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January 06, 2008



Just, wow. They are brilliant, thanks for posting this!


I, for one, am extremely happy to bothered by this kind of wonderful dancing. Simply incredibly! My heart was literally in my mouth when they were jumping between the pedestals in the orchestra, and those moments where they rise from the splits it almost appears that they have strings pulling them into an upright position. Also the syncopated steps towards the end are ingenious. Sorry, I could go on, but I think you've probably already realised that I totally loved this clip. Can't wait to show it to the kids! Thanks for sharing it, Nicholas.


As somebody who used to have a huge crush on Fred Astaire when she was about 12 I have to say those guys just blew me away. I mean, every guy who can actually dance has an instant bonus in my eyes, but this kind of tap or whatever you call it dancing especially just makes me swoon. Fucking amazing from start to finish. Thanks for posting that clip. :)


WOW! I agree, you can bother us with good stuff like this anytime! I was partial to Gene Kelly myself.

What's weird is that I remember the movie, but I don't remember that scene. Must have seen it when I was too young. I've always loved movies like that, even though I'm in this newer generation. (I believe it was your lovely wife who called me on that for my last TT.) And you're right...DWTS is hardly worth it. The only time I've ever followed it (and I only mean follow, not actually watch) is when Helio Castroneves was on (and won) because I'm an open wheel racing fan.

Ok...enough with the rambling...need more coffee. Or maybe less...:)


That was amazing! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, from when they were jumping from block to block (and how they got on them, omg!). Really impressive duo but the true shocker for me was the stairs part. First I was wondering why they would have built them so high and I thought they might just like making things difficult for themselves, but then! Jumping splits?!?!?! Goodness gracious, I still can't get over it. That quite a gem you put up there Nicholas. I never watch Dancing with the Stars. That type of dancing has never been my thing to begin with — I've always found so very tacky with the women wearing ridiculously provocative "dresses" if you can call them that and so much makeup they probably had to apply it with a trowel. Just gross. These guys had class. But omg! Those splits! I can do the split and I can't imagine doing that. I'm sure they hurt themselves, just didn't show it. Do you think there was more than 1 take? I sure hope not!

Penelope Anne

That is some serious dancing, classical, worthy of praise.

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Thanks a bunch.
Your pal, Penelope


They sure could dance. It's been ages since I've watched Stormy Weather. I have to admit to liking the Cab Calloway bit too. :)

Mary Emken

Fantastic video. Stormy Weather and all those other movies of that time were great. The dances and movies of today can't hold a candle to those of that generation.

Infinity Goods

Those were the days. Love these sort of things. That was great. Sure wish we had more talent of this caliber and class today.


Oh heavens! That was amazing. I'm sure you've watched Yankee Doodle Dandy? James Cagney tears up the stage. Then, there's The Ziegfield Follies. Thanks so much for posting this video and thanks for stopping by!


Wow!, as a massage therapist, I can't help analyzing the extreme lower-body strength & flexibility. As a man I wonder if their voices changed with their training for this act. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

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