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October 10, 2007



I've never heard of Peter Lovesey; his detectives sound worth checking out!
Chrichton, Higgins and King are among my favourites!
Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT!

Chelle Y.

You must have an amazing mind! You remind me of my history professor in college. He was constantly reading!


I haven't read an of the books you mentioned but I think I own a copy of Ragtime. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

ellen b

Ringmaster takes me back to my days of working in a mall bookstore. I saw the film version a few years ago. Considering I didn't pay for it, the movie wasn't too bad. By the way, I also remember "The Jerry Springer Show" before it turned into the daily fight fest.

The Gal Herself

Cool! I've read some of yours, too! Ragtime, Serpico and Disclosure.


A great list. More please. Thanks for stopping by!

Susan Helene Gottfried


You did it again, Nicholas. More stuff I've read!

Happy TT!

Anglophile Football Fanatic

That's funny. Springer & Serpico in the same group! Who'd a thunk it!


I'm beginning to think you must own or live in the public library with all these books! :)


So, with all this reading you do, when do you find time to play?? heeheehee....Happy TT.

Mary Emken

When my son was in his teens he read Mad magazines. In fact he has the very first issue. I need to get up stairs in the garage and see what other treasures I have up there that I've forgotten about.

The only book I've read on your list this time is Desclosure.

No Nonsense girl

I wish I could read as much as you do! I'm with worksformom about owning or living in a library!

Happy TT, mine's up!


re: “Serpico” - I loved both the book and the movie! And Thinner was an awesome read, too :-)


Are you a reader by any chance?!? hehe... great list!


I am cracking up that you have Jerry Springer andStephen King on the same list!

Btw, I have never heard of a Toblerone candy. I'll have to look that up.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Red Garnier

These are great books. And I LOVE one-word title books. They're so catchy! ;)

Wylie Kinson

You actually own Jerry's book?! ROTFLMAO!!! So not Nicholas-worthy. hehehehehehe

Love anything Michael Crighton scribbles. Well, except his last book. It was ho-hum, but every single one before that was bought in hard-back on release day.

Open Grove Claudia

Ha ha!! Two more I've read. Let's see I've read Serpico - love it and the movie because I grew up with heroin addicts. And Disclosure! I don't remember it - not like the power of Serpico - but I know I read it.

Another great list!


Wow I think I am well read but nope not a one of them:<

mom not mum

I've read Thinner - that's it. Great book list once again.


I saw the movie Ringmaster(when it was on TV) was a real dumb movie so I opted out of reading the book.The Steven King movie Thinner was pretty ok I may have to buy the book I like reading books after I've seen the movie to see whar was left out happy TT


Can't say that I've read any of those. I'm more into historical fiction. However, the Jerry Springer book seems like it would be fairly interesting.

Great list!


BTW - your verify comment thingie is really difficult to read. It took me 8 tries before I got it right. The numbers are WAY too fuzzy. :-)


I read Disclosure years ago. Good read.


I'll take the Jerry Springer book, thank you very much. That's an eclectic collection to say the least.


As my mind tends to, I went on a tangent at the end of your list and tried to think of other King titles with one word. Only Cujo and Carrie came to mind, neither of which I own.

Thanks for my first Stephen King reference of the day. I think I have my TT for next week now. :)

How have you been?



Shame ... I can't say I have heard of many of these ... nor some of the Authors.


Your list makes me want run over to my own shelves and start counting the one word titles. Actually, that might make for a great rainy day project (smile).

Secret Agent Mama

I'd like to know how many bookshelves you have in your home! LOL
HAPPY TT.. BTW: Weeds is a great show. I think you can rent the first two seasons now.

Gabriella Hewitt

I think I would love to take a look at your library. What an interesting collection you have posted. I've read a few of the authors such as Jack Higgins and Peter Lovesey though not the books you posted. Great TT!


OK so this time I have one your list - Thinner. I love SK.


I haven't read any of the books on the list, but like some of the others I wonder how many one word titles I have.


I've heard of some of those authors but haven't heard of any of those titles. Great list. Happy TT! Mine is up.

Moondancer Drake

I'm ashamed to admit I know none of these, but then two words or more looks like the standard on my book shelves. :)


Cool list :)

Happy TT!


