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February 20, 2008


Candy Minx

That is an impressive list indeed...I think British people meet more of their famous peers because of the pub or less seclusion than say Hollywood...?

I think it is so cool who you met many whom I recognize. Awesome! I love Hugh Laurie and the Black Adder set.

I adore Joanna Lumley what lovely anecdotes and humourous details about each meeting. YGreat post!

I still can't seem to log on to Thursday Thirteen!

Here is my weird list:


I am in awe of your list. I think it's Doctors Who. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Chelle Y.

Hugh Laurie is the best, but my to my son, he will always be "Mr. Little." :)

ellen b

That is quite a list! I so enjoyed Miss Moneypenny. I've never met Elton John but I did meet and sit in a press box with Elton John's mother at his concert at the Dodger Stadium in 1975 in Los Angeles. Weird...


Good job of telling the stories behind your meetings with these famous people. I enjoyed reading about your encounters with Chaplin, Joanna Lumley and Elton John the best.

I had forgotten that Peter Cushing played Doctor Who. Although I haven't seen the film, I remember reading about it somewhere.


I will again, tell you how completely jealous I am of you meeting Hugh Laurie. Really. I don't know any of the others on the list except for Elton John. (Why do you call him "Sir Elton John"?)

marcia v

Very fun,the Elton John story is impressive I did this last year

SJ Reidhead

I must laugh at your listing of Don Murray. He was doing a play in Atlanta during the summer of Star Wars. My sister, cousin, neighbor and I finally managed to get in to see it during the middle of the week, at something like 11AM or so. Everyone was talking about the 'movie star' who was there. Naturally we ask who. My sister goes, "I've never heard of Don Murray in my life. He must not be much of one." Murray, who was standing near us, was not amused.

This is also the same sister who managed to insult Michael Crichton after an early showing of The Lost World. He was asking people in the theater how they liked the film. She thought it was terrible and told him so. I was trying to get her attention or that of our mother to shut them up, but it was impossible. They unloaded on him. He asked me what I thought. I told him I wished they had stuck to the storyline in the book, which I thought wasn't bad.

The Pink Flamingo

Milan - zzz

You've met Terry Jones!?! I'm a huge fan of Monty Python and whe I heard that Michael Palin is coming in belgrade I was there, outside waithing him (not actually speaking).

And Charlie Chaplin & Pele?
Great indeed (and now I'll jump and check Di's famous list)

The Gal Herself

You met Charlie Chaplin! That is so amazing. I'm also impressed by Lumley and Cushing. And I'm glad Sir Elton was polite, but sorry you two never crossed paths again. (And thanks for visiting my TT)

On a Limb with Claudia

Whoo HOOO!!! I get a Brit card. I know Dick Emery AND Henry Kelly... Happy dancing ensues.....

Oh sorry, I was being loud and effusive.... Did I lose my card? Crap.

Happy TT.

No nonsense girl

That's great!!!! I never met anyone famous. I did saw a comedian called Michel Barette in a mall but that was my brush with fame. ;)

Have a great week!!!

Nicole Austin

Wow, great list. You've met some interesting people. How cool to have met Charlie Chaplin. Too bad you didn't get to have a conversation with him.


Very cool...although I must admit, I havent heard of most of them;) Happy TT. Great list.


I can't believe he lied like that, "See you later!" I was a huge fan of EJ in the 70s, and I don't think I could have held myself upright while that close to him. Now, that I'm older and wiser, I still think he's got a lot of talent (I think every lyric is still in my head.) So, what year did you see him?
Quite a list --- I you've been around, and seen quite a few stars!


Very impressive list, especially Pele and Sir Elton John!

Happy TT!


OMG! You met Moneypenny! She was my hero in every Bond movie. You were right about it being a very Brit list, but it was still very cool.


Wow! I'm impressed. Truly. I've never met any famous folks... well, I was thrown on stage with Sawyer Brown, but I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could. Didn't want to be thought of as a groupie and at 17, I wasn't ready to fulfill the duties of such a position. ;) Great list! Thanks for sharing.


That's a great list that spans the last century, really.


Charlie Chaplin and Pele? Wow, wish I'd gotten to meet them, too. You've certainly met a lot of famous people.


Ok, I'm officially impressed!!!

