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January 13, 2008



I've never had a pet, though I wanted one when I was a child, and will probably have one when I get my own place. Before I was born my brother had a budgie called Queenie. Also, my grandma has had an aquarium since I was a child. She had a 20 year old goldfish that died a few months ago and I would always visit him when I went to see her. Now the aquarium's empty, and she needs some more fishy friends.


I think that my old cat I had to have put to sleep at 18 would have had a great blog. He had some serious attitude. My new cats are more MySpace kind of creatures...

How does one get over rodent rejection? I mean, that's pretty low...:)

Titania Starlight

Hello Nicholas,
I truly enjoyed this meme. I am an animal lover. Those cat limmericks had me rolling! Those were good. Fishface! Ha ha ha ha ha! You are killing me. Thank you for the laughs. I do not know if that was your intentions but it sure gave me a good chuckle.

Take care.


Hath hell frozen over?
Nicholas is blogging about cats???


hamsters are cool, but they die too soon. I have 4 buried in my backyard...


Hi Nicholas!

Thanks for dropping by my TT last week!

I love this pet meme. While none of my cats blog either, I think Aimee will one day take over the internet with her plans for world domination.


#7 ... LMAO! Isn't that always the way?

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