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December 19, 2007


ellen b

I'm thinking that I don't get out much...
I don't think I've seen one of these movies. Well I take that back. I have seen Great Expectations...


"Midnight Express" was an excellent movie, as was "Bridge on the River Kwai". The book out of all of these I read was the "Da Vinci Code". The rest of the movies I vaguely remember, but don't recall seeing them. Happy TT.

Nicole Austin

Interesting list. I've actually seen several of the movies!

Happy TT


I always look the book more -- sometimes it's just more fun not to watch the movie!


Sorry, I mean LOVE, not look!

Chelle Y.

What!?! No, "Pride and Prejudice?" Haha!

I was hoping you would do a list like this. I think I only saw the Di Vinci Code. I did not care for it. :)

Moondancer Drake

You could do several lists on books made of movie. Nice idea


I love Great Expectations! Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth are perfect. Catch Me if You Can is one of my favorite DiCaprio movies.


OK...Ive seen 2 on your list:) Happy TT. Great list. When are you gonna do something besides books?? Lets get some personal info on Nicholas!!

No Nonsense girl

That's a very good idea Nicholas! As usual, your TT are interesting and we learn about something!

Happy TT!!! :)

Comedy Plus

I loved Midnight Express. I would love to see that one made into a movie. Excellent list as always. Have a great TT. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried

Ummm.... I've seen a few. Read a few others. Umm. Yeah. Sure, I have!


Happy TT, my friend!


Not read very many, but seen a few of the movies. I'm a silly person, so I rather enjoyed The DaVinci Code. Couldn't put it down, even if the writing and story were risible. But the movie was a waste of time and money.

Ornery's Wife

Finally, you have a book on your list that I have read! I was so excited! I liked Great Expectations, too, but have never seen the movie--or any of them listed here for that matter. I know my education is sorely lacking! I have such a short attention span, and if a story evokes much emotion, I have a hard time sleeping, so I tend to read short stories or fluff. I do love your book lists, though!

Amy Ruttan

Nicholas you and my Dad need to talk. He loves The Cruel Sea (book and movie) as Corvettes were Canadian Ships as well as Bridge over the River Kwai. I know he's read most of those books.

His biggest disappointment of a book being turned into a film was Starship Troopers by Heinlein. Didn't follow the book at all and he was disgusted by the movie.

My BIGGEST disappointment was the Third Anne of Green Gables movie by Kevin Sullivan. Had Anne and Gilbert off to war. WRONG!!! Anne Shirley's children fought in the war (she lost one too). Anne and Gilbert married had many children. The books of Anne and Gilbert's children especially Rilla of Ingle side is a phenomenal portrayal of life on the homefront during WWI in Canada.

Ok I'll stop blathering. Great post as always. :D

Amy Ruttan

OH and the DaVinci Code was a good movie but I don't understand why they changed the fact that Sauniere was actually her grandfather and that her brother was still alive. What was the point of that for the movie???


This is a great list, there are so many options. I might have to do one of my own on the subject.

I rather liked The Da Vinci code, the book, not the movie. In the movie I resented the skeptical tone inserted into the main character and the conspiracy of the church.

But, that's neither here nor there. :)

Happy Thursday



I've read the Da Vinci Code but didn't watch the film, and watched Catch me if you can but haven't read the book. How many books do you have, man?!


Da Vinci Code is the only one I've both read and seen. Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by.


Woo-hoo, I recognize several of these this time! I loved Fail Safe--we read it years ago in a Political Science class, and then watched the movie. Happy TT!

Leslie Dicken

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN was a fascinating story...but I'll admit I've only seen the movie, not read the book.


Out of all of them I've only seen four.

Happy TT, Nicholas!

On a Limb with Claudia

So, of course, I've seen all of these movies. Given our mutual taste in books, it's not too surprising. I thought for one second you liked the Da Vinci code. I thought the book was intriguing but the movie was drivel. I am sorry that they are making angels and demons. Such a waste.

I frequently get the bridge movies mixed up but I love them both.

Great list again Nicholas.


Great list.

The book for Catch me if You Can was wonderful!

marcia v

I have seen at least 5 of those but some 25-30 years ago --Bridge over river Kwai?

Tiffany Aller

Hmm...for once, I've read a lot of the books on your list, but the only movie out of them that I've seen is Catch Me If You Can - and I haven't read that book, but now want to!!!


My husband sings the praises of the book version of A Bridge Too Far all the time. I would love to read Catch Me If You Can but I am still trying to get promoted.

Check out 13 Reasons I Should Be Getting a Promotion for Christmas Regardless of my Gender.

Happy TT!


I have read a few but I have only seen one movie: "Midnight Express" and fell in love with the main character. I was a teenager! following your link I know now he died of aids in 1991, how sad...


