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January 16, 2008



Wonderful list, yet again. I didn't know Leslie Philips was the voice of the Sorting Hat. Nice to have the inside scoop there.


I have no idea what sound clip you're referring to. Interesting list of books anyway. Happy TT.

Nap Warden

Well, I was going to read the Cell...Sounds like maybe I should pass on it?

Chelle Y.

I am now reading the seventh book of the Harry Potter series and cannot put it down. In fact, I almost did not do a TT because I wanted to keep reading! :)

Great list and great voice. You should do a "book on CD" because you have a good voice for it.

Hootin' Anni

Excellent voice!! Did you ever consider going into radio?

My T-13 is posted. Won't you join me?


I had forgotten all about the TV version of "Holocaust". Although I was a kid, I remember that it received a lot of press and acclaim when it aired. Btw, that was a cool audio introduction for your TT.

Nicole Austin

Bummer! I'd heard Cell was good.

Great to hear your very nice voice! I agree Chelle, you have a great voice for audio books!


You so SHOULD go into radio and make your million! :)

ellen b

Nicholas your voice was great to hear! Fun...
Happy tt

The Gal Herself

I'd never heard of "Cell" before, but I like the premise! And "heard" is the operative word. Very creative TT. (Thanks for visiting mine and btw, if the Cornwell book you read is the one you mentioned in a past TT, it's not a Scarpetaa mystery but one of another series PC writes.)

Comedy Plus

Oh my, I haven't read a one of these, but very nicely done as always. I do like your voice as well. Have a great TT. :)


I love your accent.

I have read Timeline, Sarum (which I loved), and Homeland.

Exocet is one of the few Jack Higgins books I haven't read. I am going to try to put it on hold at the library. My next TT is going to be on books I have read this month.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Susan Helene Gottfried

I couldn't get through Middlemarch. Ugh.

And the thought of re-reading Holocaust makes me squirm. I don't think I can do it again.


I agree with the others; you have a great voice! Your book collection never ceases to amaze me.


I never read any of these books, but I do know who Michael Crichton, John Jakes, and Steven King are. I had to comment because I didn't want to be a Lurker. Happy TT.


What a great voice Nicholas!!! Do it again :-)

Did you hear Stephen King has a new book coming out this month? It looks pretty good!

Shiloh Walker

Haven't read any of these, but I do want to pick up the Stephen King book.

Haven't read any of John Jakes' stuff in years, but I like him.

Cricket's Hearth

This was very interesting. I enjoy reading book reviews before I spend my money. Thanks for visiting my TT. I enjoyed your comments on American Idol and completely agree.

On a Limb with Claudia

Oh neat! This week I haven't read any of them! Ha! I guess it had to happen. (Although Riptide looks familiar.... ;) I'm off to the library. Thanks as always for the suggestions

Happy TT


I've been meaning to order The Cell. I love King's novels.


I couldn't get the audio part to work for some reason -- but I liked the collection of books!! I can imagine your library is stuffed to the rafters!
Happy TT!

SJ Reidhead

Funny, I just started Deluge last night. I think I've read 3 chapters, then fell asleep.

The Pink Flamingo


You have a voice for radio! You sound like one of the narrators for books on CD we used to listen to on long trips. (before we have to listen to their kid movies!)


You, write on books? Shock. Haha! You got me this week - the only one on your list I've read is Cell. In fact, I'm slated to read it again soon on my book blog, Read and Release,

Now off to add titles to my list...happy TT!

Adelle Laudan

A great selection you got there. I agree with Stephen Kings' latest releases being hit and miss. Sorry I couldn't hear the tape, but I'm deaf lol
Happy T13!


Hey, I read Cell...great book but i hated the ending. However, I hear most of his books end by keeping you guessing. Love your accent, BTW...funny to actually her you talk. Very cool:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Roth's Rudiments

What a great list....unfortunately I haven't read any of them! So thanks for bringing them to my attention! Happy TT!

Ann Bruce


My reading tastes are so philistine in comparison.

Nancy Bond

This is a very comprehensive list of books! It was nice to hear your voice as well. :)


Lovely TT.

This list is yet another reason I should broaden my horizons and read more books. At least more books outside of the school curriculum. You have me pretty interested in Riptide though.


All very good choices! I very much agree with you regarding Stephen King's "Cell." I couldn't even get through the whole thing. Your blog reminds me of an author I once loved, named George Stewart. He wrote science fiction books with names like "Fire!" and "Storm." LOL (I think I have them still... somewhere...)

Happy TT!


Azrael Brown

Can't wait to tell the kids the sorting hat wrote a book ;)


I've only read Exocet by Jack Higgins. You have a great radio voice and I love the accent. :o)

Infinity Goods

A great list with sound too. No lurking here; I think it's much more fun to leave comments. Happy Thursday!


I have to admit I haven't read any of these books, I don't know why but when I read in English I always prefer female autors.
Your introduction is great, I even understood your accent, lol ! Sometimes I have difficulties especially with southern American.

