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December 26, 2007


Moondancer Drake

Heat of the Night was a great movie and I even loved the TV series. I grew up in a southern family and I loved the things the show dealt with. Important stuff.

Happy TT

Chelle Y.

I saw "Jaws" when I was seven years old, and to this day, I am afraid of the ocean! :)

Yeah, my dad did not think of the scars it would give both his daughters for life! Haha! (My sister was three)!


I agree with you on a lot of those, except Agatha Christie. She's one of my favourite authors; I love both the books and the movies!
In my TT I'm looking back at my 2007 New Year’s resoutions…

ellen b

As usual a very informative TT from you! My SIL's father directed the underwater shark filming of Jaws in Australia...spooky!


I agree with you about "Frasier"... it is better than "Cheers". As great as "Cheers" is... I would rank "Frasier" a notch higher.


I actually think I was maybe permanently scarred by the Jaws movie. Once, whilst swimming in the North Sea, all I could hear in my head was 'du dum du dum du dum' causing me to hyperventilate. Well, it was either that or the cold... Your writing on Jazz is just great, btw! It's clearly a great love of yours.


We have a hilarious picture of my family (3 of us kids) watching Jaws at home. All of us are sitting on the back of the couch huddled together in horror! Great list, and happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Angel was a great spin-off, although better than Buffy? That's one hard call to make.

Sadly, that's the only one I can think of. My head's a bit too full of the vacation! (and I'm jealous of me, too; I've wanted to do this for a VERY long time.)

Happy TT, my friend.


Nicholas, I can agree with some but not with others. I don't think jazz is better than ragtime, for example. I thought Deliverance,both the book and the movie, were heavy going. Can't read or see either one again.


I agree with the Frazier comment way better then Cheers! Also love In the Heat of the Night! You should check out my TT it has 13 shows I can't live without. Great post and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

The Gal Herself

I'm so glad you brought this topic up. As one who loves both movies and books, it completely fascinates me. I would add The Godfather movies to your list. I recently reread the book and was shocked by how trashy and overwrought the prose is. Yet somehow, the movies are magic! (Thanks for visiting my TT)


That Banjo playing in Deliverance is chilling! And now stuck in my head!!!!!

Happy TT and All the best in 2008!


I didn't even realize a lot of those were spin offs. What an interesting list. I really liked Cheers and Frasier. It's hard for me to say which is better. :)

My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)


I have read the book Jaws but I haven't seen the film. Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by.

On a Limb with Claudia

Gosh, Nicholas, I do love ragtime. I used to go to a Jazz festival with my Dad in LA - one entire day was dixieland and ragtime. Sigh. Fun list!


Id have to agree with the Ring, however, I liked the original too. First blood was also a good one. Happy TT. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by:)


Frazier was indeed better than Cheers. And Mash too.

AtomiK Kitten

You gotta love a little "squeal like a piggy".

No Nonsense girl

Happy TT Nicholas!!!! I'm glad you left your link in your name so everyone can follow your blog!!!!

Great post!!!


You're right -- there are a lot of surprisingly good follow-ups. Toy Story II is a perfect example to add to your list. My Mother and I love House of Cards. The drama of Deliverance is hard to beat.


Sadly enough I have to say I have never seen Jaws lol I am not a movie fan in the least it takes alot for me to sit down & watch a movie maybe somee day i'll try & watch it

Joyful Days

This is always a good conversation starter! You know I never saw or read "Jaws." I loved MASH and Frasier.


You're right, but there are exceptions. I think Joseph's finders movie with Ashley Judd (can't remember the title now) was better movie than a book, though I enjoyed the book well.

LotR was a better movie than a book...can't say about Narnia because I haven't read the book.


I loved The Ring and I agree with you on Jaws. Great TT, as usual. Have a wonderful New Year!


I can't give my opinion because I didn't read these books, besides Agatha Christie and there I don't agree at all with you ! The books are far better then the movies already the characters are not corresponding if I look at Hercule Poirot !

Pamela Kramer

Very cool list as usual. Carol O'Connor reminded me of my grandpa! LOL - Oh and The Ring was so scary. I was one of those people screaming. Happy TT.


M*A*S*H was definitely a case where the series was far better than the novel or movie which spawned it.

I hadn't realized that All In The Family had been based on a British sitcom. Live and learn...