I loved Midnight Express. What a great film! However, I avoided The Da Vinci Code book and film like the plague. I really haven't heard many good things about either though, so it would appear that I made the right decision :-)


I've read four and watched four: Great Expectations, The Da Vinci Code, A Bridge Too Far and Bridge On The River Kwai. No Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter? Haha! :o)


I spent a great deal of time working in Ankara before I had kids. On one trip I realized the night before I was due to leave that when I'd arrived a few weeks earlier I'd somehow missed passport control and customs completely! I spent the entire night having "Midnight Express" nightmares, sure they would arrest me on the spot. (Postscript - they didn't, but only out of sheer luck. The passport control officer looked at all the Turkish stamps in my passport and figured he was just missing it among all the others. Phew!!)


I've read two of the books, and seen two of the movies. There's a movie of The Eagle Has Landed? That's the first Jack Higgins book I ever read, and I've got a soft spot for it.


Great list idea. I have never seen the film version, but I did very much enjoy The Cruel Sea as a teenager when made to read it in school. Happy TT, and Happy Holidays!

Lazy Daisy

Interesting list....I've only read a few of them. Thanks for expanding my ever growing "To read" list. Merry Christmas.

Emma Petersen

I'm almost too embarrassed to admit it but I haven't seen one of these movies. I've read Great Expectations but that's about it. My favorite books that have been made into movies are The Color Purple and Beloved.

Happy TT!!


I agree that movies hardly ever do books justice. I have only seen one movie on your list...The DaVinci Code, but I've never read the book to compare.

Happy tt!

Rian Fike

Your mind is so sophisticated, so complicated, so beautiful! Deep list, not the average modern fare.



I have heard of many but not seen them. I will have to try and watch a few of these. I know my hubby will want to. Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by.


Thanks Nicholas for this list of books and I like the comments from different people to help me pick a good book to buy for my son-in-law..Enjoy your day.


I love the little spin you did this week. Very interesting. I love Charles Dickens but for some reason I never read or saw Great Expectations.
I have seen Catch Me if You Can and really enjoyed it. I was never interested in watching or reading the DaVinci Code, it felt too trendy for me.
Thanks for stopping by


I stated that most of the books are much better then the films ! I am always disappointed.


I am actually reading a book right now that will be released as a film in February, The Other Boleyn Girl. From just the trailer, I see the book and the movie don't match up at all.


Good idea for a TT. I haven't seen any of those though!

Pamela Kramer

Impressive list! I've seen a few of these. Books always seem to be better than the films.


Is there a prize for 100%? :)

You have some of my all time faves on that list. And the DVC, but oh well. You didn't hold Tom Clancy against me, so I'll return the favor. :)

And typepad is forsaking me again, so if I double post, sorry.


"The Eagle Has Landed" is my husband's all time FAVORITE movie!! I also enjoy "Bridge Over the River Kwai". This was another great list.
Thanks for stopping by my T13 too.


I always like to see your lists even though our reading tastes as I always comment are VERY different.

Happy TT-13, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!




I've read 2 on your list this week (but not seen any of the films)- that's a nice change! BTW, I'm not surprised that you hadn't heard of any on my list. ;)
You're right, it's pretty rare when the movie is actually better than the book.


I think I've read and watched 5 of those on your list...and now I've got more movies to look for on Netflix! :)

Happy TT!

Nap Warden

I've seen a few of these...I find the book is usually better than the movie...Why is that?


I liked the movie Da Vinci Code. I never read the book though. My husband told me it was way too predictable.


I've only seen one of these movies, and I haven't read any of these books. :)

Thanks for visiting my 13 pictures of tacky Christmas decorations.

Penelope Anne

I always prefer the book over the movie, as I read a good story plays in my mind like a movie....I always do a better job.
I did not like the Da Vinci Code movie myself, did not do the book justice, nor did the Hannibal Lecter movies.
We need to get you some more themes soon Nicholas.
And how is that artwork coming?
My T13 is up for the week.

Aline de Chevigny

Hmmm 11 out of 13 not bad LOL

Happy TT



I've only seen Catch Me If You Can it was a good movie I own The Da Vinci Code but I haven't watched it yet maybe one day I will get around to it Happy TT & Happy Holidays


I couldn't agree more about DaVinci Code. I'm not good with mysteries and even I knew how it was going to end. Plus, Tom Hanks was just silly casting.

Thanks for stopping by and happy TT!

Dane Bramage

Take 2

Great list. I have seen a few of the movies. I might have added Ghost Story but the film was so horrible. MASH was good though. It seems like it would be easy to come up with a list like this. Too easy maybe? How about a twist for the next time you do a Books-to-movies list. Come up with 13 books that were made into films but had their film titles changed.

Thanks for visiting My Thursday Thirteen #61 13 Christmas Songs I Love/Hate Edition.


I definitely agree with you about "The Da Vinci Code" AND with "Thank You for Smoking." There will never be a film of "Great Expectations" that has everything in it the book does, but I agree that the version you mention is probably the best.


A Bridge Too Far was one of the first movies I saw when I returned from Germany and I enjoyed the fact that I could understand the portions where the German soldiers were speaking.

Great list.

And, thanks for visiting my TT!

The Gal Herself

What an eclectic list. From Dickens to The Da Vinci Code! I saw Midnight Express when I was pretty young and found it horrifying. Wonder if it would still seem as raw to me, now that I'm old and cynical …


The only one on your list that I've seen is the latest film version of Great Expectation!!

