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February 03, 2008



Lol. Baby it's cold outside.

Miss Understood

Thanks for the laugh this morning. It started my day off perfectly!

Penelope Anne

As I watch another layer of snow falling again today, I am thinking I am so done with this winter thing....great poem.

Mary Emken

You are sooo amusing.

Wylie Kinson

LOL -- Bloody brilliant!

Ladybug Crossing

LOL!! That's perfect!
Fortunately it's going to be close to 70f today. And to think we had an ice storm on Friday!

Thanks for dropping by my TT last week. It's taken me a while to get over here. I've enjoyed my visit and I'll be back.



Quite Right. Well said!

Sandy Feet

As someone who did rhapsodize a bit after our last big snowstorm, I am feeling more like your poem today. Today it was cold, slushy rain.

Ev Nucci

Now that's hilarious! I've been working on my book and away from the world. Just a reprieve back into the blogging world for a day and to let you know I miss you!


I do believe that I have never seen a better poem on the topic of winter. Excellent!


looks like my house ;-)


Exactly! Perfect.


Snif...a little tear wells up in my eyes.


I love it!

Karen Bastille

This was so moving, I had to add a link to it in my journal.
Thank you for sharing.

(thanks for visiting my T13 at my news blog too!)


Much better than my poem - "I hate winter". Thanks for sharing!


Yup! That about sums up my feeling for winter too!!

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