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February 13, 2008



That is an eclectic selection indeed. Hard to imagine any other collection that would include both Das Boot and Ugly Betty!


The movie "IT" is why I am still to this day afraid of Clowns, and the movie Vanilla Sky is why we have so many crazies in this world, LOL. :)


Gr8 list - thx for sharing. Happy VDay/TT. *hugs*


I've seen three of the movies and "ugly Betty".


Quite a selection! Some classics among them.

The poem in my TT is from Stevens' first book of poems, Harmonium, published in 1923.

Chelle Y.

I tried to read "It," but had to stop after Chapter Two. I am afraid of clowns, so that book was starting to freak me out! :)

SJ Reidhead

The only one I have of this batch is Sneakers. Good movie.

The Pink Flamingo

Comedy Plus

I've seen one of these and I guess that's not bad for someone who gave up TV and movies. Beverly Hills Cop and I laughed and laughed. Great list as always. I did movies too. Have a great TT and Valentine's Day. :)


I've seen It, Das Boot and Sneakers. Happy TT.


Whenever I think of Windex, I am reminded of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", one of the best romantic comedies ever. I also enjoyed "My Fellow Americans" (Lemmon and Garner played off each other beautifully) and "Beverly Hills Cop".

Bill Cosby did wind up doing a U.S. version of "One Foot In the Grave". It was simply called "Cosby" and ran on CBS from 1996-2000. Since I have never seen "One Foot In the Grave", I am not sure how much "Cosby" veered from it.


I really like Ugly Betty!! It is really close to reality, I think!
I wanted to watch 30 rocks when it start, but I watch already too much tv!

Adelle Laudan

Gotta luv Ugly Betty! Very diverse group of movies. I read IT, but by the looks of the movie jacket, I might pass on that one LOL Happy Valentine's Day!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I keep meaning to watch 30 Rock, but like almost every other TV show on the planet, I keep forgetting. Shows you where my priorities are, huh?

Either that, or I need a life!


Love the first one on your list--My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I tried to get into Ugly Betty, but it's a little too campy for me. Also, the "clown" factor in "It" creeps me out a bit (smile).


Oooh, we loved Sneakers (despite being dated compared to Matrix, etc.) Happy Valentine's Day!

mama kelly

A lot of movies I like on this list. Happy Th13

ellen b

I so enjoyed Beverly Hills Cop and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Happy TT to you and have a wonderful Valentine's Day...


I need to catch Catch-22. I loved the book. Anything by Heller is a winner as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for more great info!

The Gal Herself

I am yet another clown-o-phobe and was so proud after I made myself watch -- and finish -- IT. The ending was so supernaturally silly that I almost forgot how terrifying the preceding hours were. And I agree, Tim Curry was a hideously wonderful Pennywise. (Thanks for visiting my TT)


I loved The Contender!!! Joan Allen is a brilliant actress who chooses her roles carefully. I've loved everything she's done.

I could never watch the DVD of It. Too scary!

Nicole Austin

Great movie list. I have several of those in my collection. While I love Stephen Kings books, I've been disappointed with the movies. Haven't even seen IT.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my favorite movies! Since the writer's strike, I've really gotten into 30 Rock...good show :)


I soooo enjoyed Das Boot. I got a love of war flicks from my dad. In our house, Band of Brothers got watched so much on HBO that we had to buy the DVD and we rarely buy TV stuff on DVD. Great list!


I really need to watch Vanilla Sky -- have not seen that. For some reason, Greek Wedding did not resonate with me.

Brenda ND

Is that your cat in the picture? I love cats. My favorite of your DVDs here is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."


My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of those that can be watched over and over and over!


I found "My Fellow Americans" to be a very entertaining movie. Of course, it has two of my favorite people in it.

No nonsense girl

Quite a good selection you have there... Is that your cat? He's really cute!


Looks like your tastes are very eclectic too! Some of them would even work for watching for Valentine's Day. We should watch Beverly Hills Cop again sometime. Fun movie. Happy TT! Mine's more of a "Today in History" deal.

Dane Bramage

I remember watching IT on TV. It ws scary enough for me to avoid seeing it twice although I did love the cast. I own Sneakers but have never seen it. It was a Christmas gift at a White Elephant exchange. Theres enough oscars in the cast to sink a boat though.

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #67 13 (Not So) Romantic Tips


Good lists.


Interestingly enough, I've never seen any of these. Actually it isn't interesting; I just watch very few movies--can't sit still for them. It took the computer to turn me into a couch potato.

Amy the Black

I love your random lists. IT was a great book, and a good TV series. I'll have to see it again, because I didn't remember that Tim Curry was in it! Believe it or not, I haven't seen Fat Greek Wedding. I'm going to check my Netflix queue right now and move it up.


I did not like Vanilla Sky, maybe it's one of those movies that if I gave it a second chance I would like it more.