Dancin' Fool

Ooh, some good ones there, some I have read and some seen as films....none of both I think.....actually one, Midnight Express. Umm that one was just pretty disturbing in any guise!


The first Dickens novel I read is my favorite as well, David Copperfield. Great Expectations is high on the list though.
Wonderful list as always dear N!

Harris Channing

Hey Nicholas!

Great list! I bet you could do dozens more as so many books are made into films.

Have a great holiday season.


Deanna Dahlsad

I love just looking at the covers -- there are movies too? ;)

I guess I'm much too girly for this Gentleman's Domain, for I've seen few of these movies (or books). I did see Thank You For Smoking & loved it (but didn't read the book).

Gee, that's odd... I read far more than view movies. Huh. One trip here and my head is spinning. I'm not even sure of who I am... :p

Harris Channing

Did that fix it, Nicholas? My fingers are popping faster than my synapses!!!


Thanks for visiting my TT.

I have actually read 3 of the books on your list this week.
“The Eagle Has Landed” by JACK HIGGINS.
"Great Expectations” by CHARLES DICKENS
and "The Da Vinci Code” by DAN BROWN
Haven't seen the movies though.


I really like your list. The idea is great ! :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy T13

Slip of a Girl

What an excellent idea for T13 - I may have to steal it myself! (My hat's off to ya, so to speak lol)


This is really embarrassing. I have not read any of the books on the list nor seen any of the movies. I have heard of them. I will do a book list in January, just so you know I can read. Now where are those books I need to read this month to get my 13 ;-).


Great list! I've seen some, read some, and the only one I've both seen and read is Da Vinci Code. Have to agree with your opinion on it ;)

Pop Tart

I'm here again as me, not Deanna at CQ. I officially played twice this week, and boy are my arms tired. (I flap when I write?)

I don't recognize many of those covers, so I'm guessing they are the UK versions? The differences are most intriguing...

Matthew James Didier

The first two DVDs I ever bought are in your list... A Bridge Too Far and The Bridge on the River Kwai... I was having a WWII "bridge" thing after purchasing my first player.


Of this group, I've only seen the last one, and only on TV. Seems I don't see a lot of movies. But most that I do are based on books or short stories.


Both saw and read Midnight Express...scary stuff.

I never read "Thank You For Smoking" but I did see the movie, and it was quite good!


I saw Catch me if You Can... I always meant to read the Da Vinci Code but never got around to it.


This is my favorite topic. Excellent choice! I could talk about filmed books for days.

Happy TT!

Mary Emken

Saw the movie,The Bridge On The River Kwain. Did not read The Da Vinci Code but, saw the movie. Read Great Expectations quite a while ago. Saw the movie The Eagle Has Landed. I'll have to read Royal Flash. Read and saw the movie Midnight Express. Great list as usually.

Hope you will have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.


I always see a new book I want to read when I visit your TT. Great list!


Thanks for visiting & commenting on my T-13 at Small Reflections and leaving a trail back here. Although I don't see many movies any more because I so much prefer books, I quite agree that many of the older films you've listed did justice to the author and were entertaining. It's nice to meet a gentleman blogger.
Hugs and blessings,


I have seen four of those movies.

As mentioned before Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Persuasion, Harry Potter, James Bond Movies. The list good go on.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Happy Late TT!


You have read so many books, and I haven't read the first one on this list. Although, I did watch "Catch Me if You Can" and did enjoy the movie!

Happy TT


I'm 0 for 13 this week. Not only have I not seen any of those movies, I haven't read any of the books, either. I'll have to bookmark this one for when my reading/viewing stacks get low.

Happy TT and thanks for visiting!


This was once again a very good T13.
I think that you ahve already guessed which ones I have may read/watched.

*The Eagle Has Landed: I really could not get into the movie. Could have been the actors. I was a bit younger too when I saw it. Could be why I have not watched it since. I guess I should give it another try.

*The DaVinci Code: Enjoyed the book but the movie was lacking. Did not care for Tom Hanks playing the main character. I like some of his works but not in this.

*Catch Me If You Can: I did not read the book but to my surprise enjoyed the movie.He was quite creative.

* A Bridge Too Far: Love it but you already knew that. Operation Market Garten was indeed a fiasco. The Allies should have listened to their Dutch informants. I have read and watched The Longest Day also. It had quite a cast of characters. A very young Sean Connery (Pvt. Flanagan)was in this one. I could barely recognize him. Was that around the time he did Darby O'Gill and the Little People or maybe after?

Bravo to a great list. :o)

Take care.


Interesting choices!

"Midnight Express" scared me to death. The movie was difficult to watch and not one I wanted to see again and again.

Ron Howard totally disappointed me with "Da Vinci Code." What happened to him? Such a good filmmaker normally, I was mortified when I heard Tom Hanks had been cast and never could sit through the whole film because he was so woefully miscast. Friendship and business rarely mix might be the moral to the story. Unless greed was to blame. Whatever the reason, it was a giant mis-step.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back on Monday for the Carnival of Family Life. LOTS of entries this week!

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