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November 14, 2007


Tilly Greene

Well, there are some interesting books on this list.

The Boston Strangler by Frank is one I'd pick up...I'm always trying to figure out why people do such horrible things. That said, I've never read Ann Rule and she's supposedly the queen of true crime.

I didn't know Harold Robbins daughter had picked up the pen...was it good? I think the only one of his I read was Xanadu, or something like that. Was okay but nothing special, at least not at the time.

Michner and Leon Uris are the same for me...long, and so descriptive I forget what I'm there for. I can't tell you how many times I tried to read Uris' Trinity, same copy though :-)

Boys of Brazil, yeah, an entertaining read with a freaky plot idea...perfectly Levin!

Now, Kenny Everett, hadn't heard of him before moving over there and unfortunately my introduction was most likely with his demise, but the cutie got a big smile on his face when I mentioned the book. Apparently he loved Kenny almost as much as custard :-)

Goodbye California I'm sure this concept is many people's dream come true, but for an obvious reason, my mind screams: please, don't even sneeze near that fault line or were all going for a swim out to Catalina!!

The Tailor of Panama...wasn't that a flick with Pierce Brosnan? I didn't see or read it but that rings a bell of some sort. Nevermind, the brain is slipping :-)

Like I said, some interesting books on this weeks list...take care and enjoy the coming weekend.


Oh, I know what you mean about violence and women, add kids into the scenario and it's even more of a nightmare. I'm sure you saw much more than any right thinking human should have to, probably not an easy place to be at and I'm sorry for that. I'm not sure why but when I read your comment, my mind immediately thought of the Gloucester Road horror and it's been there ever since.

Chelle Y.

More books? I liked the DVD version better! Just kidding!

Happy TT!


Wow, you never cease to amaze us with your books and list of books ideas. Very clever!

The Gal Herself

I'd forgotten that Gerald Frank wrote the Boston Strangler. I think I still have his mammoth book on Garland. (You know, from the Wizard of Oz, one of the movies that don't make you cry.)


congrats on coming up with 13!!! There's a town called Hatfield here in MA; one of my friends used to live there in the 90s.

Candy Minx

What fun...I was really laughing at some of the comments you you I have always found Le Carre heavy oing. I've never been able to finish one but keepsayingI'm going totry again.

I have read four of the books on your list though.

Hey Smithers! I bet you have a story there Nicholas! When I posted about the town...I wondered if anyone else would have heard of it never mind have been there!

Mary Emken

Read North Of Montana, it's a page turner. Saw the movie, Goodby Coumbus.

Got to say good night. I did a stuped thing. Fractured my big toe and they put such a big cast on you would think I fractured my whole leg. I'm in pain so good night my friend.

Susan Helene Gottfried

The Boys From Brazil... *sniff* No, it wasn't his greatest, but definitely one of his most famous.

Cool idea for the travelogue!! I ought to go sift through my own books and see if I could do this... No. I really shouldn't. I may not emerge from the depths of the piles!


Great list!! Hey, I wonder who recommended #1;)...Oh ya, your blogger friend!! heeheehee. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. It always puts a smile on my face.


Nice list again Nicholas. BTW, your link at TT is 404. typo. just thought you might want to link again. Happy TT


Because many top rec.artists appeared on his TV programs, Kenny Everett is mentioned throughout a rock stars encyclopedia that I have. Since I didn't know much about him, I just read his page on Wikipedia... very interesting.

I thought that "Goodbye Columbus" was a novel... I didn't realize that it was a collection of short stories. I obtained a copy of the movie soundtrack a couple of years ago.

No nonsense girl

I want to read the one about quebec!!!! ;)

Have a great thursday!!! :)

SJ Reidhead

Hawaii is one of those books that 'influenced' me as a writer. I don't think I've ever managed to get over it's illusive spell. Of course Magnum P. I. didn't hurt either.

John Saul can come up with some surprisingly good books.

Great list, as usual.

The Pink Flamingo!


You did very well. I agree with your observation of John Saul -- I'm getting through it now.

Wylie Kinson

I haven't read a John Saul for years! Since college maybe (and that's a LOOONG time ago).
I really like Le Carre.
Boys from Brazil - I saw the movie. Is that cheating?