Hugh Laurie....My daughter and I love him! Elton John, that was a very cool encounter!
Don Murray, I loved Knot's Landing...he was a favorite of mine!!

And I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, so Peter Cushing...very cool!!

I throughly enjoyed this thirteen!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


How fun to have met so many cool people! I can count on one hand how many I have met. Though one is a family friend, so I don't think he counts!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I once threw a party and two members of Metallica showed up... does that count? (yes, they'd been invited)

Fun stuff, Nicholas!


Wow. I haven't met ANY famous people!

(Well, okay, once as a teen I got John Travolta's autograph, but since he hardly even looked at me, much less spoke, I don't feel like it counts.)

Dane Bramage

The Haunting scared the life out of me when I was a kid. I love it to this day. Terror set by atmosphere and lighting, not CGI or million dollars SFX. You are pretty fortunate to have met so many famous people. I think I will steal this idea but it will have to be a Thursday Three or something similar. Thanks for visiting my T13.

Michelle B

This is a great TT idea! I think I might "steal" it (if I can come up with 13 people to list!) I'm not even in your league in terms of meeting famous people, so it's going to be tough.

Happy TT!


You are so lucky to have met so many famous people! I'm a huge fan of Elton John's!

Spam Warning :)

Would you like to join my weekly meme called Heads Or Tails? It's played on Tuesdays but I post mine on Monday nights so the early birds can sign in. It's a lot of fun and is growing fast.. The last one had 53 people playing!

You can check my right sidebar for weekly theme/prompts and links to the rules and such. This is a really good time to join too because I'm having a contest through the end of the month for players who join the notify list. :)


Strange places to met famous people - the urinals but it still counts, I guess even if it was just a simple hello :)


Very cool, Nicholas. It always amazes me what a small world we really do live in and how interconnected we humans are at times, even with those we places on such high pedestals.


Wow that's indeed a very impressive list ! I once saw Michael Jackson sitting in his car after a concert, but I think that was it, lol !


Wow, more reasons to come and hang out with you. Who knows who we'll run into? *Grin*



What an amazing list. Maybe it's because the US is so big, or I lead a boring life, but I've never really met anyone famous.

Brenda ND

Wow, you've met a lot of famous people. If you're offering hook ups, I'd like to meet Terry Jones. Happy TT!

Bella Mocha

This is a very impressive list! What an interesting life you have'd be a great dinner party guest with all your stories to tell!
Charlie Chaplin...I would have love to have met him. I've met Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Lou Gossett (from The Deep); he stayed in our house whilst they were filming the movie in Bermuda. But that's it really....there's always time for more though!

Mine's up too- can't get into the T13 website for some reason!

Deanna Dahlsad

I can't really the read the other 12 because I keep saying, "Dude, he met Charlie Chaplin!"

How cool is that?!

Pop Tart

Still not over the Chaplin meeting... even with the other ID lol


Ok, I haven't heard of about half of those people, but I take your word for it that they are (or were) famous. So obviously I'm impressed and all that. But, seriously, I can't fuckin' believe you met Hugh Laurie and can't remember what he talked about, ferchrissake! That would be one conversation that would be absolutely etched in my brain, if I had been in your place. But I guess that's one of those gals things... *sigh* LOL

Rian Fike

Peter Cushing??? You just gave me chills. I loved this idea when Di did it, and it is just as entertaining here. Awesome.


Neat!! I only recognize a few but still-- I have TT up on my site!


This is an impressively intriguing list that has me thinking … but I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone famous! My sister & her husband had their photo taken recently with Jimmy Carter and his wife at church in Plains, Georgia … and a friend of mine swears Sandra Bullock eats regularly at a local café on PCH, but my list contain would no one famous that I can recall anyway.
Hugs and blessings,


Very interesting list! I have not met many famous people...I'm afraid my list would be Thursday Two!


Life is so unfair. I've only ever met Christene Taylor (Ben Stiller's wife)when I was 6 and you've met Sir Elton and Hugh Laurie? And your so damn non-chalant about it?

I must be doing something wrong!


This is quite an impressive list, but I can't get over your first met Charlie Chaplin! I met Charlie Chaplin!! How cool is that? ;-) And as a former European, I must add I'm quite impressed you met Pele too! Very cool list!