Good picks! I would add One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I loved the book but thought the movie was even better!


The Shawshank Redemption
The Wizard of Oz

And, I agree with your 13 on so many different levels.

My TT is dedicated to my fellow TTeners, bloggers, family, and friends.

Live, laugh, love, and learn in 2008!

Deanna Dahlsad

Whenever I think of Jaws I think of Helen Gurley Brown... She was married to the author, you know ;)

Pop Tart

All In The Family was one of my favorites; but Jazz probably wins on this list.


Oh...I liked the original RINGU. Very Asian in many ways...the strangeness and all. And I liked the well-obake.

My TT is up. :)


I liked the original Ringu better than the Hollywood version! :D Ah well. I agree with you though on Frasier! It was so much more hilarious. :) And I loved its humor so much better.

Happy TT!


the ring was so creepy!! i loved that movie for the actual fear it incited. most 'scary' movies aren't scary at all.


Great list! Two of my favorite spin-offs are "The Simpsons" (spun off from the Tracy Ullman show) and "Laverne and Shirley" (spun off from Happy Days).

This was a fabulous idea. Thanks for stopping by my list!



>>>a few shocking moments and some pretty good banjo playing thrown in.<<<


I loved The Ring... had no idea it was even based off another film at all.

Great list as ALWAYS! :)


A thoughtful T-13. Although I haven't watched much TV for years, I must confess I did enjoy MASH, All the the Family, and Star Trek. I'll never forget Sidney Portier striking Rod Steiger across the face reflexively. What a moment! Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


Totally agree with you about M*A*S*H! The series was better than the movie which was better than the book.

I also agree that the first Star Trek movie was the worst. It had the same amount of plot as a single ST episode, but stretched over a full movie length. I've never seen the whole thing straight through, because I inevitably fall asleep at some point. (I think I've seen the whole thing, just not consecutively.)


There is a picture of my family and I at the Boston Aquarium when I was about four years old. Everyone was standing in front of the Shark tank but all you could see is the top of my head. I thought Jaws would break through the glass.


Another great TT, Nicholas. The books and movies theme seems to be a hot topic these days. I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago in response to another blog's question. It's tough to compare the two mediums; each have limitations scope that the other makes up for.

Loved the part of Jazz. When a person is passionate about something it shows in their writing. Great job!

Nancy Bond

All In The Family still is one of my all time favorite shows! I loved Archie Bunker -- we all have a little bit of Archie in us, if we'd admit it. :) Great list.


Great list this week!
I agree on the Jaws front for sure, and Frasier too, although I do love me some Cheers.

As for In the Heat of the Night...I'm a really big fan of the tv show. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Virgil is just so great, though.

Happy Thursday, N!


I agree with Fraiser, Jaws, and Deliverance.

All in the Family is one I agree with as well, but I wanted to address it separately because I believe that Maude and The Jeffersons needed to be acknowledged as they are all from a common well.

Star Trek is another I agree with, but not only the movies improved on it, but the subsequent series did great things for the Trek Universe. I still believe they didn't go far enough and I hope another series eventually braves television and dares to break ground, but what we did have did well and went above and beyond it's parent series.

We've already talked about Jazz. It's one of the few things to both exceed its roots and yet inspire incredible musical forms thereafter, while still managing to stay relevant and draw in modern musicians.

But as music is the one of those things I can go on and on about, I better stop myself now and post this.:)



Ah Nicholas, what a great list. I absolutely agree on every single one, except House Of Cards. Only because I have never seen it.

Happy New Years!

Dane Bramage

TREK-KERS!! Trekkies is insulting. Okay that is as PC as you will ever see me get. But you were right about the the first film (ST:TMP in trekker parlance) I was just so happy to see it after 10 years I didn't care. Until the second one came out which was infinitely better.

I agree with Frazier. I also agree with In the Heat of the Night with regards to the film vs. the series. I too have blogged on this.

My Thursday Thirteen #62 13 People Who Left Us in 2007 edition. Stop by if you get a chance.


Love the jazz videos. A magnificently written and conceived post, as per usual!

Slip of a Girl

Ah, a reverse on the other list! How do you come up with these good themes? I'm so impressed I am jealous!


Such an interesting and in-depth T13! Thanks for visiting :-)


I definitely prefer Frasier to Cheers too. Great TT.


