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December 23, 2007



Nice to see you're not above the odd meme here and there. Admit it, they're quite fun once you get into the spirit of the thing aren't they? Interesting list by the way. I would definitely like to have seen every country before I go. It must be doable, but I think I need to specify that where possible I'd like to travel with comfort and amenities.


OK, now I really want to know which MP you had a playground dust-up with! Very intriguing!! I am so glad I tagged you, Nicholas, and that you decided to give it a whirl. Your answers were all so well-considered and just fascinating. Oh, and I think a little controversy is no bad thing - especially when I agree with it all!

Wylie Kinson

Do you think #10 Downing has enough bookshelves for your vast collection?? ;)

I used to play clarinet (yet ANOTHER thing we have in common). In fact, I betcha I could still squeak out Variations on a Korean Folksong if pressed.

Yes to healthcare - your arguement is completely logical, btw - and to little/no prohibitions on (consenting) adults.

I'm on the fence on censorship, only because I'm a mother bear. If all parents did their jobs (like monitor television watching, as one example - but I could site many more), then I would completely agree, but there are some really stupid people in the world...


All hail The Right Dishonourable Sir Nicholas! I'd like to relearn the saxophone, and I agree with your argument about pot. I think a podcast is the next best thing to having a radio show...


On re-learning the clarinet, the best advice I can give (since I re-learned the cello) is to just pick it up and start. It really comes back pretty fast if you let it. But you have to be relaxed about it.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

Ev Nucci

This is brilliant...just brilliant Nicholas! Let's see...what are my favs? Knighthood, Parliament, books, radio show. With you on marahoochoochi, censorship, skydiving, bungi jumping, and London. I adore London...I absolutely love it. It's one of my favorite cities in the entire world. As much as I love New York...I love London.

Hubby will not allow skydiving either...I'm determined to parachute one day before I die. I have a mendacious list...the question is will hubby be able to stop me? So far he has!!!! LOL...


universal healthcare? to me, that's the ultimate measure of how humane a state is: if you can translate the value of human life into the amount of copay, that's what I call 'reaching the bottom'... humanistically speaking. American healthcare system scares me.

my father came to visit me here from Europe, and before his trip he purchased a full medical insurence policy. he said he doesn't want to take any risks with the American system. sad, but true.

legalizing weed? ............ are you dreaming?


This sounds like fun... I might steal this later on this week. :)

Matthew James Didier

Re: #8

Hmmm... we apparently think alike.

Note #4 at...

...and scroll to the lower bit of...

These pointed out, I'm sure I'll be left off the honours list AGAIN this year...

Heck, I haven't even gotten my notice for a lousy Order of Canada!!!


I used to play the guitar... I should dig it out again.

I agree with you about healthcare, censorship, personal lives, books... I'm on the fence about pot because of some personal experiences I should probably blog about, but it has ruined fewer lives than booze. I like Jazz, but I know nothing about it... and I kinda like swing so I'm probably clueless.

I've never been out of the country, and hence never to London. I don't think I'd make a good member of parliment, congress, or the PTA.... hmmm I guess some of do like to talk about ourselves. ::grin::

I'm glad your wife won't let you kill yourself, and you could do the Blog Talk Radio thing. I'd listen.

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