Thanks for stopping by my list last week.

Alice Audrey

You have a very impressive list. Mine would only be two people long, but I hugged both.


Wow, how impressive.

I don't know if I ever met anyone famous other than local celebrities.


Great list! I actually recognized a couple of the names!


Impressive list, though many are unknown to me. Happy TT, and thanks for the visit.


Interesting group of people. I have heard of a few of them but not all. Maybe because I am young?? LOL...

I'm taking a TT break this week.

The Land of Rozz

Impressive! I wanted to use this as a subject for TT but I haven't met 13 famous people yet. Oh well.


There are some very distinguished people on that list of yours, very impressive! :-D


Wow, very impressive list! I really like that you added the stories behind each meeting as well.


I was so impressed while reading this and then you threw in Elton John, wow! I think my extent of famous people was two famous football players (not really famous but well known) who I met at my Dad's work.

Great posting Nicholas.


Oh, how cool! The famous people I've met are all authors. Big surprise there. The closest I've come to other famous people: my aunt told me she once babysat for Joe Namath. I've no idea if it's true or not.

Cindy Swanson've met quite a few famous people! I'm afraid my "brushes with fame" are limited to a some news conferences or media opportunities I've been to for politicians and famous people (the first president Bush before he was president, Hillary Clinton campaigning for Bill, Henry Kissinger, Bruce Jenner, Lynne Cheney, Elizabeth Dole, to name a few) and contemporary Christian musicians, because that's the format of the radio station where I work. My husband did meet Julie Andrews at a Washington DC bookstore, and the comedian Sinbad at a Chicago McDonald's. Both were very gracious.


Excellent idea for a list, and I'm impressed that you've met so many! I don't think I'd even be able to steal this cool list idea because I'd have to think long and hard to even get up to a handful of famous people I'd met. Happy TT!


This is one amazing list! So, does this mean that by proxy we've all met these famous people too?


Goodness you've met a lot of celebs.

Forget House, I LOVE Jeeves and Wooster. Absolutely brilliant.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

What a cool list!


Love the Charlie Chaplin story :-)

Pamela Kramer

WOW! I was bouncing in my seat reading your list. You are so lucky to have met so many neat people. I'm a huge Ab Fab fan. Those two crack me up! My hubby has the whole collection of Are You Being Served? And we are both great fans of Hugh Laurie. My hubby has the Black Adder collection as well. Happy TT!



I suppose when you live in England, and London more specifically, there's just a greater statistical chance of meeting famous people.

My problem would be recognizing them, I think. I'm terrible at remembering what people look like. Hugh Laurie I think I would've known, even before House came out, but the others...


I'm still giggling about your Michael Parkinson and George Carey meeting! What a fabulous TT :-)
I don't think I've ever met anyone famous. I'll need to get a move on! Oh, hang on, does Germaine Greer count?


Wow you have met some great people. Love me some House how werid is that. Not to mention that the Haunting has done some serious damage to my sleep life or lack thereof!
Great list


Cup final day must have been really quite the day. How surreal to be at the urinals flanked by those two men. I envy you the 2 Doctors and Pele. I can only say that I went through school with Lisa Ling from The View.


What a fun idea for TT!! That's quite the list!

To answer the question you left on mine - Yes, henna tatoos last a few weeks and then they fade until they are all gone.

Happy TT!

Matthew James Didier

This, so far, has been my favourite list of yours... and I'm not one to be "gobsmacked" by fame... far from it, I kind of loath the concept of "fame"... THAT SAID, Charlie Chaplin, Lois Maxwell, John Inman, Arthur English (who will always actually be "Bodkin" to me for various reasons...), I could go on...

Pretty much EVERYONE on your list is someone I greatly admire... or would like to speak to... thanks for sharing it!


Joanna Lumley, have to admit I only know her from Ab Fab though of course am aware she was very famous before that. Still, out of the lot, she's the one I'd probably most enjoy having a drink with.

I don't remember Elton John ever NOT being famous, but then, of course there were all kinds of things happening before I was aware of them.


You have no idea how jealous I am about your close encounter with Chaplin.

My TT is pretty stank this week. And, it's on my new domain. I am so special.

Happy TT!


