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January 09, 2008



To Sir with Love is a favorite! Great list--again!


I actually saw most of the movies you mentioned here and believe it or not I even read "Coffee, Tea, and Me" many, many, years ago. Happy TT.


I notice that there are 14! However, I also notice some of my absolutely favourite books/movies. The Omen is such a good film, on so many levels - haven't read the book though! The Diary of Anne Frank is sitting on my bookcase waiting patiently for the day when I think my daughter is ready for it. Immensely powerful! And as for The Incredible Journey - that was one of those movies that my brother and I almost wore out the video tape of, because we watched it so often. That moment when Bodger the bulldog finally makes it... well, it brings a lump to my throat just thinking about it! Excellent list, as always, Nicholas.


Some pretty good movies there! Although most of the time I prefer the book.
Good to see someone else that thinks The Omen is a good movie! :-)
I also agree with you on Anne Frank 's diary. I've seen several movies and plays, good and not-so-good ones, but the book is unbeatable...
Thanks for visiting my TT. I was very surprised to see Moscow on no. 1 too!

Rian Fike

Primary Colors is the perfect kick-off this week, for the elections. Brilliant.

Mama Pajama

I have seen The Omen, The Dirty Dozen, The Diary of Anne Frank, and The Incredible Journey. Thank goodness I haven't seen "Deadly Eyes"!! LOL

I wasn't even sure I could handle the animated Disney Pixar hit "Ratatouille", but it was actually an excellent film that adults can enjoy. You should rent it if you haven't seen it!

Chelle Y.

I have actually read "The Incredible Journey" and "The Diary of Anne Frank." Disney did a remake of the Incredible Journey movie, except the animals could "talk." It was sweet, but the original was true to the book.


The Omen and the Diary of Anne Frank are the only movies I have seen. Both great movies...even loved the remake of the Omen. Happy TT my friend. Thanks for stopping by:)


I've seen five of the movies, but only read the books of two of them.

I hang my head in shame today.

No TT for me this week since it is Day to Read.

Hootin' Anni

Most books are better tho.......and I'M a movie fanatic. How 'bout Gone with the Wind?

Mmmmmmm, Rats. I love those kind too.

My 13 is shared now also.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Okay, so what am I supposed to be noticing?


FINALLY - I've read some of the books on your list! Love "To Sir With Love", and of course the classic "The Diary of Anne Frank".

And yes, I am eclectic - Cleopatra and Britney Spears in one posts deserves points!

Happy TT-13!




I've really got to get the Diary of Anne Frank. Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT!


I love All Quiet on the Western Front (both film and book). Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.


I've read "The Diary of Anne Frank" and seen a version of "The Incredible Journey" (I think). A few more of the books I need to read.


At least I recognize 3 of them. To Sir With Love, Dirty Dozen and Omen.
Thanks for visiting.


Always enjoy your lists! And yes Jessica was a Miss Marple knock-off absolute! I think the former was a serial killer though.


Humphrey Bogart is my all time favorite actor and his portrayal of Capt. Queeg is one of his best. When I describe that film to people, I tell them that it has not one, but two climaxes (the typhoon scene and when Barney Greenwald questions Queeg on the witness stand).

Amy Palko mentioned that there are 14 entries on your list. Is that what you are asking us if we noticed?

On a Limb with Claudia

Arg, I just tried to post....

I wrote down "Herman Wouk" so I would remember to get some of his books from the library. I read them as a kid, but not in a long long time.

Dirty Dozen has lots of hot guys in it - what could be wrong with that??

The Gal Herself

I read Coffee, Tea or Me back when I was in high school! Haven't thought about it in decades! Loved both film and book of Primary Colors, Incredible Journey (the original is better than the remake) and, of course, Anne Frank. Terrific list, and thanks for visiting mine.


I had forgotten many of these, and some I didn't even realize were movies. I'd like to re-read the Diary of a Young Girl.

Dallas >^^< Meow

I JUST watched the Caine Mutiny -


You added an extra one, again. ;) The Diary of Anne Frank is the only book I've read of this bunch, but I've seen several of the movies. I loved To Sir With Love.

Recently, I wrote a post about the difference between the book and movie versions of P.S. I Love You at Incurable Disease of Writing. My Thursday Thirteen is at its normal place.

SJ Reidhead

You have pulled up some old books, with some old covers.


The Pink Flamingo

Indonesian WAHM

I think I've watched the Rats sometimes when I was little and that made me totally scared of them...


These are wonderful and the essay is beautifully written!


I never knew "To Sir With Love" was a book! I love the movie though. I've also read & watched The Omen, Diary of Anne Frank & The Incredible Journey.


Those directors seldom portray the book as my mind did while reading it. The movie always comes off pale by comparison. I did my TT this week with travel photos. Happy Thursday.


I have seen and read some of those.....but I seriously don't think I could read or see a book about rats!! I would have nightmares for weeks!

Thanks for visiting my TT, happy Thursday.


