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November 28, 2007


Comedy Plus

I've seen one, The Italian Job. Have a great TT. :)

Chelle Y.

We just watched "Galaxy Quest" last week!

It's a pretty sad day when I recognize more movies on your list than I do books! :)

Happy TT!


Great list,Thanks for reminding me of Gosford Park. I so wanted to see it but decided to wait and now I realize I have never remembered to rent it. I think I would like the Gathering Storm as well. I love A Christmas Carol with Albert Finney. I also agree they butchered Cole Porters music in De-Lovely. Happy TT


I have both Italian Jobs in my DVD collection. LOVE them both. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.


Yikes, the Ring is the only one Ive seen...hey, you did movies funny. Great minds think alike I guess;) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by. Its always great to see you.


I'm with you on Gosford, the Agatha's, Sexy Beast and A Christmas Carol. Can't say I enjoyed Galaxy Quest as much as you did, and I haven't seen all of DeLovely (yet), but what I did see, I liked.

You've got me intrigued with The Ring. Might be a weekend rental.


I thoroughly enjoyed "Galaxy Quest"... you are right about Alan Rickman's performance in the movie.

When I started reading your comments about "De-Lovely", I was hoping you'd mention (and you did) the fiction that was "Night and Day". Just as Greatfullivin mentioned earlier, I watched part of it... but liked what I saw. Maybe I'll catch it again sometime.


Galaxy Quest is a great movie. The Ring? A little freaky! Great List! :) HAPPY TT!


I did a movie TT too. I've seen Downfall, A Christmas Carol (yours is my favorite version), Galaxy Quest and Gosford Park.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Galaxy Quest!!! Oh, man, Nicholas, what a great movie that was!

The rest... Uhh... I'll go add them to my Netflix queue and try to catch up to you. For a change. You're always turning me on to new things!

The Gal Herself

You know, I'd forgotten about The Man Who Knew Too Little! It's time for a repeat reviewing. It wasn't high art, but damn it was fun. (And thanks for visiting my blog.)

Infinity Goods

Another T13 movie list. There seems to be quite a few of us this week. I hope that means we all have great minds!
I love Peter Ustinov as Poirot! Such a great actor.
Christmas Carol is great too, but I do prefer the one with Patrick Stewart (Shakespearian actor who also did Star Trek). I also saw his live one-man play of The Christmas Carol. That was simply amazing!
Galaxy Quest is one of those silly movies, yet it is great too.


I'm impress to see Galaxy Quest! It doesn't seem your type at all!
I'm so a fan of the Christmas's Carol that I must have seen that version, even if I'm not sure...
If you would understand french(I'm not sure there is an english version to them) I would say to you to see Louis de Funès ' movies!


Now that's a good unique list! And I've actually seen 90% of them believe it or not!

No nonsense girl

wow, not much of them known to me... I have some ideas if I want to watch something...

Mine's 13 truths that have changed my life!!!

Secret Agent Mama

I don't know some of them, some of heard of, and The Ring scared the poops outta me!


I was going to say I hadn't seen any. But then I remember, I have seen Galaxy Quest. I can't help it, I've always liked the Tool Man.

BTW - I picked you in my TT this week as a "favorite" but you have to come to to find out why. :P

Mary Emken

I perfer to watch movies that make me laugh and The Man Who Know To Much did just that.
Years ago I had gotten Ghostbuters with Bill Murrey for my sons when they were young. I think I still have it some were in my collection.I watch the Christmas Carol with Alister Sim every Christmas Eve. I would love to find the Christmas Carol, The Little Match Girl but, I can't find it any were.


I love that Mini chase in The Italian Job. Galaxy Quest cracks me up too. I have to say though that I didn't really like Gosford Park, way too slow.


Oh I just loved Gosford Park! I saw it in the cinema and I've watched it several times on dvd. Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren are just phenomenal (as always!), as are Kelly MacDonald and Kristen Scott Thomas, but what I loved the most about it was the scenes, the costumes and the props. Just stunning! Possibly my favourite costume drama.


Never seen any of those... hmm... I did saw the Japanese version of The Ring though ;)


Well, we've got Galaxy Quest and several versions of A Christmas Carol, including, I believe, that one. And I've seen Gosford Park, The Italian Job, and The Man Who Knew Too Little. You've got a nice variety listed there, and a couple I think I'll check out on Netflix.


I love A Christmas Carol but I haven't watched the version you featured... I'm going to look for it. And I love The Ring! :o)


I saw "Death on the Nile" many years ago and remember it to be very entertaining. I also saw the the more recent biopic depicting the life of Cole Porter "De Lovely". The newer version is far more truthful, I mean the first one was filmed in the 40's when everything was closeted. I got to check out the original "Italian Job". I am a big fan of Michael Caine. Happy TT.


You have piqued my interest with several of these choices. I will definitely be checking them out.....except "The Ring"....I just do NOT like those kinds of movies!!!
Thanks for coming by my T13, have a great day.


