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January 02, 2008



About a Boy is my favorite on this list!! I just love it -- my boys still repeat lines from the movie. Happy New Year.


Death Trap is one of those "I'm sure I've seen it but I can't remember it" movies for me right now. Better go have a look later! Thanks for this nice selection to consider. That Steve Martin flick looks worth a try--especially because of your recommendation.

Mama Pajama

Oh yes. I've seen many of these. I really enjoyed Bend it Like Beckham, Castaway, and The Others. I'll have to check out Enemy at the Gates. It sounds like one my husband and I would both enjoy.


You have a good list of films here. "Die Hard" was the best of the series in my opinion. Happy New Year and Happy TT.


Diehard is always good for an escapist evening.


Interesting list. I found "Castaway" fairly disappointing. My hubby is a big fan of the "Die Hard" movies, while I do everything possible to avoid them (smile). Actually, Brue Willis and Hugh Grant both get on my last nerve (LOL). Hmm, I don't guess you'll be inviting me over to watch flicks anytime soon (smile).

ellen b

I love All of Me and Trading Places and Die Hard. I own all of those and Bend it Like Beckham because I love watching soccer. The first 3 I'd watch over and over again, not so much Bend it Like Beckham. I'd rather watch live soccer! happy 2008 to you...

SJ Reidhead

That is wild! I don't have any of these, including 2001. I have 2010.

The Pink Flamingo

The Gal Herself

You know how you can go your whole life without hearing about something, and then it comes up again and again? For me, that's Rat Race. On New Year's Eve, we saw a one-man show starring Christopher Petersen, the actor who played Lucy in a scene with Cuba Gooding Jr. as the bus driver. And now here it is on your list. I may have to rent it.

I agree with you 100% on The Others. Nicole Kidman is not an actress I usually enjoy, but I thought she was perfectly cast in this.

(Thanks for visiting my TT)


Trading Places is one of my favorite holiday movies,it is just too funny. Nicole was awesome in the Others. I think I would enjoy Enemy at the Gates, which I have not yet seen. Thanks for the info!


I received passes to a sneak preview of "About A Boy". I am glad I did because I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise. I finally saw "Bend It Like Beckham in 2007. Although I could have done without the romantic relationship between the lead character and her coach, it was still a good movie.

No Nonsense girl

i loved cast away a lot!!!! :)

Happy New Year 2008!!!!

Nicole Austin

Great list! Tom Hanks was awesome in Castaway. Rat Race is such a fun movie. :D

Happy TT!


Never seen Castaway, heard it was boring. :) But I love All of Me. Steve Martin is AWESOMENESS! :) Thanks for stopping by my TT.


We watched Live Free and Die Hard just a few weeks ago and loved it. Happy New Year and TT!


I enjoyed Trading Places but Rat Race was hilarious I have to say I am not a movie buff but I have watched that movie at least 3 times Happy New Year-


I love Castaway, Trading Places and Bend It Like Beckham! Great list :-)


You have alot of great movies in your collection. I loved the Others!! What an ending. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

Lazy Daisy

My hubby carries his swiss army knife everywhere and when Tom Hanks gives up his knife my Mr. shouts deserve to be cast away, no real man would ever give up his knife!

Jenny McB

Castaway just wasn't one of my favorite Tom Hank's movies, maybe I've read Lord of the Flies too many times...

I love that line you had about writing an ending for Rat Race, you're right about that. It is an amusing film.
Happy New Year!

Linda R. Moore

Interesting. I saw the Others in a theatre and it was awesome. I didn't guess the plot until the end.

I know someone who was on the ship that features at the end of Castaway. I thought it was a brilliant movie.

I really don't like 2001. I find it incredibly boring. I admire its intelligence, but it just doesn't work for me.

I was really disappointed in how K-Pax played out, though it was a great movie.

Loved Rat Race and Bend it Like Beckham. I like the special features with the aunties and the cooking and all the interruptions.

Haven't seen the others. I've seen bits of Trading Places, but not all.

Only one TT this week--at my new blog.


I've watched most of these but my favorites are The Others, About A Boy and Trading Places. Happy TT! :o)


Once again I am perfect on your list. :)

KPAX is one of my favorite Spacey flicks. He is just wonderful.