The only book on that list I have read is The Diary Of Ann Frank but I have never seen the movie Happy TT


Usually if I know that a movie was taken from a book I will purposely read the book first. Impressive list!

Linda R. Moore

Oh, shoot. I forgot to look for Coffee Tea or Me at the library today.

OTOH, I am now reading Infidel.

I was strongly encouraged to not read The Rats when I first got my hands on it around 13. When, as an adult, I finally read the book, I was really disappointed in it.

The Omen (movie) gave me nightmares for weeks. It was the first horror movie I ever saw.

All Quiet makes me cry.

I've read Anne Frank and was moved by it.

My three TTs will post at 01:13 tomorrow morning and there's a summary with links on Raven's Range. ;)

Gabriella Hewitt

Great List. To Sir, With Love was excellent. I love Sydney Poitier's films. The Incredible Journey was another terrific story and the Dirty Dozen, is another must see.

Ann Bruce

Now I'm going to be watching movies all weekend!

Happy TT!


The Diary of a Young Girl is one of my favorite adaptations ... a great performance of a young Shelley Winters and Mrs. Van Daan. I think I saw and read 8 of these.

Happy TT!


I have not seen many of the movies, but I have read most of the books.

Exactly how many books do you have? Your vast knowledge amazes me and makes me want to be independently wealthy so I can stay home and read.


Some excellent book/movie combos there - To Sir With Love (is the song from the movie?), Primary Colors...

I never realized that All Quiet On The Western Front was made into a movie.


Or I have read the book but didn't see the movie or the other way around. The only book and movie I read and saw was Anne Frank. I was quite disappointed of the film and I also was disappointed of the real Anne Frank House which I visited in Amsterdam. I imagined a little small house with very little rooms and in fact it was quite big and the rooms very big !


A lot of these are familiar. I didn't realize Primary Colors was a book, or that Coffee, Tea, or Me? was a movie--I'd read the book when I was a kid, feeling very risque. Read The Omen but didn't watch the movie; watched To Sir, With Love but didn't read the book; read most of the war books but didn't watch any of the movies. Only watched Incredible Journey because of the kids.

Deanna Dahlsad

Hey, we both did books this week! Mine's more about the covers, tho. Certainly enjoyed seeing more of your stash ;)

Pop Tart

Back as the other me ;) Also wanted to add that I've got Coffee, Tea or Me but have not yet read it, nor seen the movie. I think I must spend more time lately writing about what I have rather than using it... Not very zen, now is it?

marcia v

i have seen Anne Frank and to Sir w/Love and Incredible journey


A few of these I have not heard of. I must look into them. Thanks for stopping by. Happy TT!


My sister went to Amsterdam to the Anne Frank house. As much as I read, I never seem to read the ones that make it into movies. So, I end up seeing the movies first.
Thanks for another fun TT

Amanda Young

Great list. My husband love The Dirty Dozen. :)


You must be a real movie buff! I did appreciate your email comment suggesting a "reframe" to the effect that I'd have more to enjoy in the future by watching last weeks list (putting a positive spin on my observation that I'd seen only 1 of the 13) ...
These must be older films because I've seen 5 of them. Actually, I used to enjoy movies more when I was younger, but I hardly watch them (or TV either) any more. I've always enjoyed books more ... and having discovered blogging 12 weeks ago, it eats up whatever time I might have spent on films.
Hugs and blessings,


I've only seen four or five. Maybe I saw Rats but it had a different name. Did you ever see Solvent Green or Green Mile. How about 13 movies with the word green in them?

Wylie Kinson

So if you had to sum up the columns, would you say you read more, or watch more movies?

Interesting list, as usual, N!

Marketing Whore

Over the holidays NPR (or the local one) had a program on All's Quiet On The Western Front ~ it was most interesting and while I have neither seen the films nor read the book, it now is on my list :)

Moondancer Drake

Anne Frank and The Omen are the two from this list I know I've seen. As a happy rat mommy I hated stuff that added to the view of rats as something terrifing. I guess it was just a sign of the times. I'll be glad when people get the clue that comparing pet rats to a wild rat, is like conparing your pal rover to a wolf.

Happy TT


Of these, I've seen two and read one! Interesting list!

stephanie (bad mom)

I LOVED The Incredible Journey - I even read it before I saw the movie (such a good kid I was).

Your comment about The Omen - "no family is without its problems" - is priceless. I, too, enjoyed the original movie; who doesn't adore Gregory Peck?

Awesome list, as usual.

ellen b

I think I've seen half of these. Yikes "The Rats" just makes my skin crawl...


Ann Frank and that "cute" little animal one are the only ones I have seen and Ann Frank is the only one I have read! Great list!


Hey! You cheated and listed 14! :)

Great list. I read Primary Colors but never saw the movie. I'm not sure I even knew one was made. Hmmm....


Oh...I remember Coffee, Tea or Me being a risque, forbidden book. I think I read it at one of my babysitting jobs.