Fun list N. Are you inviting challenges now, for future TT's?? ;)
Here's one - books with female names in the title.

Natalie/BoSox Mommy

That's a really fun idea for a list!


Looking at my own books I have George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London, Geoff Dyer's Paris Trance, Paul Auster's Timbuktu and John Updike's Brazil. I've never read any Le Carre but I really enjoyed the film of The Constant Gardener, and I quite fancied getting The Mission Song at some point - perhaps after the madness of the thesis is over! A great list as always, Nicholas!


Ow! I just hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back for having read 5 of these: The Odessa File, Hawaii, The Boys from Brazil, The Tailor of Panama, and Goodbye, Columbus.

I have to be in the right mood to read Michener. The last one of his I read, Caribbean, I started 3 times before I finally read the whole thing. I find his books fascinating, but very hard to get into.


Your lists prove that I don't own anywhere nearly enough books. As soon as we move bookshelves will be the third thing on the list of musthaves so that I can fill them with new books and start slowly catching up to you.:)

This did inspire a possible book list I can do for TT next week or so. Hmm...

Happy Thursday, Nicolas :)



I can't believe you've got a book by Kenny Everett on your list! The Manhattan Hunt Club sounds like a good read.
Happy TT.

Hootin' Anni

Michner's TEXAS. You didn't mention that one. I'm appalled!! [just kidding, but being Texan myself....oh well.]

This is one absolutely brilliant idea for TT


I always love your book lists! Such an interesting collection. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my blog!


Wow! I have actually read two of the books on your list this week. Manhattan Hunt Club” by JOHN SAUL. I love his books and have read all of them. Hawaii” by JAMES MICHENER, I recall it as slow going. I think the only reason I finished was it was the only book I had with me at the time. My TT is up.


Interesting list again :)


I don't think I have read ANY of those books! I might have to check some out.
Thanks for dropping by my place earlier!!
Happy TT!


Wow. Another wonderful list of books I've not read! I need to start reading more! LOL :) Happy TT!


Nice list. I've tried to read Michener a few times, and despite my love of really long books, I've never been able to really get into one and finish it.

Now I'm wondering if I could find 13 books in *my* collection that have cities, states, and countries in their titles....

Happy TT!

Open Grove Claudia

Oh... I love John Le Carre. I don't think he could get published now - but I do love him. But I've said that before. I always wonder if you've done a list of favorite books by genre. :)

Nap Warden

The only one I read is Tailor of Panama...Ehh, not bad. Happy TT, thanks for visiting!

Cindy Swanson

I love these lists! You make TT original and fun.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say I've never read any of them, though...

Carrie Lofty

I have Imagining Argentina, Back in the USSA, and Canterbury Tales.


I saw the movie of A tailor in Panama, but I never hear of the Québec one even if I live south from there!!


That was fun. I don't many of them, but that doesn't matter. I love books and movies, just really like reading/watching them :)

Mark Caldwell

I've just checked my book shelves and I've got hardly any fiction with real place names in the title except for Alistair MacLean.

Great TT :-)


More books to add to my 'to be read' list. You seem to fill my list up more than anyone.

Happy TT


Hi Nicholas,
You did a fabulous job as always with your Thursday Thirteen Book Theme.

I think you will already guess which ones I have read.

I am a big fan of John Saul. I agree with you about the summary. Since I enjoyed his other works I stuck with it. Glad I did.

The Odessa File: Read it. Saw the movie. Max Schell played Eduard Roschmann. It is something how they always placed him in Nazi roles when he and his family disliked them so. They fled from Austria to Switzerland to escape them. I am as you say quite besotted with Maximillian Schell. There are only a few movies I have not seenhim in yet. Some of his later roles were not that great.

The Boys From Brazil: Read it. Saw the movie. I just sat there with my mouth open. :o)

I see you have quite a following now. That is good to see so many fellow readers.