I can't say that I watch any of these...but I do love love love My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Happy TT!


I have to say "My Big fat Greek Wedding " is my favorite!....I was in a big fat Greek wedding in college, it lasted four days! I said "opa" more times than i can count! great memories! LOL Happy Valentines Day


You have quite a collection there!! I have to admit that Big Fat Greek Wedding is just about one of my fave movies of all time. And I have to add that my friend's brother worked on "Vanilla Sky", and I was never able to pluck up the courage to watch it after I heard all the behind the scenes stuff!
Great TT!

Ann Bruce

MY FELLOW AMERICANS is probably my favorite Jack Lemmon movie...and it's all because of the gay sniper.

Alice Audrey

I'll skip Stephen King, but the rest was either great or looks interesting.


Some great films!

Thanks for the visit!

Pop Tart

*Everyone* has a crush on Tina -- at our house, hubby and I take turns :p


I love 'My Fellow Americans'. Jack Lemmon is brilliant in this!

Slip of a Girl

I've seen so few of these... Not even Ugly Betty. Just 30 Rock and Beverly Hills Cop.

I guess we have more in common when it comes to lingerie lol

Tilly Greene

Ahhh, Victor Meldrew used to drive me nuts just as the guy in The Office did - the original one that is. I'm not one to join up and spout joy over the latest TV darlings but toward the end of last year Ugly Betty and 30 Rock came on to my radar, they're funny.

It and Tim Curry scared me crapless, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Beverly Hills Cop made me laugh, The Contender sounds intriguing, and I don't watch Tom Cruise flicks since Jerry Maguire - I can no longer see the characters he plays for the one he's become. I did see Minority Report on DVD and it was all right.

Fabulous list as always Nicholas :-)


I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding and (the first) Beverly Hills Cop. I remember liking Sneakers too, but I don't remember much other than one of the crew was blind - and he was driving.

Bella Mocha

Vanilla Sky and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are so good, I've seen them a few times. My daughter loved Ugly Betty but I don't 'get it' the way she does. I haven't watched any tv since coming back from the US...does that make me weird?

Great TT by the way! I always enjoy what's here. Mine's up too.


I'll have to check out some of the DVD's. Thanks for visiting my TT.

Nancy Bond

I am one of about 4 people who actually thought 'Vanilla Sky' was brilliant. :) That's a varied and interesting list! Happy Hearts Day!

Auria Cortes

I don't watch TV, but do sneak a peak at Ugly Betty on the internet.


I love the cat in your opening picture. Once again I'm amazed at your collection. Thanks for helping to keep the economy going. LOL I've not seen many of these, but I've read a few of the books that inspired them.
Hugs and blessings,


Well at least you included my one of my favorite movies of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It reminds me of my Italian family when we are all together. Great list as always but where is the love? LOL...


Not feeling up to doing my own list this week, but wanted to wish all my fave 13ers a Happy Valentines Day, and TT :)


One Foot in the Grave makes me laugh every time I see it, even if I've seen that episode a dozen times before. I think my favourite will always be when Victor gets his foot stuck in a rotten hedgehog. I can still hear Margaret's voice rising in disbelief. Hilarious!

Aline de Chevigny

I love Sneakers it's one of my personal faves. The blind guy driving the van is my all time fave scene.



eclectic list today! happy t13 and i hope your valentine's day is a wonderful one!


I have 3 of those (Beverly Hills Cop, Sneakers and Das Boot), but in VHS.


Holy cow, it just occurred to me that I never saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Off to add it to my Netflix!

Happy TT


I felt the same way about Vanilla Sky. Didn't hate, didn't love it. Just thought it was...interesting.

I love the siamese in the header. My own siamese has been MIA since September and I still miss her terribly!


Yes, I like some of those. I miss Tina Fey giving the fake news on SNL.


I liked my fellow americans, but Jack Lemon just wasnt the same without Walter Matthau.
Big fat greek is always awesome!

Andi & Stien

Omg! You're kiddin' me! We have almost the same soap on TV here in Belgium as that 'Ugly Betty' show.
Wow, and here I thought Belgian television was being original for once, heh...

Happy TT!



can't sleep, clowns'll eat me...

Love 30 Rock too, one of the best shows on tv! Beautiful cat, btw :-)


I loved this list. It looks like our viewing choices, eclectic. There are serious ones, comedies, happy laughs, and tears a plenty. Glad to know we aren't the only ones who aren't very bound by a single theme.



Many of these I have never seen. I need to check out Ugly Betty.
I also think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding each time I use Windex. lol Windex ought to thank them!
Happy TT & Happy Valentine's Day!


Very sadly, the only one of those I've seen is Beverly Hills Cop, and I think it is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen, unless you count all those Steve Martin movies my husband foisted on me.... Still want to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Ugly Betty. Happy T-13!


