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February 27, 2008


Hootin' Anni

I've read only two...Hannibal and Dreamcatcher. Wow, you do a lot of research.

My 13 this week is just thirteen new headers I made if you'd like to drop by and take one or all. They're free. lol


I could not get through Dreamcatchers...not up to par for King. I LOved Airframe, couldn't put it down. I have Hannibal but haven't as yet read it. Nice list of books.

Nicole Austin

Another great list. I've read 4 of them: Hannibal, Dreamcatcher, Airframe and Whiteout.

Happy TT!


I haven't read any of these books, but I have read some of the author's other works -as always you come up with some unique stuff!


Makes me appreciate the importance of the exact right word.

The Gal Herself

I was moving down your list, feeling all sad because I hadn't read ANY of these. Does this mean we're growing apart? And then there it was, Hannibal! A haunting, creepy book if ever I've read one. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

ellen b

Yikes, There are so many books out there that have eluded me...

ellen b

Well not eluded cuz I'm sure if I looked I could find these...


oh. Hannibal. What a book. I see you like a lot of Stephen KIng books. LOL. I enjoy reading his books, but I find myself getting bored when he goes on and ON in detail, LOL.

Chelle Y.

It truly amazes me how much your read. I am so impressed!


Loved Whiteout (and indeed, anything else the Follett pens) and Airframe. Crichton's books are always so well researched, you can't help but feeling fulfilled.
Have you read anything by Nelson DeMille, N? You should. You'd like him - I'm sure of it. The General's Daughter's was made into a movie (book was better, of course), but I would also recomment Plum Island or any other of his John Cory books. And while I'm on the topic of must reads - if you haven't read Lehane's Shutter Island yet, do.

Comedy Plus

Highjacked is a great book. I need to read Mohammed. Everyone should. Very good list as always. You're in my TT this week. Have a great Thursday Thirteen. :)


What a cool way to do a TT on the books in you have! One word titles. I would never have thought of that. Pretty creative!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Ugh. You liked Hannibal? I thought it was so bad, it made me laugh.


One of these days I will have read one of your books, I swear it has to happen at some point.

SJ Reidhead

Thank you. A good list with many good ideas, if only I had time to read. You remember those new books I told you about - well, I've finished the 2nd one!

The Pink Flamingo

On a Limb with Claudia

Boy, once again, I haven't thought about some of these books in a long time. From your list, I liked White Out the best. Yes, Ken Follett. Hmm... As usual, I need to get a reading!

Happy TT, Nicholas - hope you are well!


I've read Hannibal (wasn't impressed) and I own a copy of Dreamcatcher but haven't read it yet. Happy TT.


How about Stephen King....Cell?? Great list although Ive never read any of them. Hope all is well in your world. Happy TT:)


I've only read 2 of those- Dreamcatcher and Whiteout. I loved Whiteout- that was one I couldn't put down.


I've considered getting Whiteout from the library. I guess I should have. Another great list Nicholas.

Moondancer Drake

It's amazing what you can get across with a single, well placed word.


You are the second person this week to make a Ken Follett recommendation. I might have to check him out.

I am not fond of the word "prequel" either. It creeps me out for some reason.

My mean little effer inner child is back on my TT this week.

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey

Soho sounds interesting. In fact they all do. BTW, I couldn't get the Buy it Here key to work.

marcia v

have you ever tried to keep track of your books read list?


You really do have A LOT of books, my friend. :)
Again, I haven't read many of them, but at least I heard about some. I know exactly what your wife's problem with Dreamcatcher is. I myself wish I could unread this total shitload of a book. I don't know what possessed King to actually publish this steaming pile of rubbish in the first place. Certainly one of the lowest points of his career.
But I feel almost the same about Hannibal. It was not a bad book per se, but some of those images I really didn't need in my subconscious...
The Follett and the Cornwell sound good, though. I'll keep them in mind when I head to the library next. Or Bookmooch. ;)


I must admit, Nicholas, that I think Dreamcatcher is one of my least favourite of King's. And I'm with your wife on some of the imagery. Just not pleasant!


I've seen all the books, but haven't read any. My husband did. I gotta spread my reading spectrum some more.

BTW, I'm giving away books at

Slip of a Girl

Gads you read a lot! As usual, I've never read any of these... I read mainly biographies and historical stuff myself.

Tilly Greene

Darlin' we ever get to see a picture of this incredible library of yours? My goodness, you definitely put me to shame!

This is a shocker but I haven't read one of these although the Mussolini and Mohammed both interest me. Hmmm, there's food for thought.


In response to your TT, I am going to get up from the couch, up rom under my warm blankie and tell you the first one word title from my mantel starting on the left and moving right:

Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

I think this was an ARC and was reviewed on my blog at some point. Happy TT!!!!


