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December 05, 2007



Is it Thursday again already?


You got me fooled for a moment with that list of christmas songs! *LOL*
I've read 7 of those. I love Dolores Claiborne; it's not that well-known, but worth reading!
Thanks for visiting my animation TT. The Dalmatians is a great movie too, but I had to limit myself... I like Disney's Pooh, although the books with the old drawings are more appealing to me.


You can't go wrong with a bit of Beatrix Potter, can you! I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with her. Most bizarre! It was Peter Rabbit that taught me the meaning of 'soporific', which just goes to prove the educational value of Potter's prose. Anyway, great list, as always, Nicholas.

Chelle Y.

I was so excited about your list, then realized I did not even recognize any of them. Of course, I should have remembered it was you! Haha!

Hey, at least this time, I did know some of those books! :)


I was reading along thinking "This can't be right, I've never even heard of these songs..." LOL.

I've only read three on your real list though.

Happy TT Nicholas.

Candy Minx

Well, those are delightful and tricky titles.

What comes to my mind are: Sophie's Choice, Daisy Miller, Anna Karena, What Maisie Knew, Rebecca, Lolita, Tess of the D'ubervilles...

what an imagination you have for making up Chirtmas songs...I almost believed them too...I was huh? How espteric these titles are...

Well done!

Milan - zzz

I don't think I would find 5 ... I'm looking ....looking ...

The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton
Miss Smilla's Felling for Snow by Peter Hoeg
The Ages of Lulu by ALmudena Grandes
Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azir Nafisi
Mona and Other Tales by Reinaldo Arenas

OK I have 5!

Happy TT!
Cheers from Serbia!


I liked the made up Christmas carol list. Those sound like some fine imaginary tunes!!! lol! As for that Scottish Queen ... I say off with her head ... ;) Happy TT!

ellen b

Jemima Puddleduck is my favorite. You should compose songs to go with some of those titles you made up...

Nicole Austin

I was reading the list of Christmas carols wondering why I'd never heard any of them. LOL! Great list. :D


LOL. I wish those were real Christmas songs. They'd be funny.

I was sad to read about Levin's death. I enjoyed his books.

Happy TT.


LOL, Nicholas! That was a blast. :-)


You had me going. I am thinking as I read your Christmas music list, "now where is this guy from"..."I am going to have to google these songs" Silly girl I've been tricked. Your list of books is good as well I have read six. I love Are you being served. Have a great TT


I love Alice in Wonderland all though it has been ages since I read it. The cat used to give me creeps though disappearing like that.

Have to read Rosemary's Baby now, after reading your review. It has been added to my list.

Thank you for visiting my TT.


You're a funny you have Bridget Jones on your list...I knew I liked you:) Happy TT.

Anglophile Football Fanatic

I love that you can go from King, to George, to Potter all in one list. VERY thorough!


Fred and Rose sounds like a book I might like to read. I have no idea why I enjoy true crime. You'd think it'd scare the heck out of me! Fake things do. Makes no sense. Great list.


Although I haven't read any of these books, I have heard of most of them. I was expecting to see "The Odessa File" on your list. By the way, nice job of fakery with the "Christmas" songs.


loved the Bridget Jones books! Great idea :-) and #6 cracked me up LMAO!

Thanks for visiting!


Nice ALMOST change up. You had me for 3 seconds. VERY clever and good list Nicholas.


Wait---you have Dolores Claiborne, but you don't have Carrie?


That is the only book on the list I've read, Dolores is crazy. :) I (actually) like the movie better, because it's not as twisted. :)

Happy TT!


You almost had me with those songs -- and I had never heard of a one of them. Very tricky!


mmm, conkers. Ya NUT! Happy TT!

No Nonsense girl

Cheers my friend and happy TT!!! :)

SJ Reidhead

Ditto on the Christmas music! You left out "Grandma Got Runover by Santa" or something like that!

The Pink Flamingo


Hey,I kinda liked the Christmas songs--especially #8. Hah,you really had me going for a minute there (LOL). Well done . . .

Infinity Goods

Ha! And here I was thinking, "Gee, how come I don't know any of these?" Funny! Funny!