And the Aunties in Beckham...priceless!

I could go on, but the batteries in the lap top are dying...

Happy TT


Great collection! I just recently saw Bend it Like Beckham with my daughter and we really enjoyed it!
Happy TT and happy 2008!


I love Cast Away and Enemy At the Gates and Trading Places. Good movies makes me want to do a movie night again!
Happy New Year! keep up the intersting posts!


I haven't visited in a while, so I had a bit of catching up to do with your TT lists. All very interesting the last three weeks worth! Your list on the Movie was Better Than the Book was well done! I enjoyed reading that and agreed on quite a few of them. This week's list is also good: All of Me is hilarious! Martin & Tomlin together is terrific. I also like Castaway & DieHard (rent or buy LiveFree or DieHard -- it's good, too), but one of the best movies on your list is Deathtrap. I have not seen anything since that compares to the surprise ending!
Thanks for sharing, Nicholas! Have a great 2008!


Great list---as always! And I LOVE the photo from the Tiger Balm Gardens. How have I never seen that before?


I've seen half the movies on your list but The Others is the only one I've seen. 2001 was the reason I went into film studies at university. Happy TT an thanks for stopping by.


I've got The Others and Enemy At The Gates.

Happy TT!

marcia v

I have seen about half of those and liked Cast aAway alot but it was painful to watch too


I'll have to come over and watch movies some time :)

The Others, Castaway, Bend It Like Beckham, About A Boy, K-Pax, Trading Places, 2001, all great choices.

Happy Thursday Nicolas.



Besides Steve Martin I haven't seen any of these movies, lol !


wow, you have some of my favorite movies listed here and with the exception of about a boy and charge of the light brigade i've seen them all - and yes, you listed 14, but who's counting! i love that you have all of me as the first entry - i never get tired of watching it! thanks for visiting my post and Happy 2008 to you!


I seriously love each and every one of those movies. Since I haven't seen Deathtrap in ages, I am putting it on my Netflix asap.

This week I have the Freaks and Geeks from I Read Banned Books edition posted.

Happy TT!

Deanna Dahlsad

OK, I've seen most of these (makes me feel better after being so 'illiterate' on your book lists lol)

Happy TT!


What a great selection, Nicholas! The Others was such an interesting twist on James' Turn of the Screw. Didn't it come out at the same time as The Sixth Sense? For a while there, there seemed to be a spate of really excellent ghost films. This year, I'm looking forward to Del Toro's The Orphanage. Looks terrifying, but really interesting. Check out YouTube for the trailer!


Ohmygosh - I'm clearly out of touch since of all those listed, I've only seen ONE. Dare I say which? Ah 'twas Castaways of course. How could I pass up Tom Hanks?
Hugs and blessings,

Pop Tart

That image at the top is incredible!

OK, now I should find something more interesting to say... Testing, testing, one, two...

I guess it's not working right now -- I've consulted my magic 8-Ball and it says to try again later, so I'll be back :p

Morgan St. John

I like the original, It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world. :D I'm a closet Die Hard fan...shh, don't tell.

Wylie Kinson

"Put Edwina back in bowl!" LOL That was SUCH a funny movie. I should see it again...

Bend it Like Becks was excellent, and The Others still makes me jump - that scene when the door slams gets me every time. I'm such a wuss. :)

Great list Nicholas.

Tilly Greene

K-Pax! I loved that flick! People just didn't get it but I thought was great.

There are some great movies here. Deathtrap, Reeves and Caine had me guessing to the end - no I didn't know the storyline before I saw it :-) I love Steve Martin, and this one is prime stuff. Trading Places is a classic, just plain fun. Bend it Like Beckham was good as well, and the shocker, I've never seen 2001: Space Odyssey. I've seen bits of it here and there, but never from start to finish and want to. Maybe 2008 is the year to do it.

I think I'm the only person who didn't see Castaway, although I caught The Terminal with Hanks this holiday and loved it!

Happy New Year Nicholas :-)


you have some great ones listed there!! We have several of those in our movie collection as well!


Great list. I think Death Trap is a little familiar to me. The rest they are new to me. Yes I noticed it to be 14 but who cares they were interesting.
Thanks for passing by.

