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December 15, 2007



15000 tons of Brussel sprouts? I'm not sure I've ever had brussel sprouts, but they have never sounded appetizing.

I don't watch BBC often, so I wasn't aware that they bleep out words. I hate it when they remove the words from songs, leaving an awkward moment of silence that doesn't prevent anyone from knowing exactly what they were planning on saying. It would drive me insane if they cut out words on my television shows!


I won't be contributing towards the consumption of all those brussels. Someone else can have my share.


Hi Nicholas,
I do hope the cockroaches have not carried away anything important, like a family pet. My grandparents lived in Orlando so I understand what you are talking about.

I am a fan of "Life On Mars"! I love that show! I agree that we need to quit being so prudish. I quite enjoy hearing a F**k F**k here and a f**k f**k there, every now and then. :o)~

Brussel sprouts! What in the hell is up with that? They are eating those green turds on purpose? OMG! Is that something special that Brits do on the holidays only?
I love about all veggies but these. I wonder if they would make good golf balls? Nah.... too little.

Great post.

Have a great week !



EEWWW on the cockroach thing. We've got the same breed in Bermuda and I learned over the years to pre-bang cupboard doors that haven't been used in awhile before opening.

LOL on sprouts. My limey hubby LOVES them. I hate cooking them because they smell like rotten socks, but I treat him at Christmas.

And hey - did you know that I can make $1500-$5000 PER WEEK!! just by working at home for a few hours?

Penelope Anne

What would life be without spam????
So you sleep in waiting rooms too? Papa Bear does that and I used to scold him, now I think who cares....the man's tired deal with it. When he falls asleep as I am talking to him though....he better watch out.
Yuck to the cockroaches, I have seen very few in my life and would prefer to keep it that way.
And finally maybe you could design some clever art from all those twist ties.


Ok, Hands up! I am one of those Brits consuming the brussel sprouts. And I don't do it a gunpoint! I actually quite like them, and, perhaps even more shockingly, I have raised my kids to like them too.
I also just loved Life on Mars! The country was abuzz with that show and how it was going to conclude. Do you know that they're making a sequel called Ashes to Ashes which is going to feature D.I. Hunt and the rest of the 1970s coppers with a female psychological profiler from the 00s, and the whole thing is to be set in 1981. You can find out more about it here:
Ooh, I can't wait!


I love Brussels sprouts!!! either boiled and with crumbled bread and butter, or raw and grated...

and speaking of cockroaches -- we've just caught a rat in a trap... it's a looong story and I may post about it, once I get over the feeling of disgust...


I've seen those colossal Floridian cockroaches & have engaged them in hand-to-hand combat on more than one occasion.

I'm sure the key to destroying them can be found in large quantities of Brussels sprouts.


Thanks for droping by my blog and leaving that nice comment.

Oh, that cockroach.. oh oh. I don't know if you do poetry, but there's a poem in there somewhere... oh, yuck.

You know, I've been thinking of having some brussle sprouts... but I haven't had any since I was a child. I'm wondering if they are good or not. Now I'm afraid to try them. Perhaps I should rethink this and go with green beans instead. Hmm...


Big bugs are the only drawback of constant warm weather, that I can think of anyway.

I think the censors ask themselves if a word or concept is fun, if it is then it must be evil... therefore, sex is bad but shit and violence are okay.

Summer Squirrel

Ugh, cockroaches. We got big flying ones here in Houston. They always seem to be aiming for my head while I'm screaming and running for cover. Ughhhhh!

Ugh, brussle sprouts. The Brits can have them all!



I love brussels sprouts. There are ways to make them wonderful - write if you'd like inspiration.


Ah yes....the flying Houston roach. It's been ten years since I lived there and the thought still makes me shudder.

My husband and I were talking about the odd bleeping on BBC-A, too. Shit, but not T**? And we were watching Torchwood which I think only the credits would make it through on American TV. Especially the last couple of episodes.

And I like the sprouts, too. Didn't used to until I found a good way to prepare them. Sauteed with garlic and parmesean cheese.


Cockroaches (or Palmetto bugs): one reason out of many I would NEVER ever live in Florida.

What the fuck is with the British sprouts?


that's fucking gross, about the cockroach, YUCK! One of the many reasons I could never live in FL.

Oh, and I puffy pink heart brussels sprouts :-)

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