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November 07, 2007


Robin from Israel

I LOVE Rome! The show is wonderful, and the opening credits are absolutely brilliant. We're still only halfway through season two here though.

ellen b

The only one I've actually watched several episodes of is Frasier. I'd like to see some of the British Comedy series. We have some of the Dorothy Sayers murder mystery series from BBC. Happy TT to you...

Nicole Austin

Great list! There's a few I haven't seen that I'll have to check out. Rome was great! Still can't believe they cancelled it.

Cool cat! :D


"Frasier" is one of those rare shows that sustained its quality over the long run. Your TT reminds that I need to watch my DVDs for "Rising Damp" when I am off work next week.


I really love the reality in Rome too(Even if I only watch a couple episode from season 1) I wanted to get the DVD, but almost felt on my ass when I saw the price at the local Music world!!


I have a number of TV DVDs too but none on your TT. Happy TT.

Chelle Y.

It's a sad day when I can now recognize some of your "title" because they are DVD's and not books! What's wrong with me? Haha!

I just started watching, "The Office" this season. I cannot believe I missed it, because it's hilarious. I am going to check out the British version too.

Mary Emken

I'm still catch Frasier when I can on tv. It keeps changing time. The movie Bean were he was a security gaurd in a art gallery was so funny. Oh! What he did to the Mona Lisa painting ! I'll have to see if I can find, "The Office." Also The State Within.

Take care.


Love Fawlty Towers :-)...never could get into Bean tho...he grossed me out LOL!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Yeah, umm... I think I've seen Frasier... I'm not a TV watcher. Sorry. But now you know why I'm so well-read!


I know I don't keep up, but I am the last dinosaur. I don't have cable tv.I still use an antenna. Good enough for me. I have seen a few episodes of Frazier. I rented The World at War. That was excellent! I love to watch anything WW2. Happy TT


Congrats on your 100th post. I've watched several of these shows, including Bean, Curb your Enthusiasm, Frasier, The Office UK and US, Black Books (once), Fawlty Towers, Extras and Only Fools. I didn't enjoy Extras even though I really wanted to like it.


Guh, I've never seen any of these shows. I'm behind the times!!


I have all the Fawlty Towers on VHS because I got them years ago -- I think that it is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I still watch them and just laugh my head off. John Cleese and Connie Booth were geniuses!
Happy TT!!


Haven't seen most of these but I adore Britcoms--so probably would. :)

No nonsense girl

Cool list!!! You forgot Grey's!!! ;)

Have a great week!!!:)


Many of these I didn't even know existed at one time or another on tv. I would've definitely enjoyed seeing "Rome". Thank you for stopping by! *smiles*

Wacky Mommy

Excellent list. (Your cat is my cat's twin, by the way.)


Excellent list. The Brits really know how to make TV.

marcia v

love Frasier I want to love The Office everyone says it is smart humor I just find it tooo painful


I havent seen any of I loved the Mr. Bean movie though. I own that. Not the one you have listed, it was one that was on the big screen. He is a crack up. Refreshing list!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)


Great stuff! I absolutely loved all of the Brit version of the Office (haven't caught much of the US version, but what I have was funny!)

Have you ever watched Keeping Up Appearances? So so funny.

The Gal Herself

Loved Fawlty Towers! My friend Mindy and I have been using the catchphrase "Don't mention the war" for decades now. (Thanks for visiting my TT, and for sharing that cool photo of your cat)


I love this collection!! We have the office (BBC and American) and Curb too! Awesome list!! Nice change up.


Rome looks very interesting! This is a great list. I share your taste for English comedy.


Well, we have completely different tastes! However, that's part of what makes TT-13 so much fun.




That's a great eclectic collection! I like all of those. I started to buy the first season of 'Rome' the other day but didn't. I'm glad to read that you like it. I might go back and buy it. I usually like shows like that. I really liked Deadwood and I hear its a similar show. I hated they didn't continue it.


