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November 21, 2007



I've only read Adrian Mole and The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. I've written some of the titles down to explore later.
Thanks for visiting my random TT! Mahjongg isn't that hard. It looks that way because of all the Chinese characters and images. Be careful in trying though... you might end up addicted too! ;-)


The Heat Of The Night is the only one I've heard of.

Lori, did you read all of these books or are you a book saleman???lol Happy TT..have a great Thanksgiving.

Nicole Austin

I've read the first two. :D

Another cool book list. Happy TT!


I think I went trhough the third reich one for a project!! i think it is the one that my professor wrote that I did desapoint him!!

No nonsense girl

happy TT Nicholas!!! And happy thanksgiving!!!



I have not read a one of those!


Very nice list. Happy Thanksgiving!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I didn't get Adrian Mole. I tried. *sigh*

Seeing some of these old editions almost makes me sorry I trade so many books away. Almost, though -- I still have too many!! That, sadly, hasn't changed this week. (I'm trying! I am! I read three of them!)


Okay...I must admit I haven't read any of those, but I have several of my own that I'm trying to read now! Gosh, I never get to read a lot until summer break! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


We STILL have different tastes on books, but I do enjoy your posts!

Happy TT!




Thanks for stopping by. I read all the Hitchhiker's series when I was in university. There is a restaurant just off campus that my husband and I have dubbed "The restaurant at the end of the university" in honor of the book.

stephanie (bad mom)

This is awesome! I'm now feeling very obsessed, I mean inspired to check out my bookshelves...

(And good luck to you with the CD alphabetizing!)

Penelope Anne

Got to love Douglas Adams books, you could have had a fairly good list if you had more of his books on your shelf.
Interesting challenge. Thanks for visiting my T13 this week, have a good holiday!


That was a clever one. I'm sure that one wasn't easy!! One of my favorite books, however is Jeffrey Archer's, Not A Penny More Not a Penny Less. I had forgotten about it -- thanks for the reminder.

Dane Bramage

We are so in agreement on Hitchikers: The Movie. Adams was fond of lengthy titles. Didn't he do "Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul? Great list. You rose to the challenge admirably. Happy Thanksgiving! (do you celebrate?) My Thursday Thirteen is up. It's #57 and it's 13 Things My Momma Done Taught Me. Stop by if you get a chance.


Wow, what a difficult and interesting challenge! Happy TT and Thanksgiving if you're celebrating!

Leslie Dicken

Exactly HOW MANY books DO YOU have on your bookshelves? LOL! What a challenge...and you met it! Congrats!


Cool! I bet I could do that, too, even though I cleaned out the bookcase two days ago. I love my books! I also love your friends' idea and the way you rose to the challenge. Good job.


I'm Thanksgiving-free too. Check out mine for Shits and Giggles.

Robin from Israel

It just doesn't get any better than the Hitchhiker's guide...

The Crap Jobs one sounds worth a look. I like that Worst Jobs series the BBC did so I'd probably like the book too.

Babyamore (Trish)

I've only read Adrian Mole - where do dig up these books ? happy thanksgiving


ha ha! So we can set you book-related challenges? I'll have a think.


Hmm... haven't heard of any of these books... well, perhaps the Sue Towsend one. They seem like very old books :)

The Gal Herself

This is a first! Of all your book TTs, this is the only one where I haven't read a single title. Thanks for visiting my TT.

Denise Patrick

Great list. I've even heard of a few of them, too. LOL!

Thanks for visiting my TT!


I love Douglas Adams. 42!


Great list! I need to get reading. Happy TT!

Mom Not Mum

LOL That book about crap jobs sounds interesting.


What a fun idea for a TT. I'm going to have to have a look at my bookshelves now. Happy Thanksgiving!


It really is impressive, Nicholas, that you can rise to these challenges. I think this one would be a struggle for me. The only one I can see on my bookshelves is Umberto Eco's The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana. Once again, in awe of your bookshelves!!!


Great list, a few I have never heard of but will look into getting them. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

Anglophile Football Fanatic

I always love your book list. I haven't read any, but the Fraser series looks good! Thanks for all your reading suggestions!

Adelle Laudan

I don't think I've heard of most of these. Congrats for taking the challenge.

Happy Turkey Day!


I'm amazed to say I've actually read a few of these! Congrats for passing the challenge. Thanks for dropping by!


I have yet to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but both my son and husband have - we rented the movie and I was totally turned off. I should probably read the book, and this one also sounds interesting.


I have yet to read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but both my son and husband have - we rented the movie and I was totally turned off. I should probably read the book, and this one also sounds interesting.

Sword Girl

I've not heard of many of the books, but some of them do sound interesting! Looks like you won the challenge! Great job!


Do you have 13 books with titles in another language? Another list of books I've never read-man-I haven't read a good book in a long time.

Glad you liked my 13 list. It's amazing how stupid people can be, isn't it? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


this is a GREAT list! and of course, i found a couple that will go on my list too!
have a wonderful thanksgiving full of blessings and good food!