There is no way a film could capture the beauty of Anne Frank's diary. We saw the annex when we were in Amsterdam. It is incredible to see the space in which they hid for so long.

Eeeuuuwww...the Rats one scares me just from looking at the cover!


Ewww, The Rats looks horrible. A movie and book I'd never partake. I loved reading Anne Frank. Memorable reading. Happy TT!


Great list. I could make Books to Film lists 'til the cows came home. actually, i'll be doing a display on the same topic later this year.

Happy TT!

Matthew James Didier

What? You mean "Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS" wasn't developed from a book?


The Diary of a Young Girl. The book and the movie together make such a picture. I always felt like they were more complementary to each other than that the movie was trying to just interpret the words to screen. An excellent choice.



To Sir With Love remains an all-time favorite, as does The Omen.
Thanks for dropping by site,

Pamela Kramer

Ah yes The Omen! LOL - Very spooky. Happy TT.

Harris Channing

Yeah, The Omen scared the you know what out of me!

Good list!



Fascinating! these are all older movies.... that's what I notice! vintage! i will NOT be watching RATS!


I still remember the end of All Quiet on the Western front so vividly. I haven't seen that movie in years. Great TT!

Linda R. Moore

Here's the link :)

Leslie Dicken

I suppose THIS time I am glad I haven't seen any of what you listed! LOL! Although I certainly have heard of most of them!

Jan Parrish

So the question is, which is better, the book or the movie? Usually it's the book.

Sandy (Momisodes)

What a great list...To Sir With Love is one of my all time favorite books and movies.


The Omen was one of my favorite movies as a child, all three of them in fact. Make of that what you will. :)

Thanks for coming by, Nicolas.



I've seen both versions of the Omen, but I want to read the book now. I always find books to be better than the movies based on them.


I've only read Anne Frank 's Diary and Incredible Journey (both film) and have enjoy it :)

Among other that you listed, I never read them before, although I have heard about them :) I notice that there is 14 book listed instead of that what we suppose to notic? *grin*

Happy BTTs - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you've a good days/weekend ahead!


Wow! Those look like some movies/books my husband might enjoy; I'm not much of a movie gal myself...Had to read Anne Frank in high school, if that counts for anything!

Happy TT!


Ah, a Books to Film list. Excellent choice. I always love your book covers. Happy TT!


Ok this time I have seen some of the movies on this list. And I might have even read a few of those books as well. I know my dad read a few of these books so I know that is why I saw some of them as movies.
I think they were all movies set in the '60's and '70's.


well........i've seen about 5 of these movies......however, i HAVE read most of the books! happy tt and thanks for stopping by the lost world!


well........i've seen about 5 of these movies......however, i HAVE read most of the books! happy tt and thanks for stopping by the lost world!


I finally read The Diary of a Young Girl last year for the first time. Poignant, indeed!


I'd for sure like The Incredible Journey. Anne Frank is one of those coming of age books that stays with you your whole life. I don't want to watch a movie to change my point of view from the original. it's funny because I don't usually watch that sort of movie, but I saw bits of The Omen on the movie channel and it was quite good! I'm too much of a scaredy cat so couldn't watch the whole thing.
And yes, I did notice the 14 books. I must say you're a very good book/movie reviewer. And entertaining too, that's essential.


"Well, no family is without its problems." OMG LMAO that made me laugh SO hard!!! I have a friend who wants to name her son, if she has one, Damien :-)


I really enjoy your Thursday Thirteen. I picked up a copy of "Shout at the Devil" yesterday and could not put it down last night. Thanks for a great recommendation.

Dane Bramage

Ah, Karen Valentine was a hottie (back in the day as we say). Every time I think of her I remember her in some white go-go boots. Don't know why.

I loved "To Sir; With Love" (movie and song)but to this day I still say the teacher was an idiot at the end for not taking the job he wanted and sticking with teaching.

Thanks for visiting my T13 yesterday; 13 Quips Heard During Colonoscopies. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


Oh, I liked a lot of these books but haven't seen most of them in movie form. I was so depressed by reading All Quiet On The Western Front that I never could bring myself to watch the movie. Nice list here.

chanpheng lew

Nice groups of books and movies. Love the old book covers. Jacket design has changed a lot.


Wow- your blog is full of fascinating information and judging by the 40 minutes I've just spent reading here, it's addictive stuff.
The Diary of Anne Frank, Primary Colours and To Sir With Love, I've read; haven't seen any of the movies though. I love the old covers- wonderful!

I'm now looking for a copy of Coffee, Tea or Me though! For someone who grew up in the airline business and can remember the good old days when we'd trapse out onto the tarmac and up the flight steps to greet family or friends on the plane that had just landed, this is a must read for me!!

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Cindy Swanson

Again, great subject for a TT...and again, I've only seen one of them! "The Incredible Journey"...and that was years and years ago.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TT, Nicholas!


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