I've watched at least one ep of all of these. Prefer the British version of The Office. LOVE LOVE LOVE Extras.


That's a fun selection...I love everything I've ever seen Ricky Gervais in. Curb, Fawlty Towers, Arrested, and Frasier are also high on my list. I might try checking out Only Fools and Horses...we might enjoy it, too.

Candy Minx

What an eclectic collection you've shown us. Great idea for a post. I love The Office...both of them...

Here is my TT list:


Fraiser is something I never caught regularly but liked to look in on when I had the chance.

Rome was brilliant! I was sorry to see it go.

I tried to get into The Office on four separate occassions and I simply can't do it.

Extras was HILARIOUS but we cancelled the cable channel it came on so I only saw a handful of episodes. Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, Daniel Radcliffe and one other I can't recall just now.

I don't own enough series, I need to get more, you've prompted me to shop as soon as I have room in the budget. :)

Happy Thursday, Nicolas.



You can't beat a bit of Only Fools and Horses!


We so share the same taste on comedy, Nicholas. Black Books in particular is absolute genius, is it not? But then I love everything that Bill Bailey does. If you want to see something really funny, check out Bill Bailey's Chaucerian "pubbe gagge" on youtube. Hilarious!


I see you're a fan of the Office :)

Happy TT!


I do love The Office and Curb, but I don't own any TV show DVD's. My daughter has tons...but probably stuff you (and I) wouldn't watch in a million years...the OC, Laguna Beach, etc.


I don't watch much TV, especially the American crap. I allowed myself to get commited to 3 TV shows, and you listed one of them: The Office (US)!!!


Interesting list. I know very little on it. Happy thursday.

Maria J

Great list! I've never heard of a few of those. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for stopping by!


I don't know Only Fools And Horses. But I love Mr Bean !!!

Happy T13

P.S. Thanks for stopping by ! :)


I've watched Arrested Development but not the Office.


Great Collection!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

mom not mum

Great collection - however I am NOT a Mr. Bean fan. They have Mr. Bean cartoons as well and I just can NOT stand it.

Tiffany Anne

Great list! I love Fraiser. I don't think most people around my age do (I'm 22) but I think it's hilarious! :-) Happy TT!


I love the US version of the Office...haven't seen the UK version yet, though!! Thanks for visiting :)

Carolan Ivey

Great list!

How do you think Ken Burns' THE WAR stacks up against WORLD AT WAR? It's probably like comparing apples to oranges, since Burns had so few veterans to talk to.


The only one of these I own is the American Office, all 3 seaons (I've seen all of the British episodes as well). I love that show and am so sad that filming has stopped due to the writers' strike. Great list. Happy TT!


Your big on comedy I see. I used to watch Faulty Towers. Now I only get the three network channels and PBS (thankfully). I know I miss out on a lot but there is always the corner video store. A movie is less of a time investment than a series.


Your big on comedy I see. I used to watch Faulty Towers. Now I only get the three network channels and PBS (thankfully). I know I miss out on a lot but there is always the corner video store. A movie is less of a time investment than a series.


I LOVE Mr. Bean and Arrested Development!! And The America version of the Office is my fave show right now!! Great list!!


I LOVE Mr. Bean and Arrested Development!! And The America version of the Office is my fave show right now!! Great list!!


Nice list! Don't you think someone should make a tv show about Santa or Christmas or the North Pole or Elves or.....Happy TT

Open Grove Claudia

Heya - That's a fun list! We love BBC shows but mysteries or police drama. Spooks, Midsommer Murders, Prime Suspect and the like. We are fond of Bryan Fuller's tv shows. Have you seen them? (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls,currently Pushing daisys.)


Dane Bramage

I loved Fawlty Towers and Frazier. I haven't collected any T.V. shows on DVD. I might have to start.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #55 "13 Favorite T.V. Theme Songs Edition"


Frasier was one of my favorite TV shows, but my cat wasn't too fond of it. Whenever the doorbell rings at our house, he scrambles to get away from the noise. The doorbell on Frasier sounded just like ours and it rang... a lot. Sometimes, watching the cat was funnier than watching the show.