It worries me that I recognize more movies on your list than books. ^.^
The Ring startet out great, scary and all, but the end was just plain annoying. Ruined the whole movie for me.
Galaxy Quest really is funny. Tim Allen and Alan Rickman togehter: what more can one ask of a movie?
A Christmas Carol is one of our Christmas staples as well. Though to be honest, I'm not quite sure if it's the same version.
And can Kevin Kline really be miscast in any role? I haven't seen that particular movie, but I love the guy and love to watch him in anything.


my video collection seems to run along the disney/dora the explorer line these days, but, i'm tucking back a few of these titles for future reference!

happy tt!

Nicole Austin

Great list! Very eclectic. I've seen most of them. :D

Happy TT!


Well I'm going to check out the comedy at least. Thanks!


I'm going to give Gathering Storm a try on you recommendation!


Galaxy Quest is really funny. I dig the bumbling heros angle. That's probably why I like Mystery Men and The Incredibles too :) Happy TT!

Carrie Lofty

The Alistar Sim version was actually banned from release in several states because, released as it was in the early 50s, some people thought it was too communistic in its portrayal of events/morals. Funny, that, because it's also the version closest to Dickens' original--almost word for word.

And I did a review of Downfall here:

Brilliant film.


The new Italian Job is good because it isn't a remake of the original. It is more of an homage. The stunts with the minis (new ones of course) are there and the caper is there but it is by no means a remake. Try renting it some time. You might like it. :D


I've only seen a couple of these, The Italian Job and A Christmas Carol. I was so disappointed when old Scrooge became all jolly and Christmassy. I liked him the way he was before, LOL!




The Italian Job and A Christmas Carol are the only ones I've seen. But, some sound interesting, so I might be headed for a video store soon. Although, I'm surprised I haven't seen Death on the Nile because my husband loves Poirot and has almost everything of his. I'll have to check his collection. If he doesn't have it, I just got his Christmas present. Thank you

Thanks for visiting my TT!


Galaxy Quest cracks me up every time!


Now I have to dig out Galaxy Quest. We were just talking about it a few weeks ago and another mention means it needs to be seen soon. :)

I really liked the 2003 remake/reimagining/update/homage of The Italian Job. Perhaps because I could relate to it more than the original.

I grew up on several versions of A Christmas Carol. I like some of the modernizations of it, particularly Scrooged with Bill Murray. I watch it every year that they show it. *Grin*

The parts of De-Lovely I saw were great but I need a chance to sit and watch it from start to finish sometime soon. The same with Gosford Park.

You should do another one next week to see what else I've seen on your shelf. :)



Some good movies there. My favorite is Gosford Park.

Cindy Swanson

Great idea for a TT, Nicholas. Once again I'm making a mental note to do this sometime!


Oh dear. I've never watched any of these. I've been considering taking De-Lovely out of the local library for a while but hadn't because
i didn't know anything about it. Thanks for the review.


Seen a number of these..they are excellent films! Thanks for comment on my blog, nicholas, very brave of you!


Motherhood has taken an ugly toll on my movie life. I have seen Death on The Nile. I really want to see De Lovely.

Mom Not Mum

Darn I was hoping to gain some insight in to your musical taste - maybe a cd or vinyl collection? 8 track? Great movies - a few I've seen and a few I've been meaning to.


Of course, Alan Rickman steals every scene :-)

I like A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart Best :-)

My other blog's not feeling well, so I'm posting the T13 on my photoblog.


I LOVE Kind Hearts and Coronets! Thank you for that nudge, I am adding it to netflix right now!


There is NOTHING like a laugh at Galaxy Quest. It's so very stupid funny. My son thinks it amazingly hilarious.



Like the juxtaposition of Gosford Park and Galaxy Quest. We own both DVDs as well. Thanks for sharing! I'm all about collective nouns this time round. Cheers, XINE

Matthew James Didier

An excellent list as always! Glad to see Sir Peter make it more than once too! (I'm a fan...)


Hey, Nick! You sucked me in with your title: songs from your iPod! Then you did movies!! The ol' bait and switch technique, huh?!!! That gets 'em every time!

I'd like to see "Sexy Beast" simply to see Ben Kingsley as someone rotten. I don't think he's played a bad guy before this movie. You have three others I'd like to see also: DeLovely, Gathering Storm, and Downfall. I'll have to check my local movie place for those rentals.
Thanks for sharing part of your DVD collection.
Have a great weekend!

Babyamore (Trish)

interesting list - only seen one! will check more out.


We have a lot of dvds, but none of those. I'm sure as the years go by we'll end up with some of them. Interesting idea for a list!

Come visit my Thursday Thirteen if you get a chance. :)

Wacky Mommy

I've seen only 2 of those! Thanks for the list.