Love Margaret George's Henry XVIII. Wrote my college entrance essay on that book.

I've replied to your question on my post if you care to go back to it.

Happy Thursday!


Hey, you forgot to link to my blog....thanks for the extra info, BTW:)


You got me going there on the Christmas songs! :o) I've read only 5 from your list. Happy TT!


Fred and Rose look like anybody's relatives, which makes me think of how wonderful it is to be a blacksheep!


Yeah, I need to read more. I haven't read any of those, but I've seen the movies of a couple. LOL!


I'm embaressed...the only one I have is Jemima.

But now I have issued a challenge to myself...use "codswallop" in a sentence in the next 24 hours.


Your fake Christmas songs TT would've been too funny. I know a few of these but haven't really read any of them. Hmm... I think I should get reading! Hahahah. Happy TT!


Well, I ashamed to admit I've not read any of those. I have, however, seen the movie versions of several.

I've dedicated my TT to you this week Nicholas. Hope you like it.


LOL I was reading your song list thinking WTF i've never heard of any of those lol good book list Alice in Wonderland one of my favories Happy TT


Rosemary's Baby is scary!

Deanna Dahlsad

A very clever idea (and I may steal -- err, borrow it!)

I love saying 'puddle duck' for some reason or other... Ever since a little kid I did!

Happy TT!

(PS of FYI The other week, when you stopped by, you forgot the 'L' in your URL so I had to think real hard what letter was missing!)


Oh, how funny! I started reading your post, and started thinking, "Where on Earth is this guy? I have never heard of those songs before. What have I been missing out on all this time?" LOL -- great "real" TT list, by the way. Swing on over to mine and read about 13 reasons why this time of the year really IS wonderful.


Mary Emken

Nick you are priceless. You would be lots of fun at my parties.
I have read and have six Books out of your list. I do watch most of the British sitcoms. They are quite intertaining.

Rian Fike

You are so strange.

And that is a good thing.


I was fooled by those songs too, wondering why the heck hadn't I heard them?? Happy TT and great list!

Penelope Anne

Don't like Christmas Music, ever heard of Bob Rivers? His Twisted tunes might be up your alley....good book list, eclectic for sure.

Vicki Gaia

Don't forget: Jane Austen's Emma and what about Jane Eyre by Charolotte Bronte! Fun list, and I dug your Christmas carols, even though they were made up!

Adelle Laudan

LOL You got me!
I bet it wasn't easy coming up with your list of books. Congrats on rising up to the challenge. Happy Holidays!


At least I'm not a smug married. lol. Dolores Claiborne is motherfucking CREEPY, and you know how I love Alice. LOL.

Comedy Plus

You just do this so very well. I always enjoy my visits here. I love all the made up Christmas songs. Excellent post. Have a great TT. :)


Okay, I have read the last one, but I have not read the others including "Alice in Wonderland". Some of the others I would find very interesting, but I have load of books here to read. I may do a book list for a TT, just so people don't think I can't read. The are even thicker than "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Tilly Greene

HA! Mrs Slocombe, that hair always made me laugh :-) It's a bad day when I have to admit I'm not surprised someone found "The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck" inappropriate for children - sigh.

Fred and Rose has been added to my Christmas list - I wonder which family member will wrap that one up for me, hmmm, I'm going to have sit down and think about this one. If no one does, then I'll treat myself for making it through the holidays.

Now, my sad confession, I didn't realize Bonnie and Clyde was a book first. I should have, but didn't.

As always Nicholas, a fabulous list of books with interesting information on each.


Oh, how predictable of me: I've read the Bridget Jones, Alice, and Jemima Puddle-Duck. Sadly, that's a Follett I've missed. At least I think so--it doesn't ring a bell at any rate. I'll have to put it on my to-look-for list.


You had me going with the first list of "christmas Songs". I was thinking, I've never heard of any of these. . ."