BTW the Belgians are used to the fact that when they have a great artist in whatever domain, the French make them to frenchs suddenly ! That also happened with Jacques Brel or JC Vandamme amongst others.


Oh, I'm so glad you included a voice clip, Nicholas. That was lovely!
As for your list this week, well, as you might expect, I've read Cell, and I would agree with you that it probably isn't one of his best. Lisey's Story is better, which is the novel he wrote at the same time as Cell. However, one of the problems with doing your research or SK is that I've read Cell, but the wonderful Middlemarch is still sitting on my bookshelf unread. I really must read some Eliot at some point. I think I also have Mill on the Floss somewhere around here too...
Anyway, great list as always, and, like I said, wonderful to hear your voice.

Indonesian WAHM

Haven't read any of them...I think I should though...


Deanna Dahlsad

You do have a voice for radio! (People always tell me I have a face for it... Meh.)


I know I should say something about your list but I'm still too distracted by your voice to comment.....



Rian Fike

If you keep this up, my head will explode with un-read potential. Please do.


So fun, I heard an accent in your voice(almost british sounding) am I wrong?
Another good TT-but I did not read any.

AtomiK Kitten

I don't know what my cat's fascination with eating plastic is.

I have never been much of a Stephen King fan.

Wylie Kinson

ACK - my speakers don't work, so I couldn't be hypnotized (sp??) by your seductive tones...

I haven't read Cell yet -- guess I won't. As for Michael Crichton, he's been on my auto-buy list (even in hardcover!!) for years. Until NEXT. It was meh.


Great voice Nicholas! I think you should be doing voice overs or reading books on cd/tapes. Great list as always. You are probably the best read person I know in blogland! Happy TT!

Michelle Hasker

Great TT. I love the way you have the bookcovers posted :)

Matthew James Didier

The audio wouldn't work for me... well, at least at my office... but seeing "Deluge" was a rare shock! I read that book MANY moons ago... I wasn't "wahoo" about it, but seeing the cover spurred memories!


Hmmm ... the sound clip told me to try again in 5 minutes, so I'm going to pass. I did find the list of books interesting and although I'm not sure I see the "connection" ... I have read 9 of them.
Hugs and blessings,

Aline de Chevigny

You always have the most original book lists LOL
Happy TT


Working at Home Mom

great list.


Ah again we have very different tastes - but we both LOVE books! I have read Michael Crichton's Timeline - as I generally like his books.

Happy TT-13!




Nice selection I do think that Stephen king has kind of gone downhill for me. Maybe he has nothing new that frightens me anymore?
Any way have a great week.


I'm not being a lurker! I quite enjoyed Cell, but I found the ending a bit disappointing. Like you, I felt it started out quite promisingly, and seemed to lose its way slightly in the later chapters. I'm a big fan of Leslie Phillips - he seems to get funnier with age. Happy TT!


I've not read a single one of the books you've shared today. "Sarum" looks monumental... 10,000BC to present...that sounds quite ambitious.

Happy TT! Thanks for visiting my 'girlie' post today and not commenting ;D

Karla ~ Looking Towards Heaven

adding several new books to my library list.

Happy T13

Alice Audrey

But I like to be a lurker. Besides, I have not T13 of my own this week.


I've actually been curious about "Cell". I kept seeing it everywhere, but I haven't been able to bring myself to read a Stephen King book in ages...I guess I've been...disenchanted with his work over the past decade or so.

Love the list, by the way!

Slacking Overachiever

Great idea to have audio with the post. Ditto what a previous poster said on narrating books on tape. Thanks for supplying even more titles for my ever growing reading list.


I think you should do a full podcast because I love your voice. Great list! Happy TT!


I've read Timeline, Sarum, and Exocet, and maybe Middlemarch--it would have been a long time ago, then. Flyaway sounds interesting--I'll have to check it out.


How could I be a lurker...with a welcome like that, I just have to say hello!! You should do radio shows- that's a great voice you've got there!!
Almost forgot to read the list as i was too busy listening again...Must look for the Holocaust book.

Thanks for entertaining us with your TT!


Oh Nicholas, I read Sarum probably 20 years ago and really, really enjoyed it. How sad that I had forgotten it and happy that you reminded me!

Happy TT


What a great voice you have!

I haven't read any of those.I saw Timeline the movie... it was awful but I imagine the book was a lot more fun.


I canoot get the sound clip to work. I'll surf back later and try again. Happy TT :)

Cindy Swanson

Nicholas, I loved your audio intro! I love a British could read the phone book with a British accent and it would sound like classic literature!

OK...great list again. How do you come up with these ideas? By the way, I'm sure you know Timeline was made into a movie...the main attraction for me being Gerard Butler. :)


Nice to meet you...your voice. I probably told you this before but a guy once came to the shop I was working at with a box of books that all had RED in the title because my last name is REDman! I did not accept them but now I wish I did.