Brenda ND

I haven't seen Castaway, but of the others here are my top three:Enemy at the Gate, I love the stalking, the tension and the likable characters,About a Boy, because it's funny and light,and The Others, because of the interesting twist on a ghost story.


Great list. I think Death Trap is a little familiar to me. The rest they are new to me. Yes I noticed it to be 14 but who cares they were interesting.
Thanks for passing by.


I loved All of Me. "Back in bowl! Back in bowl!"

Wacky Mommy

I've seen about half of those. 2001 *still* freaks me out, years after seeing it. I've seen scarier "scary" movies, so no idea what got to me with that one. I'll add the others to my rental list. Happy New Year, Nicholas.

Gracie at Blushing Ladies' Journal

I haven't thought of All of Me or DeathTrap (and it's rukus lol) in ages! NetFlix, here I come ;)


I've found some more titles to add to my NF queue! I've seen about half of these - the Others would be my favorite of the group. Rat Race and Trading Places are good too.

Happy New Year!

Slip of a Girl

Anything with Bruce Willis is on my list ;)


Wow, this never happens... I've actually seen seven of the 13 you've listed today. Usually it's only one or two.

My two faves in the queue are "Cast Away" and "K-Pax."

Great list! You must have the biggest shelving system ever in your home for all your books and media.

Happy New Year!!

Dane Bramage

I've seen a few of these. I maight have to look up Rat Race although I really liked Mad Mad Mad Mad World so I might just watch it again.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #63 13 Celebrity Births in 2007.


Awesome list! I have Enemy at the Gates, Rat Race and Bend it Like Beckham in my collection. I absolutely loved About a Boy, The Others, Trading Places and Die Hard and have always planned to purchase them. Either lack of money or something I wanted more has prevented me from doing so. It's been years since I saw All of Me and I can remember very little about it; I adore Lily Tomlin. 2001: A Space Odyssey bored me to tears (I know, I'm in the minority on that subject). I haven't seen Cast Away, mainly because it was released at a time when film was experiencing a Tom Hanks overload. Been meaning to rent it, just haven't gotten around to it. The same goes for K-Pax except it was Kevin Spacey overload. Haven't seen the other three; maybe I'll put them in my Netflix queue. Wouldn't have noticed it was 14 if you hadn't pointed it out. Was too engrossed in content and not the quantity. ;)

Chelle Y.

I really liked "Bend it Like Beckham." It is hard to believe Kiera started from that movie!

My brother-in-law was teasing me the other day. He told me to make a list of all the books that I was going to read this year, that he would watch at the movies when they make them. It reminded me of you (reading all those books). You read far more than I ever did, but I will catch up! Haha!


I detest Kubrick. Blame it on my years at UCSD as a communications theory major......they made us watch 2001 and Cloclwork Orange and the man RUINED the Shining. I never saw 2001 as I was a few years too young when it came out, watching it for the first time at 18, I thought it was moronic. Snicker. 18yos are SOOOO black and white. Interesting list!


Nicholas, my husband just got "Charge of the Light Brigade" (1936) for Christmas starring Errol Flynn. I've been avoiding watching it but now I'll watch it...

Also I love the Bruce Willis "Die Hard" movies...I've seen every one several time over. Great post!

Thanks for visiting me!

Tiffany Aller

Haha, yes it was 14 - I had to go back and count. Great accountings of the movies - there's a few I'll have to see, like Trading Places and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Michael Adams

Damn Nicholas, this is a great list. Mostly.
All of Me is one of my all time favorites. I thought The Others a bit forced. I have not seen, The Charge of the Light Brigade, A Bridge Too Far, or Deathtrap, however, I may check out Deathtrap since I love Michael Caine. Everything else is top notch.

Makes me want to see some of these again!


I went to see The Others on a date and he hated it and wanted to leave, we did, but I hated that we left, I've never done that before and I haven't seen it yet. Happy TT!


Sadly enough, the only one of those movies that I've actually seen is Rat Race.