I agree, the RING 2 was more scary than the first.

Great post...lots of work!
Thanks for visiting!

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Interesting list of films. I agree, some movie sequels are better than the original. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

Matthew James Didier

The weird thing about MASH is how Richard Hooker is a right-wing, pro-war guy who was horrified with the treatment of his work... Hmmm...

Harris Channing

You know when Jaws came out I was a kid. It gave me nightmares until I realized...hey, I don't have to go in the water!

Good list, as always.



I beg to differ on Agatha Christie, I read many of her novels as a teen and thoroughly enjoyed them. Found most of the movies boring in fact. And lest you say "oh yes but you were a teenager" let me stop you right there and tell you I read Anna Karenina at 12, so did have some inklings about good literature. Finally! Something we can disagree on! :-)

I really enjoyed both clips you've provided. I imagine you've done this before but I'd love it if you did a post presenting some of you all time faves (with links or clips when available). I love Jazz and have a small collection. Mostly Miles Davis and a bit of Coltrane. Was Fats Waller considered as Jazz? I liked him a lot as a kid, but it's not the kind of music I can listen to while writing.


Thanks for visiting my TT.

You had a great list. We are huge Star Trek fans here, but I think the Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise are much better then the original series.


Great TT! Loved a lot of those follow ups. Frasier being the main one.

Thanks for visiting my TT!


Great list Nicholas! A couple of movies on here I'm going to have to rent in the next few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by & Happy TT!


Great List. I completely agree you on "First Blood." I learned something new from your list. My husband is a huge Archie Bunker fan and I had no idea it was based on a British sitcom. I'll have to see if he knows that. I was very young when it was on tv and didn't understand it. Now I get the humor. Hope you have a fantastic New Year!
Toodles, Maryanne


I agree with you on Frasier, but I think I like Petticoat Junction more than All in the Family - and I didn't realize that was where it came from!

My favorite is A Different World from Cosby Show.

Have a happy new year!

SJ Reidhead

That's quite a list. I am always impressed the way you spend so much time and detail on your list. When I was in college I ended up sitting next to the daughter of one of the physicians who had a major role in the original MASH. She said her father had a fit when the book came out and did not want her reading it.

SJ Reidhead
The Pink Flamingo

Nicole Austin

Jaws is one of the reasons I don't swim in the ocean. LOL!

Great list. I agree with you on most of those.


Jaws was scary!! And I totally agree with you on Frasier! Of course as a counselor I loved the psychology humor!


I totally love Star Trek, but this list is showing your age ya know, heeheehee. And Jazz is good, yupe. even tho I am a classical musician, our piano teacher is Jazz!

Mr Lady

Every movie on your list that I have seen gets my agreement. Wholeheartedly. What a great TT!

Sandy (Momisodes)

Wow! Aren't you poopular :) I have to agree with you on many of these....especially on Frasier, All in the Family, and Jazz.


I loved MASH which I saw mostly in syndication. I am pretty sure I watched the original last episode at a fraternity house in college. I just read Alan Alda's new book, Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself. And he seems to be the real thing. Congenial, reflective, not insanely self-absorbed as many celebrities.

I have to say that the movie A Beautiful Mind was far more enjoyable and artistically done than the book.

Next week I think you should try to come up with songs where the remakes were better than the originals!


So for those one, I'll have to read the books first?? Strange!
I usualy get so disappointed when a book that I read goes into a movie, because it takes a real good screenplay to match it!!


I'm not sure I could come up with 13 for this category, though I do agree with you on the ones I've seen/read.


Great list! The movie Jaws was definitely better than the book!


Great list! The movie Jaws was definitely better than the book!

Linda R. Moore

The book "JAWS" introduced me to the word 'crud' for the first time. I also wondered why I had to read about a man urinating (or in fact anyone urinating).

I have three TTs this week:

Review of 2007:

Motorcycling review of 2007:

13 RV adventures in 2007:


I commented on this post once, but my ISP decided not to let me do the confirmation number thing... I probably said something brilliant, but I think the important thing is to support your stance on Frasier.


I've seen most of these movies, but I haven't read the book. Didn't know there's a book. :P

I haven't seen Jaws in it's intirety, but I've heard the theme song ad nauseum.

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