Great list of books, too. I've only read a few of them, though.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Carrie Lofty

Now hold up a minute with your codswollop :)

My girls were 2- and 3-years old when they watched the BBC animated adaptation of Jemima. And believe me, when the puppies burst into the shed and ate Jemima's eggs...there was trauma. It's not unwarrented to think that certain content might not be appropriate for certain age ranges. If I'd have know that part was coming, I'd have held off because my 3-yo at the time was afraid of dogs already! But to call it, full stop, unappropriate for kids is overreacting.

Brenda ND

Nice booklist. Happy TT!


tis the season.. :)

gp in montana


Wow, I have read five of them this time! I really did like your imaginative holiday songs though.

Happy TT

david mcmahon

G'day from summery Australia,

I'd never heard of Santa Claus Will Play The Banjo In Grandma’s Yard Tonight. Enjoyed my first visit here ...


I knew that song list was made up the minute I started reading...I thought you were tricking us and were waiting for someone to say "Great post," Nicolas, proving that they didn't read your post. Do ya know some people do that? Isn't "Monica's Story" a biography? There I go nit-picking again...:)


I actually smiled at the thought of you writing down thirteen christmas songs. I thought it would be interesting to know about something else you enjoy.
Not that I don't like reading about your books(I am always fascinated)

Mama Pajama

I'm embarassed to admit that I was fooled for a bit with those really, how can you hate Christmas music? There must be a few that you enjoy. : )


To Dolores Claiborn, I'll add Carrie, Christine and Lisey's Story, after which I'm out of books with women's names in the title. :)

Thanks for swinging by Wednesday's blog. My TT is finally up as well. I gave insight to 13 of my character crushes, all "geek" crushes by the by. *grin* It's full of links and commentary like TT's of old. lol


The Gal Herself

Of your list, I read Dolores Claiborne and Rosemary's Baby. But I really wanted to ask you about Bonnie & Clyde. Law enforcement certainly didn't observe laws in stopping those two. I'm curious about the story after they died. Do you know if the lawmen were penalized at all, or were they heralded as heroes? (Thanks for visiting my TT)


I love that book by Stephen King!

Allison (aka AngelGal)

Quite an interesting list! Both of them! Creative, I like...

And yes, candles---not just for light anymore! They actually can add more to the ambiance (sp?) than just light! :-) We've got all the way from Christmasy to floral to spicy!

Happy TT and thanks for the visit!

damozel, administrator

I feel cheated that you didn't give us 13 songs, instead of only nine. :(


LOL-Those songs were confusing me, for a moment there!
I've only read 2 of those, which surprised me, because I read A LOT. I need to branch out more, I guess!


I love new music, so I almost headed off to find some of your unique Christmas titles. Bummer.

You've got some good books there. I haven't heard of “Mrs. Slocombe’s Pussy,” but I loved the character, so I know exactly where you're coming from.

My Chilean roots oblige me to point out Isabel Allende's contribution to books with female names in the titles.
Though I've only read 2 of them, I have "Paula" waiting for me on my bookshelf.

Crimson Wife

Too funny! Reminds me of the fake country-western song titles my DH makes up to tease me (I like the genre but he can't stand it).


Sigh, I love Christmas songs! Sure, by the 24th, they get a little tiresome...but love them!


Oh man, I REALLY wanted those to be real Christmas songs.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Nicely done, Nicholas! I've read... Alice in Wonderland, and that's it.

I'm going back on the couch to read a book now. Maybe one day I'll get caught up enough to dig myself a new hole. But probably not. This hole's comfy and familiar.


Thanks for visiting & the lovely comment.
You really had me going there till I got to number 9.
Take care,

Wylie Kinson

What? There really are no carols about conkers? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
I was waiting for "All I Got for Christmas was a New Pair of Socks"

Great list - I've read 5 of them (that's a record). Delores was my fave King book to date and the first adapted to screen that Hollywood didn't royally eff up.
And I still enjoy the Are You Being Served reruns!


You mean I'm not allowed to just make up my TT's? Nobody told me. Besides, every one of your titles sounded better than the average Christmas song. I really want to hear When Snowmen Danced The Polka. Maybe I'll have to write it. We could sing it to the tune of In Heaven There Is No Beer... which is the only polka song that comes to mind right now.

