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January 30, 2008



What Every American Should Know...has the pants scared off me already. I better get a copy quick.


Ah the spy novel looks intriguing and the detective book with those improbably proffered clues seems just right for a "school was canceled because of snow" day. Hmmm. May we have one of those tomorrow.


Re #11: "Special interests" as they are euphemistically called here are scary powerful especially with the current administration.

Happy TT. Thanks for stopping by.

ellen b

oops my first comment went off into cyberspace. Anyway I'll try again. I think I'd enjoy the West Minster One. happy tt...


I like the cover of the Stephen King novel. If it's intended to duplicate the feel of 50s pulp fiction, it works for me.

Chelle Y.

See, you're too busy reading to be watching movies! :)

On a Limb with Claudia

As usual, I have enjoyed most of these books. I haven't read the Stephen King book, but wondered about it as he talks about it in "On Writing." I'm terrified about who is running the world - terrified. What's amazing to me is that people don't seem to know that their choices are manipulated. Wow.

Happy TT, Nicholas - another great list!


I love six letter word for death... Many of these I have not read... yet!


Sad to hear esp. about the Stephen King book. Too bad. I won't pay any mind to it if you say it's not worth it... Happy TT!

Mary Emken

Haven't read any of the books on your list this time but, will go tomorrow and perchese, "What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running The World". I read some thing a while back which was an eye opener( Our Own Worst Enamy). If you haven't read it you should.

Take care.

SJ Reidhead

Good list.

The Pink Flamingo

Mary Emken

I need to go back to school and learn how to spell purchase. ;)


OmG! Wait, was that really your voice? Wow. Very...nice. LOL. :)

Once again, a list of books I haven't read, LOL.

And, RE your comment, I normally don't order 30 books a month, no, but I do love to read. Normally, I just get one or two books a month though.

Happy TT!


Lots of goodly stuff to choose from!

Adelle Laudan

That's some pretty heavy reading. It would keep me up all night lol Happy T13!

The Gal Herself

"What Every American Should Know" -- your blurb really resonates with me today, the day when John Edwards dropped out of the Presidential race. Diminishing the powers of those special interests was the centerpiece of his campaign. Thanks for visiting my TT and of all your banners, this one is among my favorites. Made me wistful about enjoying warmer weather and very cold beer.


I've been meaning to read the Sharpe books since I watched a few of the movies on BBC America. I need to make a conscious effort to find them. As usual, a fabulous list.


Neat list. I might pick up What Every American Should Know.


Nope, I havent read any of those books. Hey, have you ever thought about doing books on tape?? You have the perfect voice for it. I could listen to you for hours:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.


Pole to Pole was great. I was just talking about his old BBC show Great Railways Journeys of the World in a blog post Monday. Palin is wonderful =)


Didn't read any of those but I am interested in reading Stephen King's new novel.
Have a great Thursday.

Ann Bruce

What Every American Should Know About Who'™s Really Running The World

I am so there.


I thought you were too lazy to write, lol before I discovered this list. I don't think I have read any of these books, perhaps Ken Follet, they are always translated into french and the titles are not the same.

Linda R. Moore

Hi Nicholas--can't see the audio file, but this did remind me to get my paws on Palin's books. :)

Two TTs this week: one at Raven's Range and one at Raven's Roads. :)


I had no idea that there was Michael Caine autobiography floating around out there.

I might have to look into that one - I love bios & I always enjoy seeing Caine...he's a class act all the way.


Great TT as always, Nicholas, and once again, so lovely to hear your voice. As for the King novel (you knew I wouldn't be able to resist, didn't you!), a lot of people didn't like it because it lacked a conclusion, in the sense that it didn't provide answers to many of the questions established by the narrative. However, for the purposes of my thesis, it works perfectly, so I really liked it!
Anyway, have fun reading and commenting on TTs today.


I have to expand my reading my reading pond. Although I've seen these books around (my husband reads them), I haven't tried it myself. I'm more the romantic fiction kind. They have such happy ending, yes, even crappy stories have happy ending.


More good books to check out. I LOVED hearing your voice on the audio file. That was a very cool idea! Oh and I swoon for a lovely British accent.


