Maribeth


I have only heard of two of those! Fun idea for a TT! Mine is 13 quotes from The Office. Happy TT!

Aline de Chevigny

LOL I've read exactly 2 of those. Great list.



I read quite a bit but have not read any of these particular ones. Makes me wonder how many books I have with one word titles. (I have a lot of books)


Amy Ruttan

I love John Wyndham. I love the Triffids but my absolute favorite John Wyndham is The Chrysalids. Love that, I'm going to have to check out Web.

Happy TT


I've read the King and the Wyndham.

Nap Warden

It scared me to no end. The movie was a bummer, but the book...scary!


I read about half of "it" and couldn't take it anymore. Too damn scary!


oooo we even get cover art...great list


Snobs sounds like a fun read and Rasputin sounds very interesting. I will be staying away from IT as I like to sleep at night ;p
As always, I've more "to read's" after leaving here :)

ellen b

I'm thinking I should buy Struwelpeter for someone on my Christmas list. Rasputin has always really freaked me out! I'm full blooded Russian and he's not a Russian I'm proud of...

Dane Bramage

Struwelpeter sounds like something we should make available to schools all over.

I'm wondering if there are enough books for a list of titles with six or more words :-)

Thanks for visiting my T13.

Blue Momma

Of course I've read It. I was always creeped out by clowns, but this book just pushed me over the edge.

Now I must go check to make sure there are no clowns in my yard. Thanks.


Like almost everyone else who has commented today, the only book on your list I've read was "It."

As I read the description of "Struwwelpeter" I wondered if that was where my mother's insistence that I'd have plants growing out my ears if I swallowed seeds came from.

Happy TT!!


Ok, it's confirmed. I need to read more. I've only heard of one of those...IT. Sigh...I think I need to make a goal to read a book this week. Great list!


wow....there goes my book title right out the window! I didn't realize how many one word book titles there were!


Another posts of books I have never read!! =)


I think the only one of those I've read is 'It' - but I don't really remember what it was about. Happy TT!

Tiffany Aller

IT it is...what a great book - arguably one of the shortest book titles ever, but what a mastercraft for King!

Tilly Greene

Oh man, Rasputin - reading about him gave me the heebee jeebees! How he couldn't be killed, freaky!

I haven't read It by Stephen King, and unfortunately saw the flick and, well, clowns - ahhh!

As for the childs book Struwwelpeter, I'm not sure if it is available, but I doubt it's available - the shielding thing is bloody stupid!

Great List!


Haven't read any of those. Yikes! Great list. Thanks for sharing.


IT is one of my favorite King books of all time. I'd like to see it revised at some point like THE STAND.

It is also another excellent example of a book not to be judged by its movie.


Interesting list. I've only attempted IT. It way too much character development and I lost interest.

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings.


Stephen King's "It" is the only one I have read. I remember when we were honeymooning in the Dominican Republic I saw someone at the pool reading a Stephen King book called "Esa"...and thought, how did Stephen King come out with a new book and I didn't hear about it. Well, I guess that is how "It" translates into Spanish. Duh!


More books that I've never heard of. Great work!


I have read IT, and if before I haven't had issues with clowns, I had it after reading IT. Even now the mere mention of it spooks me. :( I haven't read Omerta though I have it. I bought it when it was bundled with The Godfather from a second hand store.

You mentioning “Struwwelpeter” hits me like a lightning. Never read it, but I remember reading a review of it in a flight magazine looong time ago. I was really, really young then. I can't believe someone would have it! I like the sample illustrations that came along with the review. He wrote it as a Christmas present for his son, didn't he?

This was an interesting list and sorry for going on and on!


Okay...I may have nightmares about that Struwwelpeter book just from seeing the cover!!!


re: Struwwelpeter - there was a wonderful musical adaptation of it by the Tiger Lillies...

Adelle Laudan

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your idea for Thursday 13. Some great books on this list.
Wishing you Miles of Smiles :)


Hi Nick,
A great list. The only one I am familiar with would be IT. I enjoyed the book since I did not have to actually visually look at a clown. However, to watch the movie, that would be an entirely different matter. I have seen bits and parts. As you can tell I am not fond of clowns. Shiver. Especially the supernatural alien ones that live in sewers!

I would enjoy reading the following:
(I am a Dr. Who fan. )

Have a great weekend, Nicholas.

Joy Renee

IT is the only one I've read. I'm a major King fan. Didn't know Ryder was Ludlum. Will have to try Trevayne if our library has it. I used to read every Ludlum but have missed the last several.

Struwwelpeter sounds intriguing. As does Web and Survivor.

A quick glance at my shelves yields one one word title: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. A loner from my niece. I haven't read it yet but have read her Crank and her Burned. I think she has a thing for one word titles.


Thanks for visiting my TT. Due to Internet connectivity issues I was very late getting it up.

I am embarrassed to say out of the 13 books I have only read one, “Rasputin". My reputation as an avid reader is suffering.

Alan & Lynne

Survivors sounds interesting.


Interesting choices. I think I will check out the Rasputin book. He has always fascinated me.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13. (this is an excellent idea for a TT, btw!)

Have a good Sunday!

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