Great list! Happy TT!!


These all sound interesting, but I've only seen a few. I'm just not a great TV watcher.

Thanks for visiting my TT!


While we have differing tastes in literature and movies/shows, it seems there's usually a crossover mixed into your lists somewhere...The State Within and Extras are two that I'd like to try if I can find them at Netflix.
Interesting list as always...happy TT!

Ann Aguirre

Fawlty Towers and Frasier. I saw one episode of Black Books and then it vanished. I'll have to see about the DVDs. Thanks for reminding me!


Arrested Development was one of the few shows I watched on TV before I stopped watching TV. I don't have the DVDs though... yet. I'm going to have to check out some of the others on Netflix.

Tempest Knight

There are some here I've never heard of before, so I'll have to check them out. *wg*


Fun list! I haven't heard of a bunch of them, but I very much miss watching "Frasier." Scranton, where the American version of "The Office" is set, is about an hour away from where I live. It's always fun to hear them mention things and places that I know about from living where I do. Happy TT! =)


Hi, I've popped over from Country Dawn's blog. You have wonderful shows on your list: faves of mine are 'Fawlty Towers', 'Arrested Development', 'Rome', 'Frasier', and the North American version of 'The Office' (haven't seen the original British version, but I KNOW I'd love it!)


Congrats on making it to 100 :)


I can easily see why ROME was cancelled, I watched how all of the stages were made, not at all LOW BUDGET. A lot of money went into making it. I sadly only got to see the first season, and loved it. I'm going to have to rent what was made of the second.

Great list.
Happy TT!

Mark Caldwell

I've got the State Within on my Christmas list this year. The geek in me wants to know if the hotel room they met in was 1013 by accident or if it was a little X-Files nod by someone.

Great TT :-)


I have only seen a very few of these, so I have lots to catch up on. I am starting with Black Books because "The characters drink, smoke and are thoroughly un-PC" describes me perfectly, lol.

Happy TT. Have a great day (and did I thank you for your comment last week? If not thank you very much! I was a bit out of it)

Andi & Stien

Oh, I absolutely adore Rowin Atkinson! Hahaha, Mr. Bean!
And I still have to see Rome. But it's on my list ;-)

Happy TT!


Great list - I love Fawlty Towers and Nighty Night. My favourite FT episode was the one with the rat. Happy TT!

Harris Channing

Oh, I can't stand Mr. Bean! What's the matter with me?



wow... what a collection you own..I love your cat looking so relaxed and king of the house..I would like to see the DVD of Nighty Night... Thanks for sharing. Baba


Frasier was awesome. Whatever is on my TV right now is annoying and about to be turned....and I will likely just find more annoyance on the other channels.

Matthew James Didier

How many DVDs didn't make the list 'cuz Amazon didn't carry them? :)


i am really out of touch... i don't even know majority of these movies even existed.

happy TT


Mr. Bean is sooo funny, really. :) I'm not familiar with the other shows except for The Office, Arrested Development and Rome.

 Linda at 2nd cup

Are you the same Nicholas who doesn't like the show Chuck? I deem it a few notches above Mr. Bean. Each to his own, I guess.


We don't have TV so a lot of these are unfamiliar. But I love Bean and Frasier and I agree that the Bean movie wasn't nearly as good as the show, but I liked the movie okay anyway.


arrested development is hysterical!
a friend saw someone dressed as tobias as never-nude at a halloween party a couple of weeks ago.


100th TT? That's so awesome! Happy TT!

Mr. Bean was always a favorite of mine too.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Joy Renee

I watched several seasons of Frazer in the nineties and wouldn't mind seeing more. Especially the seasons before and after the ones I watched.

i also saw several episodes of the British Office and thought it hilarious.

of the ones I've never seen, Rome, Black Books, Nighty Night, and The State Within all sound quite intriguing and to my taste.