I haven't read any of these. Guess I got a lot of reading to do.


Something else they all have in common: I'm not sure I've read any of them--unusual for me. I may have read the Forsyth and/or the Follett--I've read several books by both authors, but the titles don't ring a bell.


I love watching Michael Palin's travelogues, I'm sure I'd love his book too.

Rian Fike

I always enjoy your lists, simply for the poetry of the titles. Do you think there would be an audience for a collection of the greatest book titles ever?


Love your voice!!! You should do an audio file of you reading EVERY post!!!

I agree on Follett...have you read The Pillars of the Earth (reviewed on my blog this past week)?


Hmm ... you've tweaked my interest and I may have to read the Melissa Rossi book. Thanks (as always) for an informative T-13. I considered leaving a book list of my own this morning, but went with Quotes instead since I'm "under the weather" and needed something quick and easy.
Hugs and blessings,


I agree: Follett is quite reliable. The the Rossi book looks intriguing. Great list, as usual.


Michael Caine is a favorite of mine...may have to check our library here! When I read autobiographies, I can hear the voice...does that happen with you?


Yet again I haven't read any of these books. I like the cover of The Colorado Kid, tres sexy.


Great list, I'd like to read the Stephen King book.

Happy TT!

Penelope Anne

Will you come and read the books to me? Your voice is simply divine. I could have stopped there.
I'm back....I got lost in the blogosphere somehow, but I have found my way back.


I haven't read any of these...but I would like to read Pole To Pole! Sounds interesting...

Harris Channing

As petty as it sounds, it's good to know that Stephen King isn't always wonderful! Wonder how he'd write a 'bodice ripper', don't you?



in re what every american should know......whenever you see the name afraid, be very afraid!

my reading list increases each time i stop by.
thank you for another great tt!

Amy the Black

I think I'll buy What Every American . . . soon, me and my husband will read it, and then pass it around to friends. Thanks for the idea!


I haven't read any of the books on your list this week. But I want to read "Sharpe's Sword" by BERNARD CORNWELL. I have really enjoyed the Bernard Cornwell books I have read.


Interesting list, Nicholas. The podcast intro really helped personalize it too. The Palin and Caine books looked the most intriguing to me, but there's a couple on there DH might like. Thanks for the recommendations!


Hello there!
Another collection of great books.


Hello Nicholas.
Thanks for the comments.
Anyways, wish I could read some of those books.

Gandalf & Grayson

Nicholas, I must confess that my favorite part of your TT13 is your audio intro. Could you come to our house and read us a story?

Gandalf & Grayson's Mom


Great list, really dig Follett too. Happy TT


I hated The Colorado Kid because there seemed to be no POINT to the whole thing. If there was it went over my head entirely.

"The Night Time Guy" sounds interesting. I'll have to see if our library has it.


Happy TT, Nicholas - another great list!

The one that intrigues me is the Ken F. one. I love a good trecherous, Victorian novel. I'll have to look for this one.

Baba/night owl

Thanks Nicholas for sharing your opinion on your books..I have not read any of them.. I need to branch out and read different books.. Your voice is very nice sounding....


My interest is peaked by the Michael Caine autobiography. The What Every American Should Know book...I feel like that ship has sailed. We don't seem to want to know as it gets in the way of our fun.

My son would probably love the Cornwell book.

Great list. Thanks for visiting.

Alice Audrey

I have got to show this list to my dh. You have similar tastes.


The voice recording was a nice way to start your Thursday Thirteen. :)

Cindy Swanson

Nicholas, I enjoy your audio intro's as much as I enjoy your TT's! :)

Pamela Kramer

What Every American Should Know About Who'™s Really Running The World - This one looks like an interesting read. It appeals to the Sociologist in me. Happy TT!


What every American should know sounds intersting. I'm off to put it in my holds at the library. Thanks! Happy TT!


the one about who's really running the world sounds interesting. thanks for stopping by. your comment made me laugh because those aren't even the hard ones! happy TT! :)

no nonsense girl

Happy TT Nicholas! It's been a while. It's nice to be back. :)

Have a great week!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I spent last night writing with some of my favorite writing babes, and have spent today running around, visiting. Now I get to your TT and all I want to do is collapse on the couch with a good book!

