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November 13, 2007



I'm so proud to be an American right now.

Damn. No wonder other countries think we are useless.

Mary Emken

It doesn't seem like the mans' elevator goes to the top floor. I'd hate to be the one liveing with him.I'd be afraid I would sneeze one day and he would blow me away. There is some thing very wrong with him. He needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Open Grove Claudia

My next door neighbor cut his leg with a chain saw and I thought that was moronic. I'm shaking my head too!


LOL, too bad he isn't dead. Then he would qualify for a Darwin Award. As it is he is just a sad moron.
Although I have to say I can understand the frustration that drove him this far. It would have to be the last fucking nut that wouldn't give. So the idea of firing a gun at the damn car wasn't all wrong. It's only the execution that lacked a bit in the thinking-it-through department.


You think a 66 year old man would have known better. How did he make it that far?
In all honesty I think the human race is getting dumber in spite of all the technology. That is just from my observances. :o)


I think the reason why this is deemed newsworthy in the UK is that, due to very tight gun restrictions, your average 66 year old would not have a gun in the first place, and so when the last nut wouldn't budge, shooting it just wouldn't be an option. I think the Brits in general are quite mystified by the pervasiveness of gun culture in the US. Knife culture, on the other hand, is a different story. In other words, it would have been far less newsworthy if he had slashed his tyres with a flick-knife!

Wylie Kinson

Give him a break! He needed to change his tires so he could get to the polling station and vote for ...

Okay, there's no need for my childishness :P


I do get frustrated working on our cars, but I have yet to consider taking a gun to one.


Frustration to the highest degree, hahaha!

ROFL!!! Great one. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Understood

I guess he won't be driving for a while then?


Miss Understood

I guess he won't be driving for a while then?



I just want to speak on behalf of the many non-crazy residents of Washington state - We will not shoot at you if you visit. Only if you stay too long...Or your lug nuts need loosening.

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