I've often said a dream of mine is to own a book store But I'm afraid I too would find customers an inconvenience. It would be truer to say that I want to *live* in a book store or library. :)


I can't believe how many comments you get. Very Impressive.
I absolutely love Curb your Enthusiasm. This show is guaranteed to make me crack up at least twice during each episode.
Fun TT-Thanks for sharing.


awesome collection of dvd's dude. some of them i've seen and some i haven't. i must say, of all the ones you've listed mr. bean has to be my fave. thanks for stopping by my TT - glad you liked it.

goofy girl

Looks like a great collection, I'm a big curb your enthusiasm fan!

Congratulations on your 100 posts!!
I love British TV and comedy. We share several on your list. Our son just can't wait until he's old enough to see "Rome" as he is an ancient history buff. Mr. Bean makes us laugh so much.


Rome was a fabulous show. My humans really enjoyed it.


I don't know all of them, but I like Rome, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean, Frasier, The Office and Only Fools And Horses.
Thanks for visiting my symbols TT!


Great list, loved Fawlty Towers .. :) But I am more of a Black Adder type than Mr Bean .. have a great weekend!


Great TT list!! I really only know a few of them. Is the British version of The Office as funny as the American version??


I have been meaning to check out Mr Bean. My husband's Aunt loves him. Our DVD collection is heavy on the Science Fiction side.


Yay! a new friend! Thanks for the post over at my livejournal. I think you had to post as anon because livejournal kinda sucks. I've been thinking of breaking up with them for quite a while but now I'm in the middle of nablopomo so it will have to wait a bit longer.

Wow, can I digress or what?

Cindy Swanson

What a great idea for a TT! I may have to steal this sometime. We have "Arrested Development" and the British office in common with you.

Because I saw the British "Office" first, I had a hard time adjusting to the American version, but I like it just as much now. Funny stuff.


Hi Nicholas,
I tried to respond earlier but wordpress acted a bit wonky on me. So I am back.

I actually watch some of these. I enjoy Mr. Bean and you are quite right that he can be compared to the silent pics. He really doesn't say anything. His facial movements and reactions said it all!

I watched Black Books but for some reason BBC America did not show to many of them. they are very politically incorrect. I like it.

You may already guess that I have watched World At War. That was many moons ago.

You have done it. I have to watch "Only Fools and Horses". Sounds like my kind of show. I put all of the seasons in my queue at Netflix.

I'll let you know what I think after the first episode.

Take care,

Alan & Lynn

We love both versions of The Office and Mr Bean.


Great list. I am a Mr. Bean fan!

Thanks for stopping by my places. As for your question about what board games we play, our favorite is probably Scattergories. We also play Pictionary, Phase 10 (a great card game), and of course the classic, Rook.


I loved Fawlty Towers! You can't beat John Cleese.

Morgan St. John

oh I love Curb. I just can't watch it with anyone but my hubby. Larry is just too embarrassing to watch with my parents or something! LOL. I like Fawlty Towers, too. Do youremember the episode with the German's? I laughed my ass off.

I'm late, I know. Just catching up. :D Great list. Morgan


Fun list!


Ooh, I love Extras and both Office's. I remember when I heard they were Americanizing the Office...I was so mad and dead set on not loving it...but Steve Carrell won.


I haven't heard of alot of those, but I do love Frasier!


Holy moly. It took me forever to scroll down here, not realizing there was such a long line of fellow buddy-bloggers to sign their autograph too! I guess if you've done this 99 other times, others might have figured out you're here ;) Well done. Certainly a unique list. I don't own any of those and only watched some a couple times. I find I get addicted to TV, movies, etc. and have to cut back; albeit Rome piqued my interest. Me and my man are in love with Italy. p.s. thx for the visit. Happy TT!


I think Frasier is the only one of those that I have even seen! But with a three and four year old, I don't watch more than Sesame Street these days!

Leslie Dicken

Wow, this is bad...I've never seen any of those except Frasier. Sigh. But I *LOVE* the picture of the kitty! LOL!

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