Happy TT (a bit late), Nicholas!


I don't think I have ever heard of the Stephen King one!

Thanks for visiting my TT.


You have a nice voice that would be suitable for a radio show, probably one on books. The Michael Caine book is a draw.

Thanks for explaining about the TV show "Just for Laughs." I couldn't understand how I've only been able to catch it occasionaly and without any network hype.

Nicole Austin

I've read most of Stephen King's books (reading Duma Key right now) but don't remember Colorado Kid. Hmm...I'll have to pick it up if I don't have it.


I'm embarrassed to admit that I've not read even one of these. And I thought I was such a book-lover. (hanging head in shame)

By the way, regarding your comment on my list...I added a footnote (which I should have done in the first place) to explain that it was all only meant in humor. Just wanted to let you know.


Loved your intro. Was that really you? How cool is that? I'm pretty good technologically, but obviously, you're way better. I think "A Six Letter Word for Death" looks like a fun, fluff read!


hmmm, those are GUY books lol..stephen king may cross genders, so to speak, but not with a crime story.. very MANLY list.. happy thursday thirteen!

Joy Renee

the only one on here i've read is King's The Colorado Kid. i confess i was disappointed by it also.

What Every American Should Know... really interests me

thanx for visiting my tt pics of the room makeover.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Thank you for sharing these interesting books. It's always enriching to read new things.


Great list...Thanks for coming by my blog! I'll be back for more!


ahhh, makes me want to go fishing again! beautiful!


We have such different tastes in books... once again, I haven't read any of these. I do have a buddy who is convinced that the illuminati has already determined that Hillary will be our next presedent. He's a bit off kilter that way though.

My fav orite part of your TT's is your voice recording.

Lisa Andel

Interesting list. There's a couple I think I'll check into. Thanks. And happy TTing.

Candy Minx

I think I want to read every book on this list...and for the first I've visited your blog...I haven't read ANY of the books on the list.

(I think you will like NCFOM, just based on these reviews)

You gave a good reason for us to read these books...the one about "who is running the world" reminds me of a scary movie...Syriana!!!

Auria Cortes

"The Fourth Protocol" by FREDERICK FORSYTH"

Sounds like a book one should buy, not get from the library. Considering the US government can retrieve library records without a warrant.

Auria Cortes

I've tried posting and my comment doesn't appear. This is a test post.

Karen @ Simply A Musing Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog!


I never knew about that Stephen King book. I do want to read the one that is out now.

Oh, I saw "Sexy Beast" the other day after reading your TT from that week. It was awesome!

You have a nice voice!


I must admit I haven't read any of those books on your list. But if I had to choose one to read, I will definitely choose What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running The World. I also checked out your TT #42. Out of all of your 13 VHS movies, I saw Shawshank Redemption (One of my faves), Fried Green Tomatoes (One of my faves) and Ground Hog Day (Not exactly a fave, but it'll do). If you ever get a chance, choose one those movies off my list and look at it. Then tell me what you think. Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting!!!

Jan Parrish

You have a great voice for radio.


Ooh, What Every American Should Know About Who'™s Really Running The World sounds good/scary.

Andi & Stien

Oh, those 'Sharpe' books, I've been meaning to read them for a long time now. I do have the series on dvd though (hmmm, Sean Bean!).
The same for that Michael Palin book: I've seen it on television... teehee

Happy TT!


Somehow your voice sounds familiar to me, I like it! As for the left-overs: they all sound worthwhile! I've read about half of them I think. My favourite is Michael Palin, I'm a fan of his work.
Thanks for visiting my fridge TT!


You were of course quite right, I'm thrilled with this TT because I got to hear your voice again! It left me unable to focus on the actually TT just as it did last time.

Today, however, I paused and came back, so I have just enough wherewithall to point out that "What Every American Should Know..." is on my To Buy List. I've been slowly building my non-fiction collection again after years away from it. Glad to have a second opinion on the book.

Off to listen once more before bed. *Grin*



I've read some of these. If Mary comes back, could you ask her the last name of "Our Own Worst Enemy". LT shows at least 8 that could apply here. Thanks.

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