I've only read the last two and my husband is always on my case for keeping too many books around... If I kept a book I bought a long time ago and never read more than once, I'd feel guilty for all the space it took up.

Also, true crime and horror books cause me to have nightmares, so I gave up after reading them after only three Stephen King books. His book about writing was inspiring though.

Harris Channing always!



Wow, you have quite the varied list of books. Although I really enjoyed the Christmas songs.


Great list, thanks for stopping by my TT as well. I was going through the list of songs thinking to myself that it was odd that I had not heard of any of them before. Only read a few of those books, will have to check some of them out.


I'm not sure if it's a statement against Christmas music or in favor of your cleverness that so many of us thought the songs must be real, at least for a second or two.

Loved your book list, and I've read some of them! You'll have to tell us how the Monica book turns out to be, if you ever talk yourself into reading it.

Sabrina Luna

Cool T13, Nicholas! :)

S )O(

Matthew James Didier

Egads! You hate me because I admitted to enjoying the Sharpe television series more than the books... and you included "Monica's Story"!?!


I'm halfway tempted to write a few of those Xmas songs...

Oh, the books? Voracious reading notwithstanding, I've read only nearly 1/3 of your list. Too many books in the world; too little time.

J. Lynne

From Stephen King to Beatrix Potter, what a selection. I've read Alice a number of times, but a number of years ago in a role-playing game, the Game Master had my character tormented by the Cheshire Cat and now I can't even stand to think about even the cartoon.


The only ones I've read on the list are Beatrix Potter and Alice in Wonderland. :)


I only seen the movie "Bridget Jones" movie and thought it was good. Never read the book

And I have seen Bonnie and Clyde movie but never the book.

Maybe I should try to read both. Thanks for visiting my blog!


I believe that I have read the Bonnie and Clyde book. It has some photos in it, right?


I'll have to check out the Bridget Jones sequel since I enjoyed the first one so much. Great list!


What a great post! I laughed with "When The Snowmen Danced The Polka" and with some of the song titles I've heard, I didn't doubt their authenticity. That was a good laugh, thanks.

As for the books... Goodness, I think I've only read Alice in Wonderland. Which is just fine, because I think if a person was to read only one book, this particular one would teach all that one needs to know to get around in life. Wasn't Dolores Claiborne turned into a movie as well? Never was able to watch or read Rosemary's Baby, but yes, she was great in that role (from the snipets I've seen).

Ok. I could go on, but my comments are always too long. I answered you on my blog but figured you might not see it. I've gotten so many reactions on those bears that I'm going to put out a post about them. Did a bit of research and found some interesting things.

AtomiK Kitten

Can't say that I have a favorite song...but I saw a great shirt I am going to get for my husband - it says "What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe!"


Hey, great list. You must have lots of books. I don't have that many books at this point. Not sure why that is. Oh well, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


I was hopeful that atleast I might know maybe one of the Christmas Songs....:D

The book list as usual very interesting and keeps adding to my list of to read :D

Thanks for stopping by

Happy TT!

Ev Nucci

I'm curious how Monica's story comes out...any different than the media story? As far as I can see, she's a twit, a foolish stupid girl who knew fool well what she was doing...and one with a big mouth.


I think we actually bought a version of Jemima Puddle-Duck for my nieces not long ago! Can you imagine translating the book(we bought it in english) to them? A tongue and brain twister!!
Thank for the french comment!


Hey, I stopped by to let you know I posted the stories from my TT - you're up for a prize, so come and see! :-)


I really must read that Brigit Jones book. Seems like everyone in the world but me already has!


Well, hello, you dashing Brit you!

Got Fedora?


Mary Emken

I love to be kept in suspense don't you!?
I have and read The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck To my sons when they were little and my gradchildren also.The others on your list that I've read are Alice In wonderland of course, Rosemary Baby,saw the movie,will never watch it again. Bonnie and Cyde,read and saw the movie, Bridet Jones read and saw the movies,Dolores Clairborn, read. Monica's Story I skimmed through it. I wasn't crazy about it. I think it went from porn to farce and then political.I always thought he was an anus, didn't vote for him either and she was old enough to know better. I could go on and on about both of them but, I won't.

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