And again I don't know any of these books, some autors yes, but the titles doesn't say anything to me ! If I would start a list like this on TT I think I would have it for the next 10 years and books in German, English, French and Italian, lol !


Don't know these. In one glance, on one shelf I see: Focusing, Creeker, and Jung. Not too many one word books around here.

Dane Bramage

I only have Comix but a couple others have piqued my curiosity.

Thanks for visiting my Hollywood Squares edition of my Thursday Thirteen.


Ohh Thinner was a creepy movie! I can't believe Jerry Springer actually wrote a book!


I always feel smarter for having visited your blog, viewing all these books. Someday, I shall have shelves, and I shall fill them with all manner of books. Well, okay, sci-fi, computer manuals, and comics, but ah well, I guess I like fluff. :P


You sure do have a lot of books! Happy Thursday Thirteen, and thank you so much for stopping by!


I think I will look into some of Peter Lovesy's books. Some of your other titles look quite interesting too, if only I did more reading for myself (well, besides blogs). Enjoyed your list again. Happy TT.


Interesting - wayyyy more than I have. Although I am bookcase-deficient :-(
Happy TT13 :-)


Quite a collection you have! My TT is late but ready for view..please stop by and enjoy!


Hi Nicholas! You certainly have a wide range of genres! You'll never get bored with a variety like that -- it's the spice of life!!
Happy TT


Unbelievable: there is actually one book in this list that I have read! LOL I leave it to you to figure out which one.
Sorry for my lack of communication lately. I am still struggling with my laptop, so my next mail might have to wait till the weekend...


I am always impressed at how many books you have read. Another good one, thanks


I like one-word titles, too. Great list!


ragtime appeals most to me of these but again I have not read any of them... must do more reading!

Mark Caldwell

Well I almost read Serpico once but the copy I borrowed from the library had had most of the pages damaged...


Totally different tastes in reading. I've never even heard of half these authors. I think though I do own a Michael Crichton book though. Did he write "Sphere". Thanks for checking out my "Bushisms". I love on Letterman when they do the segment on Presidential speeches. Happy 13!

Amy R

Very cool I will have to check some of these out.

Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

thinner was a great book!


Morgan St. John

Another great list...
I might have to do that one day when I've unpacked by library from storage...again. *sigh* I hate not having my library. :(

So glad you visited my blog. I haven't been able to do rounds today. Another :(



Enjoyed another great list from you...I well remember the movie Serpico and should read the book.
Thanks for stopping by my TT...if we ever get to go to England, I'll be hitting you up for the non-touristy must-see suggestions :)


Thanks for stopping by my TT post! Books are great entertainment, and can be great tools. Thanks for sharing...happy TT!


Hmmm Not read any of the books :( But sure will do try and read a few of them

Happy TT!


Thinner was a good book.


I have actually read one of the books on your list “Disclosure” by MICHAEL CRICHTON. Planning to read Solo by Jack Higgins, I have read some of his other books and enjoyed them.

Thanks for visiting my TT on Opals.


Thanks for the visit on my blog and commented to my Thursday 13...See you again soon.
I never heard the book yet..I better look around for it.

J. Lynne

I've been meaning to read "Disclosure". Crichton's books are usually better than the movies and that movie was actually very good.

I've also been curious about "Thinner". HBO has it running on their Movies on Demand, but I've come to believe that King's books do not translate well into movies. The only story of his that made a good movie was "Stand By Me" and few people know that was based on his writing.

I see you're another bookaholic like me. Thanks for stopping by my blog and list of 13 books for Thursday Thirteen. I'll be back.


Peter Lovesey, Peter Lovesey, Must remember, it looks like fun



Woohoo! I finally don't feel like such a dummy! I've actually read one of these, Thinner...I love Stephen King--actually, I wanna be Stephen King LOL. And I've read stuff by a couple, Higgins and Michael Crichton. Disclosure sounds good and I haven't seen the movie, so I'll have to try to read it!


Wow... lots that I haven't read. I think I'd really like Comix and Lifemanship.


Another very interesting list. I read Ragtime back in college, and didn't like it as much until I read it for pleasure. Funny, that.

I remember hearing that Springer, as a serious politician, was disappointed in the direction his fame had taken him; it guaranteed he could never go back into politics. Eh...I'm sure he'll survive ;-)


i've never heard of most of those books! ;)

thanks for stopping by my TT this past week!

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