Pamela Kramer

What a great list! You have so many movies that I have enjoyed myself. Trading Places is just a classic! Happy TT

Leslie Dicken

OMG! "The Others" was such a good, spooky movie! I actually had to turn on the lights when it got to the end/climax! I was completely fooled!

"Cast Away" was really good too. I liked "About a Boy" but I know some found it rather random and odd. LOL!


Hey, I've seen about half of them...what a change, usually I haven't seen or read your your stuff. :)


As I began reading, I was thinking "aha, finally a list on which I can say I have seen them all!" But, alas, I have never seen Bend It Like Beckham. Hmph.

Happy TT Nicholas.


I'm three out of thirteen fourteen this week--Die Hard, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Trading Places.


Oh, I LOVE Die Hard, and Deathtrap, and All of Me (I'm prone to quoting "back in bowl" at odd moments), and when my younger son was home from school sick the week before Christmas, I put on Cast Away for him--he liked it so much he watched it with his brother again that afternoon. I liked K-Pax, 2001, and Trading Places, too. And yeah, we've got all of them.

I keep meaning to watch About A Boy, don't know why I haven't. And I think I'll have to put Rat Race in my Netflix queue: I love It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

You've made me reconsider The Others--I avoided it because it's not generally my genre, but my husband has the DVD, so I think I may give it a chance.


I really like “Enemy At The Gates” - and I normally loathe war films. Don't think I've seen any of the others, though. Thanks for the visit. Happy TT!


“2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Die Hard” would be my picks from your list.

Titania Starlight

This was a great list! I have to confess that I am one of the few who has not watched, "2001 A Space Odyssey". Shame on me. :o)

I have watched quite a few. Here is my take:

*The Others: I agree that this was a brilliant well written movie. It grabbed me and kept me riveted to my chair. Only a few can be given this personal award by me. Nicole Kidman was perfect. I still think she is one of the classiest actresses out there. One movie that I did not care for of hers was "Birth". It was a bit out there even for me.

*Cast Away: I did not get into this Tom Hanks film. It just did not grab me as some of his other works. I did enjoy "Big" and "Saving Private Ryan".

*Enemy At The Gate: You probably have already guessed that I have watched this one. Liked it and would watch it again. A bit grim but I loved the action.

*K-Pax: Pretty good in the fact it left you pondering throughout... just what in the hell was going on!?!

*Rat Race: Corny goofy movie and I liked it's slapstick style but it was not even close in running with "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World". Now that is one of the best. The "Lucy" scene on the bus where Cuba Gooding hollars, "Would you Luci bitches just shut up!" The fiasco with the Jewish family and Hitler's car was just too funny. I was shocked as I watched the domino affect after Jon Lovitz gave the lesbian bikers the bird. Oh my God!

*A Bridge Too Far: You know my thoughts on this one. :o)

*Bend It Like Beckham: I loved this movie. I was not sure if it would be my cup of tea but I truly enjoyed it. I like Parminder Nagra. She plays a doctor on ER. I should watch more of her works.

*Die Hard: Hell yeah! Yippey-ki-yay,mother f****r!" I watched "Live Free or Die Hard" the other week. I am ordering it to add to my action collection. Good adrenaline rush. Have you seen it yet?

The other movies I shall add to my Netflix queue.

Awesome list.

Take care my friend.

Harris Channing

Great list. Yeah, a lack of chick flicks but some really good everybody movies..I'm a chick and I loved Die Hard, The Others and Castaway.

Take care!


Matthew James Didier

I have to admit... with my "special studies", I usually LOATH Hollywood ghost flicks... but I loved "The Others". Good to see we share more than a few others... Taste like ours is rare, nowadays.


Great list!Mine is up too.

Cindy Swanson

Nicholas, these are some great ones...and some I've actually seen! I loved "All of Me" and "About a Boy"...and "The Others" is one of my all-time favorite scary movies, right up there with "The Sixth Sense."

You have quite the collection!


Only missed seeing one, About A Boy.

Thanks for visting my TT, I Linked your post from 13 Political Reasons the Chicken Crossed the Road


Enemy at the Gates is one of my husband's favorites... though not really mine.

I do love About a Boy. We own that one.