Nope, haven't read a one of this week's. I like Ken Follett though, I'll keep my eye out for that one.


Airframe and Confessional are the only two I've read. Bernard Cornwell sounds like an author I should check out--historical action novels are a genre I like, but don't read much of.

Bella Mocha

Y' know, I really have to come by and check out your libary one day. I'd probably never emerge, what with all this reading choice.

I'd like to add to Marcia's question- do you read every single one of them?

Thanks for a great T13- as ever!! Mine's up too now.


As always you’ve selected an interesting theme for your T-13. I’ve read 7 of the books on your list and may check out the remaining 6 at some point. Reading is something I truly enjoy! I was disappointed with DREAMCATCHERS as well (and also with IT), but I usually enjoy reading King’s novels.
Hugs and blessings,

Linda R. Moore

Last week's TT13: you met a lot of famous people! I got my degree from Princess Alexandra and Princess Anne came to the street I grew up on to open a facility, but that was about it.

I read Dreamcatcher too. Yeah, those were interesting...images.

The only SK book I haven't been able to finish was the Tommyknockers.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Sadly, Hannibal was the only one I recognized on this list!


i haven't read graham masterson since "manitou" but i've just ordered "famine"
great list, as per your usual. happy tt!


Great list as always. I keep wondering just how many books you have! I see a few that interest me and more that my hubby would be interested in. Thanks for sharing. I am back up this week with a TT.

Kat's Krackerbox

Amazing! I might like to see if I can find the one "Gestures" Happy TT


I like the Famine and the Vagabond one - I know about that famine -- grew up there and I shall always be a gypsy. Gr8 post - love the book titles!! Keep'm com'n. Happy TT :)


I've managed to block out most of the images in Dreamcatcher, but the one thing that always comes to mind to this day is: "No Bounce, No Play". Or the full phrase "You know what they say; no bounce, no play".

I have no idea if it appears in the story that way, but it's what's locked in my head and I refuse to go back and reread for it least the things I blocked come back. *Grin*

I hope you've had a wonderful week Nicolas!



I am still amazed by the amount of books you have.


Although I am familiar with most of these books, the closest I came to reading any of them is when I bought "Hannibal" for an ex-girlfriend.


Although I am familiar with most of these books, the closest I came to reading any of them is when I bought "Hannibal" for an ex-girlfriend.


Your book shelves seem a bit more eclectic than ours. We have a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, with a sprinkling of other genres mixed in. Great idea for a TT, Nicholas!


Well, now I feel like I've let you down. I've read none of those books, but Gestures sounds like some serious fun. I'll have to add it to my ever-expanding reading list.


I love to read, yet I haven't read anything on your list. Wonderful idea for a TT!!!

“Gestures” has been added to my reading list - Looks very interesting.

Happy TT!


I am one of those wuzzy people that own Stephen King but can't read him b/c they get scared...
Yeah it sucks


An interesting list. You don't see many by Bagley around today.

Harris Channing

Darn! I can't think of one to add to your list.
Great list and some good books on there. Hannibal scares me...and fascinates.

I think I may have a problem...

Happy TT.


auria cortes

I haven't read any of these books. I better get crackin'.


I love Ken Follett! Great list.

Dane Bramage

Well you lsted 13 that I have not read. I was going to get Hannibal but think I will pass. My T13 is up (late) so stop by if you get a chance. I listed 13 TV shows I Would Like to Be a Character On


And I haven't read a single one. My tastes run to Southern fiction and children's books ( and the occasional historical romance, but sshhh, it's a secret). My post today was about Marshmallows....what does that tell you? Jen


I have actually read several of those! Do you re-read any of your books?

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Michelle B

I haven't read any of these! I'll have to check them out.

Happy TT!

Gwen M.

I just *had* to come and check out someone who owns up to being vain. lol. Lovely list. I have written a few of those down. Thanks! ~Gwen


I haven't read any of these, but I love the idea of single word titles. Soho is the one I'd have to pick based on your description and the kind of read I'm in the mood for lately.


Even I know some of them, lol!


Whether I have read or haven't or whether I want to read or don't much care to, I thoroughly enjoy your book reviews Nicholas. Always a pleasure.


“Soho” sounds quite interesting!


i'm afraid I never read anything of what's on your list, so you've given me plenty of tips for next time I go to the library!
Thank you for visiting my TT!


I'm soooo bad. (Not that you didn't know that already. Heh heh) I tagged you for a meme over on my blog. I had to. I liked your last one way too much!

Pamela Kramer

I love your book lists. It's always a reminder to me of how much I want to read and need to make the time. I think you and my husband both have a lot of books. We have so many bookshelves in our house it's like a small library.


Thanks for visiting my TT trees slideshow!

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