I love My Fellow Americans! I cannot hear Hail to the Chief without thinking of it "Hail to the Chief, He's the Chief and he needs hailing"

Thanks for stopping by my 13!


Is that your kitty? I'm such a huge fan of Siamese kitties! I've got one of my own and had another one in high school who actually looked almost just like the kitty at the top of the page!

I hated the movie IT! Hated it! I despise clowns! And for some reason my husband felt the need to buy a clown mask just like the IT clown. BAH!!


IT is a mini-series I watch whenever it's one but still don't own. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is another I need to buy. Ugly Betty on the other hand is a show I love, but I don't own on purpose. I just haven't gotten around to collecting TV shows that are still on the air. But I do have a fave that might change that soon. :)

And that's all likely more than I needed to share, so I'll move on.

Happy Valentine's Day Nicolas.



A lot of good selections there-except for "It," I don't do scary movies. I've seen most of the rest of these, though.


Wow, great work! You are a TT inspiration


You've listed a few I'm not familiar with, but now have my curiosity piqued towards. My opinion of It, however, is starkly contrasting to yours. As intense of a reading experience as the book was, there was so much more I hoped for from the mini-series. Reading the book before seeing the film almost always ruins it for me.
But I do agree with you about #1. Love that movie!


Das Boot was playing on one of the movie channels I subscribe to a couple of weeks ago. Three hours for a movie is fine, but hard to manage if you can't pause it and there are no breaks so I didn't sit through the entire thing, but caught most of it. After hearing so much about it, I finally got why it became such a classic. And yes, it was the version with subtitles.

Moondancer Drake

I got so distracted by the gorgeous cat a barely noticed the DvDs. I loved BHC and IT was way scary.


Vanilla Sky is a remake of this awesome Spanish movie: Abres Los Ojos. I like the Spanish version better.


Hello Nicholas,
Great assortment you have here today.

IT: I could never watch this one the whole way through as I am not particularly fond of clowns. Especially ones with sharp teeth hiding in sewers!

One Foot In The Grave: I enjoyed this series. I wish our PBS station would show these again.

My Fellow Americans: I was not sure if I would like this one but it turned out to be pretty good!

Das Boot: You already know that I have watched this one! Subtitles of course. I agree that you cannot but feel for those men trapped in that sardine can of claustrophobia. Correct me if I am wrong but was there a fart scene in this movie? It has been awhile since I saw it. Imagine a fart in a submarine!

Take care.

Matthew James Didier

I regret to report... this time, the vast majority on the list are not things I've seen before... I feel a bit left out without something more to comment with! {{sniff!}}


Thanks for stoppin' by, Nicholas! You have two of my favorites listed here: Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Sneakers (what a great cast!) -- both are in my collection of dvd's, too! Enjoyed reading about your favorites :)


I recently saw a clip from the movie "War Games," and was struck by how dated the computers are in that movie, too.


"Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom."

Happy TT!


I think I would choose my Fellow Americans and Vanilla sky! Oh and that last one could be fun too!
But most of all I'd be interested in kidnapping your cat! I am in love with Siamese cats, they are so special!


I love Beverly Hills Cop and Ugly Betty! Somehow Vanilla Sky and My Big Fat Greek Wedding didn't turn out great with me. But I did enjoy it :)

I probably want to try watching some of what you listed here. I never seen the following: The Contender, My Fellow Americans, Das Boot and Sneakers. Of course I kept meaning to catch 30 Rocks, but with all the other shows I watch every weeks - it hard to put in a new show on my schedules.

But I'm a big TV shows & movies watcher. Do you watch: Lost, The Unit, 24, Grey Anatomny, Prison Break, Las Vegas, Brothers and Sisters...etc. I can name alot of TV shows AND movies LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a good weekend!


my Big Fat Greek Wedding is soooo funny!!

Cindy Swanson

My favorite on your list? "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"--maybe partly because I'm part Greek! And even though critics didn't care for it much, I thought "Vanilla Sky" was one of the most intriguing movies I've ever seen.

Thanks for stopping by my TT, Nicholas. Between having an injured finger and a tragic university shooting near where I live, I didn't make it to many TT's this week.

Linda R. Moore

Vanilla Sky left me dissatisfied and going "Huh?"

I liked "It", though "like" is the wrong word, really.

"Das Boot" was amazing.

I did TTs at all the Raven blogs this week...roads, rv, rides, range. I think you found at least two of them.


My Great Big Fat Greek Wedding--a hoot! One of our all-time favourties. Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis


My Great Big Fat Greek Wedding--a hoot! One of our all-time favourites. :~D


I enjoyed One Foot in the Grave, too. Poor Mrs. Meldrew! Thanks for visiting my TT. Sorry for taking so long to repay the visit.


Better late than never! I love the cat pin-up. The reviews are also great--as always.


I love almost all of these movies. This was a great TT. :D

Mine just went up.

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