Infinity Goods

Oh my goodness, I visit late this week and you have so many comments!!
Loved Die Hard, Trading Places, 2001 and All of Me. Disliked the FedEx movie titled Cast Away. I don't think I've seen the rest.


Great collection! All of Me is one of my favorite movies.

And yes, Wodehouse is much better than anything I could have found on TV. I actually started watching the series with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry before I read the books, so that makes it even more fun.

Kathy (A girl grows up)

Great List...I do love 'About a Boy' and 'Bend it like Beckham'


About A Boy is one of my favorite movies.
And Deathtrap, wow I remember that movie. I was pretty young. It was the first time I ever saw two men kiss and I was so shocked.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

This is a good list. I also have 'The Others', 'Cast Away', and 'Die Hard' in my collection.

Have a great 2008!


While you do lack 'traditional' chick flicks - About A Boy is pretty close...great list!

Happy TT Nicholas!


I would never vote for Paul. I just admire his honesty and want4ed people to view the video.

Great collection. Kpac and What About a Boy were two of my favorites.


I would never vote for Paul. I just admire his honesty and want4ed people to view the video.

Great collection. Kpac and What About a Boy were two of my favorites.


Wow, millions of comments here this week. Hope you're well. I've seen Bend it Like Beckham, The Others, Rat Race and Die Hard; all good films in different ways.


I saw Castaway while taking a ferry from Alaska to Washington! Not the movie I would think you would want to be watching at that time!!

Thanks for visiting my TT.


Was CastAway - CastAway... list he was a cast away, or was it Cast Away and he was sent away? I never figured that out.

This is a list I've actually seen more than 1/2 the movies on... thats a first for me!!


I first saw "The Others" in a "sneak preview" after the movie "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Thought it was an odd combo.

Rat Race is one of our favorites, and I HATED the end of Castaway. I've seen a few other of those too.

As for q words, I found some in my scrabble dictionary with a z and some with an x, but I didn't see any with both.


I have only seen castaway and the others. Trading places does look funny.

Thanks for stopping by~


Sorry to be so late in stopping by... busy with out-of-town guests.

I've seen "All of Me" and "Castaway" (at the theatre). Maybe I should check out the one about "football." :~D

Happy New Year.


That was an entertaining list! I love love loved The Others too. I do vaguely recall the ending... OH! It just came back to me as I was writing that. Oh yes, of course. It was brilliant. Acting, Art Direction, story line, everything. And Trading Places is on of my favorite (American) comedies of all time. And you've reminded me I haven't seen Bend it Like Beckham or K-Pax yet and I've been meaning to.


The Others was very scary!


Wow...popular guy!!! I have to start paying attention to promoting my TT.

KPax? Love Kevin Spacey...haven't seen that one. I just watched Working Girl (Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver) which is a bit of a chick flick...but actually quite good. I hadn't realized it, but Kevin Spacey has a small role which he does quite well.


Except “The Charge Of The Light Brigade” I've seen them all! Nicole Kidman is my favourite female actor and The Others is great!
Thanks for visiting my attainable resolutions TT.


Thanks for visiting my TT!

You've got some good DVD's in there!

Yummy Hugh Grant!

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for checking out my first ever TT list! You have many of my favorites on your DVD list. I will have to check out Death Trap--I like Neil Simon's stuff :)

Infinity Goods

I came back to this post today because my neighbor friend at 4URPets just got tagged by Gina and now I've been tagged too!
4URPets is a new blogger with a great sense of humor, so although I don't care for tags, I couldn't possibly say no to this one, and in honor of her three Chihuahuas and pet blog, I'm tagging people who recently came by my blog and who have posted about their pets. This is by no means an obligation, as these tags can sometimes be downright bothersome, but if you want to participate, then you can.
· Robin at Around The Island, whose children are pictured riding a camel;
· Playful Professional at Talent To Play will run a half-marathon for a kitten;
· Nicholas at A Gentleman's Domain, who tells his cats he loves them;
· Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer has a sick rat;
· SJ at Pink Flamingo, who has a blessed 6-inch kitten;
· Sarah at Puss Reboots photographs cats.


Thanks for stopping by my 13. I've only seen 2 of those!


I loved The Others! It was just twisted enough to appeal to the Twilight Zone loving girl that I am.

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