Pamela Kramer

OOOOh great selections! Sexy Beast was so much fun and Galaxy Quest was a crack up. Thanks for stopping by and Happy TT.


Eclectic, huh? Galaxy Quest = cheesy fun = loved it anyway.

Stop by my Coulda Woulda Shoulda NaBloPoMo edition and vote for tomorrow's entry.


the Organizer in me wants to know how you store all of a book, or with the orginal packaging?


I've seen 4 out of 13. Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast was wicked!


The Ring is one of the few horror movies that has creeped me out completely.

Galaxy Quest is one of my favorites too.

My TT is up, if you can find it. Not too exciting this week. ;)


The Ring was great!


Being huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fans we have A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart.

Penelope Anne

Good, you like the best Scrooge (Alistair Sims)'re proud to own Galaxy Quest??? Joking, I think...that movie was ridiculous, I don't know though, I might say "Zoom" was worse though.
Good choices, like to see the blend. Thanks for visiting my T13


I also own Gosford Park and Downfall. Love British movies and 'riveting' is a good word to describe Downfall. Thanks for visiting and sorry you had problems with not being able to add a link.


thanks for the comment, like the galaxy quest..."m not sure if i saw the rest yet. Thanks for sharing.


I have the new version of The Italian Job. It is one of my favorite movies ever!! As for The Ring, that is hands down the scariest movie ever.


I've seen a few of those, Galaxy Quest and the Ring were both good.

I like Bill Murray and haven't seen that one...I only own 1 DVD and it was a gift, so I'll add it to my NetFlix list :-)

Thanks for visiting me at my blog away from blog...your comment had me rolling :-)


I've seen that The Italian Job and that version of A Christmas Carol. I was very disappointed that they destroyed the MINIs in the original--and liked the modern adaptation better. (This probably has at least something to do with the fact that we have a modern MINI.)


Excellent list! (I also dont own an iPod, maybe they will revoke our permission to blog???)

Michael Adams

Some great movies on this list. I love Galaxy Quest! And A Christmas Carol has long been one of my absolute favorites. Obviously there are some listed that I need to see! Thanks for the list! As for the Ipod, I love mine, but it's gotten too small. If you love music and can't live without it, by all means, spend the money. If not, then a good cd changer will suit you every bit as well!

Sword Girl

They all look very interesting! I'd like to see Sexy Beast with Ben Kingsley; he is such a great actor! I LOVE Galaxy Quest!! Thanks for providing some new movies to check out. :-D We're gonna have to check out A Christmas Carol very soon maybe this weekend.

Sword Girl

I just realized that I put the wrong link doh!

Here it is:


I LOVE Ben Kingsley! And I have to say The Ring is the scariest movie I've EVER seen!


Let me see...
Gosford Park - don't know it, sounds interesting. Mirren is good.
Sexy Beast - Ben Kingsley as a criminal, have to see that one!
Galaxy Quest - I love it! Some Trekkies think it's bad, but I don't!
Southern Comfort - I think my hubby will like this one and I'd join him.
The Italian Job - the remake is nice, but this one is so much better!
Christmas Carol - love the story, don't know this one, my favo is the one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge
The man who knew too little - hilarious, love it!
De-lovely - bought it because Robbie Williams is in it, but I love it, great music.
Kind Hearts And Coronets - don't know it, not sure I'd like it.
The Ring - I liked the original one, but the American remake is made better.
House of cards - I agree with you!
The Gathering Storm - don't know it, but sounds interesting!
Downfall - I know German so I could watch it while doing the laundry, but that would not be the thing to do. Riveting is the word.
Death on the Nile / Evil under the sun - I'm a huge Christie-fan and love the movies too!

Thanks for visiting my magic quotes TT!


I've seen a few of these but like other posters, I appreciate the reviews you did. In fact, you piqued my interest on several (Sexy Beast, in particular) so I think I will go a'renting!

Thanks for stopping by Snarkypants! Enjoy your weekend.


The Ring scared me silly. Great list. Thanks for stopping by my TT.


I can't believe that I haven't seen a single movie on your list! Not even that version of A Christmas Carol! I guess that I need to expand my movie horizons...


I would like to be able to watch The Italian Job (the one on your list). I saw the remake, it was also good.
thanks for visiting my T13!
Happy Thirteening!


Sorry about the format of my comments. I didn't change them to be like that. Blogger made a change in the past couple days where non Blogger commenters can't leave URL/email. It stinks! I'm getting off Blogger soon. Sorry about that.

damozel, administrator

Great list of some of our favorites.


Typepad hates me, so if this posts more than once, I'm sorry.

Great list! My fave on that one is Gosford Park, followed by Galaxy Quest.

But I have to say that the Muppet Christmas Carol is pretty cool.


i forgot about galaxy quest. will have to see that again- it was so funny! great list- always love seeing what movies are in peoples' collections.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

It's a nice collection because of the different movie genres. I've seen several of them.

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