Wow, eclectic list!


I've only read Adrian Mole and the Douglas Adams book.

Do longer titles mean smarter books?

Makes me wonder how many of my books have 6 word or more in the title.

Actually, I think most of mine have one or two word titles.


Haven't read any of those. And now I am curious about my own shelf...
Challenging TT!


The Restuarant at the End of the Universe!

I'm nostalgic for my Hitchhiker books again. I must hit my used bookstore and get them. They just keep coming up.

Happy Thursday/Thanksgiving Nicolas. :)



Ooops, I bothered with the movie and thought 'meh.' Thank you for letting us know the series is worth reading.

Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment today.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy TT!!


I love science fiction and I love humor, but I could never get into Adams books... they lack plot. They are good to read a chapter at a time... a month in between. I know I'm pretty much alone in this view.

I have to admit that I haven't read a singe one of the other titles in your list. Right now I'm reading Don't Know Much About the Bible... which has six word in the title, but it's a library book and I don't own it. It's fascinating and not terribly religious.


Oh, I love these! I've only read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Now I'm tempted to go through my shelves and see if I can come up with 13 books with 6+ word titles.

Linda R. Moore

Did I not comment on this yet? How strange.

I have the Restaurant, used to like Adrian Mole (though I don't any more), and would love to see thirteen of those bad jobs as a future TT13. :)

Thanks for gallivanting around the universe looking at all my TTs :)

Wylie Kinson

I've always enjoyed Jeffrey Archer. I always though Cain and Abel was his first. Learned somthing new today :)
I think I've all of his pre-prison work.

Matthew James Didier

"The Murders of the Black Museum" - Now on my MUST READ list! Merci!


Hello Nicholas!

And I consider myself a book-lover... I haven't even read a single book from your list! These seem to be very interesting reads... I'll try to look for them. :)

Thank you for dropping by.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I've read two of them.


Glad you had Douglas Adams in here, otherwise the only book on your list I've read is Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Thanks for dropping by.


Great list. I just finished Cat 'o' Nine tails by Jeffery Archer one of my favorite authors. Douglas Adams is always a fun read.



I haven't read a single one of those, but definitely enjoyed perusing the covers. How about a TT of books that aren't cookbooks, but have food in the titles? :)

Thanks for stopping by!


holy guacamole,
have you read all these books?

the only one i've read/heard of is the Dougals Adams book.

thanks for visiting my suspcious meme

Vicki Gaia

What a great list. I'm glad to see this, because some of my book titles tend to be rather long! I have one 5 word title: Light In A Hollow Place :) Nice to be in such good company. Vic


I remember the Douglas Adams book! Thanks for stopping by my TT.


Way to step up and take Dane Bramage's challenge. It is rare that a movie (In the Heat of the Night) is better than the book that inspired it. I am somewhat intrigued to read it to see in what areas the movie improved upon. I haven't read the last book on your list, but it sounds like a very amusing read.

Andi & Stien

Wow, I think I should be ashamed, because I don't think I recognize any of these titles... *oops*
Happy TT, and thanks for dropping by ;-)

Mary Emken

Saw the movie ( In The Heat Of The Night) but, didn't read the book. As usual that's quite a list you have.

Do you ever watch Glenn Beck on head line news? He tells it how it is. Try to catch him some time if you haven't all ready.


Wasn't sure if it included subtitles or not...but in this caase it doesn't even matter. This is just the most intriguing one from my book journal over the past 10 years:

We're Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle by Celia Rivenbark.

Candy Minx

Well done. That must have been tricky. I've read three of them this list. It is cold here today and I'm a little jealous of your Red Rose tea and your warmer weather!

Hey I posted a video you might enjoy from yesterday at my blog today regadring Thanksgiving dinner and other odds and ends...


Thanks for visiting my TT. Sorry it to me so long to drop by, I was busy eating and cooking.

Haven't read any of the books this go around.


Sorry, I don't recognize a single one of these. Maybe you'll take a look at my list for this week's T-13 when you get the chance. :~D

Summer Squirrel

You have quite a selection. Of all I've read Douglas Adams. Thanks for visiting my site!



My fav is Jeffrey Archer...and some of the other books...I would love to read...

Thanks for stopping by...



Of all your lists I so love to peruse, I have read the most off of this one the challenge list. Figures.

Thanks for another glimpse.


J. Lynne

Excellent choice with Douglas Adams. :) I wonder if that Third Reich book is available as an unabridged audiobook. I'm currently devouring history during my daily commute and I'm looking for something WWII-ish for 4 books from now.

Happy belated Turkey day. :)


I'm late as usual, but that's nothing new for me.

Fun list of books! My BIL is so hard to buy Christmas presents for. He is a sailing guy. I wonder if a Montsarrat book would be a good thing for him.


That's a very interesting challenge. Don't think I have quite enough books here to be able to participate. Neat idea though. Thanks for coming by today.

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