D'you know... I'm starting to think you must have your own used bookstore! As for me, I just spend way too much time in front of the computer. Time during which I am NOT reading. Not exactly proud of that, especially since I love reading. (please vote for me, pretty please?!)


Isn't that cool that i get to hear your voice! And what an awesome list. To be honest, I have read any of these and these are good suggestion in what to buy during my next bookstore trip. Happy T13! And thanks for the visit.

Harris Channing

Wow, you have a radio voice, that's for sure!

Great book list. Want to read Riptide now. Love a good police story.

Have a great day.


Titania Starlight

Hi Nicholas,
I tried to post a few times but typepad is acting a bit wonky.

Loved the sound clip. You have fabulous voice. Very soothing.

I read Stephen's King, "Cell" and was not too impressed either. I ordered his new one,"Duma Key". I hope it is good.

I read John Jakes, "The Kent Family" series, when I was 12. I was put into an accelerated reading class when I was seven years old. I was reading some pretty heavy stuff at an early age. My mother would have fainted in she knew about those bodice rippers. :o)

I am interested in the, "The Crown Family" series. My family were German immigrants. We were the poor ones though.

Take care. It is always a pleasure to stop by for a visit.



Was 'Timeline' made into a movie, because it sounds very familiar to a movie I'd seen not to long ago, about traveling back in time to some century in France. I just might pick this one up to check.

Thanks for sharing another interesting list of books with us.


Isn't it cool that I get to hear your voice. And what awesome list you have here. This is a good suggestion on what books to get in my next bookstore trip. Happy T13!

And thanks for the visit.


What a beautiful voice! Wouah!

Oh, I don't know John Jakes... I have to read his books! Nice list.

Happy T13!


Just Middlemarch this week.

Happy TT!


Your voice is mesmerizing -- you should "read banned books" on tape.

Mine is all about Reverse Psychology if you want to stop by this week.


Typepad is giving me fits apologies in advance if I double (or triple) post..

The audio clip is a nice touch. I think all lurkers came out this week. :)

Excellent list, as usual. More suggestions for my own reading pile...

Dane Bramage

You know this may sound crazy but your voice is exactly how I imagined it would be. Great list too. Thanks for stopping by my T13 today!


More cool books...and I loved hearing your own personal voice. How cool is that? Happy Thursday!


Great voice! I loved Timeline. Being a history buff I'm a sucker for time travel stories.


I agree with everyone else...very nice voice and your list is very well done as always. I think I would like "Hello" and also anything by John Jakes.

Amy the Black

Thanks for the list. There are a couple I just might pick up! Just an aside: I like the TV show The Sopranos, but for some reason I'm not all that interested in real-life Mob murders.

Mary Emken

Every one seems to like your auteo maybe you should do another auteo with vedeo. I have to agree with every one you do have a soothing voice.

I haven't read any books on your list this time but, I will pick a couple up this weekend that I think I will enjoy.

Take care of that voice. ;)


Great list, Nicholas. I'm not a big fan of Stephen King, though I will admit that "It" still gives me nightmares. Damn those clowns! :-)

Great accent, sound just like a former boyfriend. :- )

Pamela Kramer

Great voice! Every time I read on of your list it is a reminder for me to pick up a book and read. I'm always working on reading a book. It's very difficult to squeeze in a couple of pages. Happy TT! Great list.


Fabulous list as always. Keep reading those books!

Joy Renee

i remember being disappointed with King's Cell too but I can't remember why. I loved Lisey's Story tho.

Sarum sounds so good i paused to look it up on our library catalog and then ordered it for late February. Our Phoenix branch is closed until Feb 4th for moving into the new building and in anticipation of the two week hiatus I topped my card off at 60 items, else i'd have made it sooner.


for some reason i can't listen to your sound clip and from reading some of the comments above i'm missing out on something cool!


Great list of books and I'm going to check out a couple of them. I especially like George Eliot and I'll also check out Avalanche.

I enjoyed your sound clip! Give a little uniqueness to your Thursday Thirteen!


Wow, I haven't read *any* of those on your list. I'll have to take a look...


Wow interesting accent voice you got there! Enjoy the sound clip. Your books collection are always interesting but some I either heard of or never heard before.

I havent' read Cell, and tend to go to library to check it out from there. I just haven't managed to do that yet :)

Thanks for visiting my blog - I hope you have a good weekend!

Julia - Yen


Interesting list, and wonderful voice. I haven't read any Stephen King in a while, but maybe I'll try Cell. Thanks for visiting my TT.


I always learn something new here, Nicholas. Thanks. The sound clip was a nice touch, too!


well that was great, even though i don't read as much as i used to... i still love books. I think I read a book with a one word title once, it was called 'plague'.. i read it when i was in the hospital for a long time it was very cheesy but sometimes a cheesy book is relaxing.


Oh, was I supposed to read the list? I got too into the voice. You need to narrate stuff.

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