I almost did my TT on Celebrities I'd like to Have Coffee With (will do someday, too much thought for today!) but couldn't do Celebrites I Have Actually Met cause I haven't! I could do celebrities my father has met but I don't think that counts.;-)

Great list, I'm jealous!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wow. I've never met one famous person.
Cool list!


Very interesting list. Mine is shorter and MUCH less interesting:

1 and 2. As a kid, I was on holiday in Mexico and helped a young girl rescue her Barbie that was floating out to sea. She turned out to be the daughter of Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson, who smiled and thanked me.

3. I spotted Jeff Conway (of Grease and Taxi semi-fame) at Disneyland in the 80's.

4. Also in the 80's and thanks to my sister's determined flirting with roadies, I got to go backstage at a Devo concert and meet the guys.

5. And I once passed in the stadium corridor and hooted appreciatively at Dave Krieg, a former American footballer (quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks) who did a decent job for the team but is no Pele.

Joy Renee

after reading the teaser for #1 i was sure you were going to name Captain Von Trapp (head of the family made famous by The Sound of Music) Charlie Chaplin! wow what a childhood memory. The one seems to overshadow all the rest. but what do i know from celebrities.

fun TT


I have to admit I am impressed although I haven't heard of half of the people. I don't think I've ever met a famous person, unless the Wiggles count.

Infinity Goods

That's 22! I liked Miss Moneypenny.
I've had chance encounters with 5 actors. Bob Hope at the grocery store in Malibu and he initiated a conversation with my friend and me. He was very nice. Sophia Loren and her son. Her son and I attended the same university, but we didn't meet there. We sat almost next to each other at the movies in Westlake Village for a showing of Medicine Man and our cars were parked right next to each other too. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is even more beautiful in person than in the movies and she was probably in her 60s! Valerie Bertinelli was buying a bag of coffee at Starbucks in Studio City. Patrick Stewart and Denise Crosby at a hotel in L.A. where there was a Star Trek convention. He was very grouchy!! She was friendly.


WOW I'm impressed with all the people you listed. I do remember watching Knot Landing, but I can't recall if I ever seen Don Murray in the show. But as you said, he left long before the show ended. I probably started watching it right after he left *shrug*....

Great list! Sadly I didn't do my TTs this week. But I hope to next weeks....maybe. If I can come up with an idea but it so hard ;) :)


Interesting! Though, I admit I don't know who some of these people are!


Wow. I am impressed. I have no idea if I have ever met anyone famous. I meet people all the time, but since I don't watch TV and rarely remember names with faces, I may have met them and just been unaware. To me, you are just as important as they are in my world, because we have regular interaction. So, while we have never met face to face, considering all the people who know you, I would add you to my "List of famous people I've met." I have actually heard of Elton John, though. :-)


What an amazing amazing list. My famous meetings would not fill a TT. Thanks for sharing yours. I am a lifetime devotee of the greatest of the British comedies, Are You Being Served, and Keeping Up Appearances, Red Dwarf. There are so few people anymore who have no idea what those shows are.

Thank you for that walk down amnesia lane. And you are one lucky man to have had brushes with so many of the greats.

(no clue why but I couldn't get on the TT home. So mine is up and running, I hope someone finds it.)

Jennifer in OR

What an impressive list!! Do you know how impressive this is? I don't think most people have encounters like this all the time - well it seems like all the time... Thanks for visiting my TT!

Sheila Octaviano

Great list, even though I don't know many of them. Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, those pictures were taken on the walk back from the Griffith Observatory. It rained a lot in Los Angeles that year, hence the fairly clear view. The smog was way down.


Needless to say, I have never met any famous people, yet. But you never know. Great TT.

Thanks for visiting!!


I'm very impressed by your list. Charlie Chaplin? John Inman? Wow.

Miss Understood

That was one hell of a list and much more exciting than mine. Let's see....
Tom Baker (in his Dr Who days), John Craven, Noel Edmunds, Russ Abbot and ummm......the Queen (if a hello counts). Rather pathetic, really!


You met CC and Pele.




Elton all-time favorite singer/songwriter. I had a life size poster of him when I was about 12.

Wylie Kinson

Someday you may be on someone's 'Famous People I've Met' list -- but you have to finish the damn book first! ;)


Nice! I must admit that I don't know many of the people you mentioned. I know, that's sad. What is our world coming to.

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