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February 17, 2008



I envy you for the sock thing. I am wearing 2 pairs right now (mainly because I am sick, but also because it is friggin cold here).
But I am totally with you on the mobile phone. Mine is about 3 years old now and it was a cheap crappy thing to begin with. I only bought a new one in 2005 because the screen on my old Nokia was cracked, otherwise I would still use that one, which was way better than the Motorola anyway. But since I also use it only now and then (and only for actually making or receiving calls) I can't bring myself to spend money on a new one either. Besides, I am getting really annoyed with the new wonder-machines nowadays anyway. All I want to do with a mobile phone is making calls. I don't wanna listen to music, watch tv on a friggin tiny screen, take crappy pictures, go online, send emails or whatever other stuff you are supposed to be doing with those things nowadays. I guess I am just too old for all those newfangled techno-toys... ;)
Oh, and don't even get me started on iPods! I am so not an Apple fangirl, I never understood the appeal of them in the first place. Honestly, not only do you need your music in a format no other player understands, they also cost about 3 times as much as other mp3-players. Also who needs to carry around 14.000 songs with them (or however many they are able to store on these things nowadays)? I am not even sure if I know 14.000 different songs, much less would I want to listen to so many different ones all the time...
Ah well, the wonders of new technology. :)

Bella Mocha

I'm terribly envious about the socks bit, I used to run around as a child barefoot and 'bareother' in the Seychelles, but, at least in the winter, NY will be too cold for that.

But thanks for the teabag's tip...I suffer for two weeks when visiting the in-laws; but I thought it was just them that didn't 'do' tea! The teabags that they dug out from the back of the cupboard produced something that looked like it had come out of the garden hose.

I can see I shall have to arrange the shipment of a regular supply.

Thank you Nicholas, always a pleasure to read here!!


I played along!


I am so jealous about number 1!! I would wear flip flops all year round if I could :)

Tilly Greene

Thongs have been a staple item since I proved to my parents I could walk in them and not make any noise. Yes, even in the north of England I wore them...shopkeepers never quite knew what to do with the woman who wore shorts, t-shirts, thongs and sunglasses.

The latest batch of PG Tips for the cutie came from Amazon...they now offer a subscription. We didn'that but it's definitely getting tricky to bring them back over from the land of tea drinkers.

Always fun in the Domain :-0


I would like to point out that you HAVE seen an I-Pod, when you bought me mine. You just haven't seen it since.


I'm jealous I wish I could wear sandals and flip flops for a year straight. I hate socks!


We have a 3.5-year-old cell phone. It has zero bells &/or whistles, and is the kind you buy the prepaid cards for. We keep it for emergencies or for when the kids want to stay after school and need to call us. It fits the purpose--we see no reason at all to upgrade.

I may play, if I can think of 6 things I haven't already disclosed. I'll think about it.

In the meanwhile, I've tagged you for another meme that seemed up your alley:


Interesting list. I'm on the west coast in California but wear no socks or shoes most of the time (other than sandals on occasion). My cell phone is 6 years old this month and is going strong. I've done something like this multiple times on my blog though I think it was 7 rather than 6 things each time. One done in Haiku is located here:
on my other blog.
The link to 101 Things About Me contains more than you'd care to know about me, but also has links to previous memes listed near the end on #98-101.
Hugs and blessings,


I live in SoCal, but the sock thing eludes me because I have to work. Other than work, it's flip flops. The better to show off my shiny pedicure. ;) I'll admit I liked my last cell phone better than this one, but I upgraded because of the hands free law going into effect this year. I got a bluetooth and wireless earpiece. I'm in IT so I get calls from the office at off hours and need to be able to answer if I'm in the car. I may take you up on the tag offer for Tuesday. Cool meme!


Heh. I did 6 unimportant whacked out things about me. And I gave you full credit Nicholas!

Miss Understood

I rarely wear socks, I leave my tea-bag in the mug, I love fruit cake, my mobile phone is just as old as yours and I don't own an ipod.

I have, however, been to lots and lots and LOTS of church weddings.

Candy Minx

These were wonderful insights into your life and personality what fun!I love the tea...I've grown accustomed to Lipton Orange Pekoe...but when I am back in Canada I drink massive amounts of Red Rose like crazy...

How are you? Is Thrusday Thirteen working I can't seem to find the web page it's down or something?


It really isn't tea though unless it is being poured by an English vicar ... or so I'm told :)

I envy the sock thing too...sigh...


I played--finally!

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