Take care,


I think I would really like to read the Manhattan Hunt Club. Hey maybe you could start your very own library-I think your in strong competition with my father who I thought had the most books. Now I'm not so sure.:):)


Embarrassed-I just re-read my comment and realized I put your instead of you're. Sorry-I'm neurotic like that-I couldn't let it go. hahaha Maribeth


Thanks Nicholas for the credit! You didn't have to do that, but I appreciate it.
I am amazed at your are never at a loss for any theme you pick for your TT! That is just incredible.
I'll have to pick up a copy of "Manhattan Hunt Club," that one sounds interesting.
Thanks for stopping by my site; have a great weekend!

Starbuck and Torrey

Great list! I'm impressed that you also found pictures of each book!

Interesting list once again!


that is a very interesting collection! I had only heard of two of them before.

Linda R. Moore

Ah, Kenny Everett. Loved his offbeat humour.

I used to live in Stevenage (and Hitchin) which were only a couple of railway stops from Hatfield.

Pamela Kramer

Very impressive! Glad you were up to the challenge.

Tiffany Aller

Ok, you've totally got me this week...I haven't read ANY of these - I feel completely inadequate!! Great TT!


Curiously, though EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE BOOKS IS ON MY SHELF, I haven't read a one of them.

Michellet at Scribbit

I'm so proud that I've heard of five of them, though I'm ashamed I haven't read them. I thought I'd at least get the Michener but that was one of his I didn't read.

Matthew James Didier

Weird... I've heard of most these books (including Kenny Everett's,) but unlike many of your lists, I don't own MOST of these books! Egads!


Coolio! Our list topics are some what similar this week! Happy belated TT and thank you so much for stopping by!


Great list. I have read most of Michner's books and found them informative and entertaining.


Harris Channing

Great could have used other Michner's and made you life easier!



You always have the most fascinating book TTs.


Great list. I knew I'd get at least one complaint on my "Eye Candy" list that I didn't represent choices for my male readers...I'll have to make up for that sometime in a future TT.

Blue Momma

I've read The Boys from Brazil and The Odessa File. That's a 100% improvement on the one I usually have on your lists!!!

Note to self: Must. Read. More. Blog. Less.


I haven't read any of these books at least not in english. I am just back from Egypt since yesterday night from 86 F to 31 F brrrr and still with one foot in Egypt !


Very clever idea... like your "One Word Book Title" T-13. I haven't read any of these. My library skews another direction, toward theology. (As you might have guessed!) Glad to know you're an avid reader as well as a blogger.


I saw that Boston Strangler movie recently on AMC.

I've never gotten into John Saul even though Amazon keeps recommending his books to me, LOL.

Great list!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)


aww geeze! more books to put on my reading list! thank you for stopping at my blog, looking forward to your post NEXT thursday!
happy tt!


aww geeze! more books to put on my reading list! thank you for stopping at my blog, looking forward to your post NEXT thursday!
happy tt!


aww geeze! more books to put on my reading list! thank you for stopping at my blog, looking forward to your post NEXT thursday!
happy tt!


I always feel so poorly read when I come to your blog!


I'm so glad that I found your blog. I will live vicariously through your books and maybe even carve out some time to read some as well.


Let me see... I've read The Boys from Brazil, The Boston Strangler, London's Burning and The Odessa File. I liked them all. :-) Another interesting idea of listing 13 books.
Thanks for visiting my black panther TT last thursday; I'm late with my return visits!

Paisley Scott

Clever and interesting T13. I enjoyed it and the mini-reviews you gave. Thanks for stopping by my T13!
Have a super day!

Jendi@ Musings& Mommy Stuff

How many books do you own? Seems like you are generous with them - giving that one away twice.
Have a great day!


I love your T13! I'm new to the T13 which is why you probably haven't found my blog before. Thanks for stopping by.


Re: your comment

No, he didn't ask for a bag of flour, per se. It was mostly a list of random items in my apartment that each, for one reason or another, briefly came into consideration as a viable birthday gift since I ran out of time to purchase a reasonable present in time for the actual day. Desperate times scream out for desperate measures, I'm afraid.


Is there anything you can't do? lol I'll have to think of a challenge for you too. Great list! Happy 13 late-I'm just catching up.


The Boys From Brazil is a good book.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Please pardon my late visit. This is a great list and you've come up with interesting books. Thanks for sharing.

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