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November 03, 2007



Strange love a star woman teaches... oh my! Some songs were surely meant to be instrumental. And I must protest the use of the phrase "the real Star Trek" - it's the original one, but I grew up watching the Next Generation, which I felt was equally good in its own way.


I have to second PJ on the "real Star Trek" phrase. I much prefer Capt. Picard's crew over the Old guys in the original series (the real turn-off for me was always Kirk with his swaggering attitude *blech*).

But to get to the real point of this post: I didn't know that about the royalties being paid for both lyrics and music. Interesting business strategy. I know, of course, the Manic Street Preachers song they used for MASH. I can hear the lyrics in my head every time I watch the show (or watched, I haven't seen it in a while). So maybe there is some justification for paying royalties to the lyrics guy in this case.
In the case of Star Trek, on the other hand... I'm just glad we never got to hear this garbled nonsense actually sung out loud. As far as I remember Star Trek wasn't about finding love "in star-clustered reaches" anyway, or did I just not get it? LOL


VERY interesting. (Now my inquiring mind is going to force me to google "Suicide is Painless" just to see what the real lyrics are.)

Wylie Kinson

I used to play the MASH theme on the piano so new the words... very depressing.

And on the topic of tv themes, do you know I can still sing all the words to Gilligan's Island despite not having seen the show in 30+ years! But ask me my wedding anniversary and I'll totally blank ;)

btw - I'm tagging you for a meme later today, so beware...

No Nonsense girl

I'm a regular reader of chelle and you are right, she rocks!!!

Once again Nicholas, this was a great post! ::as I'm singing myself typing:: :D

Mary Emken

I'm surprised you didn't notice Nick! There is an anachronism ( I think that's spelt right) in the film. When Burns is taken away a short of an American Flag is shown with 50 stars. During the Korean war the U.S. flag only had 48 stars. All in all I enjoy watching the t.v. virsion Of M.A.S.H.

I wasn't going to comment this time but, I thought I would add this little piece of info.

Cora Zane

I had no idea there were lyrics to the Star Trek theme. Interesting!

Robin from Israel

I didn't know that about the royalties, how interesting.

I used to play the M*A*S*H theme on the flute, but the sheet music didn't have the words, so I'd end up with the first line repeating endlessly in my head. I could never remember what came next! I think M*A*S*H was one of the few times that the series was actually better than the movie.

Open Grove Claudia

That's fascinating. I'm always amazed at the interesting details that completely escape my attention.

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